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P2-MCK on the ground at Goroka in the New Guinea Highlands. Photo by Bernie Leighton |

P2-MCK on the ground at Goroka in the New Guinea Highlands – Photo: Bernie Leighton | AirlineReporter

This is part of a series about visiting Papua New Guinea.  In part one, Bernie reviewed flying Air Niugini.  In part two, he visited (New) Ireland and (New) Britain via a Q400.  In part three, he checked out remnants of war and got a tower visit. This is the final installment.

I have now flown Air Niugini (airline code: PX) more than most Americans ever will. The thing is, no one I knew remotely well enough at the time worked for the airline, which is rare for me. I did, however, know plenty of people who work for their fiercest competitor – Airlines PNG (airline code: CG).  Clearly, something I needed to take a flight!

After a week of in-country planning, I had finally selected a destination – Goroka, a small town in the highlands of Central PNG. It is one of the highest airports in the country at 5,200 feet. It was also a reasonable airfare and a crew of people who were extremely friendly to an American journalist.