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Gogo's 737-500, N321GG a.k.a. the "Jimmy Ray."

Gogo’s 737-500, N321GG a.k.a. the “Jimmy Ray”

Ok, I’ll admit that this flight review will be on an aircraft that 99.99% of the public won’t ever get the chance to fly, and I do feel badly about that… but it’s simply too cool for school to be on a private 737, more so because this particular 737 (a -500 model, reg. no. N321GG) currently has the fastest publicly-available inflight Wi-Fi Internet system in the world.

Gogo invited AirlineReporter and other media outlets to take flight on the “Jimmy Ray” to test out their new 2Ku system, which was debuted for the first time outside the company. While other tech-oriented companions were obsessed with reloading Speedtest and hammering the system with live streams, content streams, live feeds, and downloads, I was busy poking around the cabin features and amenities. Yea… I am an AvGeek.

This is the Boeing 737-500 involved in the flight 363 crash. Image: Osudu / Flickr

This is the Boeing 737-500 (VQ-BBN) involved in the flight 363 crash. Image: Osdu / Flickr

Earlier today, a Tatarstan Airlines’ Boeing 737-500 (reg VQ-BBN) crashed in the city of Kazan, killing all on-board. Flight 363, which took off from Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport (DME) and was heading to Kazan International Airport (KZN), had 44 passengers and six flight crew.

A Russia’s Investigative Committee said in a release that the plane, “hit the runway and burst into flames.” The aircraft aborted one landing attempt and then crashed during the second. At this time, it is unknown what caused the crash and why the first landing attempt was aborted.