A McDonnell-Douglas MD-82 of American Airlines takes off from LAX.

A McDonnell-Douglas MD-82 of American Airlines takes off from LAX.

Terry Williams, an American Airlines flight attendant, is suing Boeing after having a mist spray on her from the ventilation system from an MD-82 (Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas, which built the MD-82) aircraft. Williams states she has been suffering from chronic pain, tremors, migraines and vision issues.

Williams and her attorney allege that the ventilation system on the aircraft is faulty and the air is heavily contaminated. Her attorney said, “We believe the hazard is preventable. Sensors and filters are available. It’s up to the aircraft manufacturers to put them on.”

Boeing’s spokesperson Bernard Choi responded, “We believe that the air in airplane cabins is safe.”

This is not the first suit of it’s kind against Boeing. About seven years ago, flight attendants sued Boeing over hazardous air conditions, but the jury found Boeing not liable.

Source: KOMO
Image: rjmcconnell

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