Air Midwest (Nigeria) Boeing 737-500 G-GFFH with taped on registration numbers.

Air Midwest (Nigeria) Boeing 737-500 G-GFFH with taped on registration numbers.

Air Midwest Airlines was founded in 2002 and is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Even though the airline was founded in 2002, it wasn’t until February 2010 when the airline started its first flight. Currently they only fly to two destinations using a single Boeing 737-500, although their website does show they own three Boeing 737 aircraft (two -500’s and one -300).

That being said, I think they have a horrid livery. The tail on its own is ok, the back of the airplane is ok, but the front I do not like at all. Put them all together and you have one bad looking airline livery. The font and the colors of its name just doesn’t match the rest of the livery. If you have to pay someone to paint a plane, why not make it look decent or at least not bad? On their website you can get a better view of their logo, although I am not sure what it is supposed to be. Talking about their website, if not having green, white, blue, red and black as colors, their website has an orange background.

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Orange was the only color not already used! šŸ™‚

Looks like it’s been thrown together from various airlines/aircraft!

What’s even more interesting is that the banner on their homepage shows a 737-200. Site itself looks like it was made from software out of a box.

A Pac-Man eating a dolphin? Or maybe someone on a phishing expedition chewing up your bank account?

Considering the dismal safety record of Nigerian airlines, I’m in no hurry to fly them.

I wonder what the interior color scheme is? (I’m leaning on terrible)

Yeah, the lesson learned from this is not to try to mix the white or colorful plane themes. One or the other. Not both.

Perhaps they did ask for help with the design and everyone’s Nigerian spam filters blocked it. Mine would.

At least they’re probably at much less risk of a mid-air collision. That clash of colors will be visible to other pilots under all lighting conditions.

I have to give them credit though for using the trusty, but less common -500 series of the 737. Perhaps they got them from Continental. It is eye-catching. Good press or bad press, its still PR attention!

This airline will definetly bring some competition to the other local airlines in Nigeria such as Air Nigeria and Air Arik. I would not expect this airline to last too long as I do no think that they will be able to compete with these other local airlines in Nigeria.

Virtual Airlines

the plan is beautifull in the sky more credit to this air line when they start making money they will improve one love


Not as bad as Southwest!

There is no red in the livery–its orange and black for the name and orange surrounding the blue

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