Early dawn at Boston Logan's at Terminal C9 as we await boarding

Early dawn at Boston Logan’s at gate C9 as we await boarding

As an AvGeek, if you have never flown an inaugural, it’s something to consider doing.  That’s not to say that every first flight comes with fanfare, but JetBlue knows how to throw an inaugural, complete with…



On board the Jetblue airplane…

I arrived at the gate in Boston at 5:31am and was greeted by a table with refreshments and customized BOS-MSP cookies. 

Interior of a freshly renovated Airbus A320

There was certainly excitement in the air as the JetBlue and Massport execs were on hand to initiate this new service. And for that, they brought in a newly reconfigured Airbus A320.

10-inch screens for a great entertainment experience

The 10’ screen was almost as nice as being at home, and a refreshing change from the smaller screens on the ERJ-190 and older A320s. 

Fresh airplane smell all around!

The comfortable seats offer an average 32-34″ of pitch throughout the cabin with power outlets at every seat. I moved my seat around a few time in the preceding days and ended up in 4A, mostly so I could get a good shot of the water cannon salute upon arrival. This move became a very lucky choice for me, as you will find out in a moment.

Enroute fun and games!

Once airborne, Marty St. George, Executive VP of Commercial and Planning for JetBlue had some awesome prizes for “Seat Bingo.” Selecting a seat first, “A-F,” and then selecting a row “4” – – 4A hit that “Bingo” … and yes, I was the first winner on this flight! The prize? Two round-trip tickets to return to Minneapolis (MSP), two night’s stay at the Radisson Blu Mall of America, and free admission to four amazing attractions at the Mall of America. Other prizes included a Minneapolis themed tour of Prince’s estate, flight vouchers, etc…

Welcome to Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport

Water Cannon Salute!

Once on the ground, Minneapolis greeted us with a traditional water cannon salute (or complimentary airplane wash, depending on how you look at it.)

Welcome to Minneapolis

When we arrived at the terminal, we were warmly welcomed by ground crew and a fife and drum band playing traditional Yankee style music in the background.

My next birthday cake!! Check out the airplane on top!!

Dunkin Donuts had Boston Cream donuts for us, along with a goodie bag filled with cool things (JetBlue blanket, commemorative MSP sunglasses, a Mall of America discount book, and a few other welcome items).

Welcome sign at MSP’s spotter’s area

And I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention how spotter friendly this airport is. There is a designated spotting area, complete with parking and tables with benches. I especially like the spotters guide and “how to tell the difference between a Boeing and an Airbus!”

Seeking out and flying on these special flights is certainly making yourself part of history, whether it’s a new city your favorite airline is servicing, or a new airplane entering the fleet.  Airlines will typically have some type of fanfare and it’s really cool being part of it.

My next inaugural will be on KLM to Boston 3/31/2019.  I can’t wait to see what fun surprises await!

CONTRIBUTOR - BOSTON, MA. I am an avid spotter, #Avgeek and overall enthusiast. I hold my private pilot's license for VFR single engine and I can proudly say I have over ten hours in an actual 737 simulator. I am the author of Flightline - an aviation thriller. I currently reside in Boston and travel the world for aviation related opportunities and photography.

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Angela Giroux

This story is a little bizarre. It’s dated yesterday, but why are the cookies dated May of last year? .

It be good if you indicated when this flight occurred. No way that this inaugural flight was recent. Cookies dated 03 May 2018???

Michael Moscaritolo

The flight was in the spring. The delay had to do with credentials to publish etc.

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