My Condor Boeing 767-300ER on the ground at Frankfurt

My Condor Boeing 767-300ER on the ground at Frankfurt


Airline: Condor Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300ER (Version 3 SEA-FRA and Version 1 FRA-SEA)
Departed: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
Arrived: Frankfurt Airport (FRA)
Stops: Non-stop flight
Class: Business class
Seat: SEA-FRA 1D then 4A | FRA-SEA 3K
Length: About 10 hours

The Business Class product on Condor's 767s

Business Class product on Condor’s 767s

Cheers: Nicely upgraded product, food that is tasty and fun to eat!
Jeers: Service on my flights was not consistent. Ground operations in Frankfurt were disappointing.
Overall: What an amazing value.


Time to board the Condor 767 in Seattle

Time to board the Condor 767 in Seattle


I was originally just going to review my Seattle to Frankfurt flight, but there were enough differences between that one and my return flight that I will do some comparing and contrasting between the two.

I have to admit that I had some misconceptions about Condor and who they are. About five years ago, I assumed that they were an all-economy, charter-like airline that crammed as many people into their 767s to Frankfurt, Germany. But the more I got to learn about the airline, the more I was surprised with the variety and quality of their new product and service.

I became aware that they had a premium product (called Comfort Class back in the day), but Condor has been working hard to retrofit their long-haul 767 fleet and update the interior to better compete in the market.

Today, Condor long-haul flights have the choice between Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class. Even though one might think of Condor as a low-fare carrier, their new Business Class hard and soft product make them more of a competitive player in the market.

The larger Business Class cabin of the 767

The larger Business Class cabin of the 767

Unfortunately my trip didn’t start out on the right foot.

As I was preparing to leave my house for the airport in Seattle, I received notification that our flight was delayed four hours. I checked to confirm that the aircraft was not on the ground and still airborne, so I knew I could hang out at home for a few hour before heading to the airport. Not a huge deal — these things happen and my schedule in Frankfurt was set up where I wasn’t going to miss anything.

When I got to the airport, I had access to the International Lounge. It is not too big or fancy, but it surely gets the job done (i.e. it has beer).

Each Business Class seat has a 15" display

Each Business Class seat has a 15″ display

Business Class was boarded first and I quickly found my assigned seat 1D which was on the aisle in the center section (it is laid out in a 2-2-2 configuration). I put down my privacy divider anticipating someone sitting next to me and sure enough they soon did. I have to say that with my broad shoulders (and the few extra pounds that I carry around) it was a bit tight on my right side.

Luckily for me, both 4A and 4C were empty, so before we pushed back, I moved to a window seat with no one next to me. I ended up in the same situation on the ride back home in 3K with a empty seat next to me. I think having someone next to me would have been just fine, but it was noticeably better being on my own.

Before we pushed back we were served champaign or orange juice, which was nice. We were also offered a choice of different reading materials. Surprisingly, one of the magazines that was an option was Playboy.

Some good reading material. You have to know German to read the stories.

Some good reading material. You have to know German to read the stories. I took this shot while touring the maintenance facility.

That’s right: Condor offers Playboy magazine for their passengers in Business Class — on every long-haul flight. Of course to me, as an American, this was shocking. I mean, the magazine was in German (who reads the articles anyway, right?), but I have never heard of another airline doing so. When I spoke with the PR folks, they stated that they have never had a complaint and explained that Germans have a very different view point of the naked body and things like Playboy than Americans.

On my flight back to SEA, I did keep an eye out and noticed the flight attendant did have five copies of the most recent issue. No — I did not get one. However, I did ask him about it.

He stated that not many people request it, but he really didn’t see it as much different as someone asking for another type of magazine. I explained that for most Americans it would probably be a shock, but he said he has never had a complaint or issue. Different cultures — they are cool. Of course photos of naked ladies is not the only in-flight entertainment (IFE) on the flight.

The 15" touch-screen is easy to navigate

The 15″ touch-screen is easy to navigate

It was noticeable how the IFE experience was very different on both flights. To Frankfurt, our IFE was locked onto a sort of promotional home screen on the ground and we had no access to anything (not even the map). We had nothing until about 10 minutes after reaching 10,000 feet. Even after it was unlocked, it was another 10 minutes before the headsets were handed out. Kind of disappointing.

However, on the flight back to SEA, the headsets were already on each seat and the IFE was unlocked so passengers could access it. That’s the way it should be.

I totally loved the interface of the new IFE system. It is touch screen and you can swipe, just like you would on a tablet or smartphone. It was easy to navigate and find what I wanted. The down side was there just isn’t much to navigate.

Although the IFE uses touch-screens, you can also use a remote

Although the IFE uses touch-screens, you can also use a remote

The system only offers 26 movies. Unfortunately for me, I had seen quite a few and didn’t have much interest in many others (I am not a movie snob). However, there were quite a few TV and music choices. There were no games (I don’t play them anyhow), but there was a helpful map. Only if there were some additional movie choices (50 is nice, even old cheap ones), then I think Condor would really have an IFE hit on their hands.

Also on our flight to Frankfurt, no one was given an amenity kit. I found some toothbrushes in the lavatory and figured that Condor just doesn’t do the kits (some airlines are cutting back). However, I learned that they do offer them and when I boarded my flight back to Seattle, there was one on each of the seats – nice. The kits include a toothbrush, eye-cover, earplugs, and socks. They all come in a container that looks like would be reused by most passengers.

The first course served on the way to Frankfurt

The first course served on the way to Frankfurt

Shortly after we reached cruising altitude, the meal service began. At this point, it was getting close to 1:00 am Seattle time and many passengers were already asleep. Not me — one of the best parts of flying in a premium product is trying the food (and wine). Condor’s menu was quite impressive with a solid three-course meal (they call it five, but I am not counting bread nor coffee as a course).

The first course was actually three-in-one. It was Ahi tuna and scallop with asian salad, herb-marinated breast of spring chicken, and mediterranean couscous salad with fresh leaf lettuce with tomato and roasted pine nuts.

My main meal: beef. Of course with some red wine

My main meal: beef. Of course with some red wine. The branding of the wine glass still shows “Comfort Class.”

For my main course, I decided on the tenderloin of beef with red wine jus, french beans, shiitake mushrooms, and potato wedges (there were also codfish and vegetarian options). Then the meal was finished with some creme brà»le tartlet.

I typically don’t mention both meals (to/from flight), but the meals heading to SEA were more interesting than the ones to FRA.

Crawdads and quail on the same plate? Oh yes! My first course on the return flight home

Crawdads and quail on the same plate? Oh yes! My first course on the return flight home. Notice this wine glass says “Business Class.”

My dinner started with a quail breast and melon bell pepper salad, also served with crayfish with sweet and sour cucumber salad and creme fraiche, baby leaf salad and “Rocket Spread” italian salad.

For my main course, I went with the veal with onion, green beans, carrots, and spaetzel. Finished it off with some cheese and amaretto mascarpone tartlet with fruits and caramelized nuts.

Man. They were good. Really good. I have to admit I went into it with lower expectations getting a meal service from an airline with lower fares, but the food didn’t match that. It wasn’t just the quality, but the diversity of food. It was just fun eating it.

Condor's Business Class seat reclined and ready for some sleep

Condor’s Business Class seat reclined and ready for some sleeping

After the meal on both flights, it was sleeping time. On the way over I slept about four hours and on the return I slept about six. The seats worked, but if I was an inch or two taller, it might have been a bit more uncomfortable. The seats do not lie flat, but they come pretty close. During the sleep cycle, there was a calm blue lighting, although the cabin stayed dark.

Upon waking up both during both flights, it was time for the second meal. The flight to FRA was a breakfast and the flight to SEA was a snack. Both were, once again, quite good.

I have to say that my flight to Frankfurt had some issues, but still turned out to be a good flight. The flight to Seattle was done right and the flight crew were amazing.

Although, in theory, a flight experience from an airline should be rather consistent (especially in the premium cabin), our crew to Frankfurt had some additional challenges. First off the flight was four hours late and was not the plane that we were originally supposed to have. Our flight was supposed to be a 767 version 1 with 16 Business Class Seats (two are set aside as crew rest), but due to required movement of aircraft, we ended up with a version 3 with 28 in business. These facts could account for the lack of amenity kits and the non-preparation of the cabin when we boarded (it was a quick turn around).

You can see the blue mood lighting of the cabin

You can see the blue mood lighting of the cabin


Probably the most frustrating part was being on the ground in Frankfurt. This being the hub for Condor, I felt that flying Business Class would feel like a premium experience, but I felt let down.

At first, I had an odd check-in process. When I got into line there were two passengers being helped and I was next. The ticket agent kept looking back at me and finally asked, “sir are you flying business class?” The question is valid enough (I wouldn’t want to be wasting my time in the wrong line), but it was asked in a way that seemed she felt I didn’t belong in the line.

Well heck, I don’t think that I look like some sort of bum and I was sure as heck in the right line. When it was my turn to get my boarding pass, it seemed like she had little interest in helping me. Kind of disappointing, but maybe she had a bad morning.

Okay. I am cheating a bit here. I forgot to take a pic of the lounge, but this photo, from 2011, shows the lounge (or close to it)

Okay. I am cheating a bit here. I forgot to take a pic of the lounge (I was distracted by gummies and beer) – this 2011 photo shows the lounge (or close to it). It is where Lufthansa can board the upper desks to the A380 or 747, but Condor passengers get access.

Flying Business Class gave me access to a lounge. Condor does not operate their own lounge, so the access is to the Lufthansa Business Lounge. Sweet — Lufthansa runs some pretty nice lounges.

The problem was that my flight was at C6 and the lounge I was told to use was at C14/15. Seems close enough, but the gates are on opposite sides of Terminal C. To get to the lounge I had to walk about 15 minutes, go through security (this is a different security than getting to my gate) and arrive at the lounge.

When it was time to head to the gate, I gave myself extra time, since I knew I would have to go through security again on the other side of the terminal.

When I reached the gate (or what I thought was the gate) there were two long, hap-hazard lines waiting for a ticket agent to check your documents. Unless somehow I missed it, there was no Business Class line, so I just picked the shortest of the two.

The security required me to take a photo to show my camera was real. This was my photo. Good thing my underwear is on the bottom

Security required me to take a photo to show my camera was real. This was my photo. Good thing my underwear is on the bottom

Once getting through that line, then it was time to get into a second line for security (this security was set up for C6 only). Again, there was no premium line. Then just my luck. I made eye contact with one of the armed security guards and he came over to inform me I had been “randomly selected” for additional screening.

Okay. The fact that I had two security guards go through all my stuff and swab my entire body (even bottom of my feet) to check for explosives was not Condor’s fault and I get it is part of the process, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

After all that I was happy to finally be boarding the plane. I rounded the corner expecting to see people boarding, but instead it led to a large holding room where everyone was waiting.

Soon enough the “real” boarding commenced. Luckily there was a special line for Business and I was quickly put on the plane.

I don’t want to sound too spoiled here, but it was quite the process to get from the front door, to the ticket counter, to the lounge, to the first gate counter, through security, through a second gate counter and finally onto the plane. And none of the staff on the ground seemed to make things any easier. I can see how both business and economy passengers would already be frustrated by the time they get on the plane, making the lives more challenging for the flight crew.

Coming in for a landing in Frankfurt.

Coming in for a landing in Frankfurt. Check out that sweet chrome around the nacelle.


Even with the not-so-great ground experience in Frankfurt, my overall impressions of Condor’s Business Class blew away my expectations and I was impressed.

But the big thing with Condor is not just the product offered but also the value.

Looking at a flight from SEA-FRA-SEA in mid-October, Condor’s Business Class showed at $3,551 and the only other airline operating the same non-stop flight is Lufthansa at $9,291.

Looking a bit more advanced into April 2015, Condor costs $2,708 and Lufthansa is $7,940 — both non-stop. Even Icelandair Business (which is more of a domestic first class product), requires a stop and is $2,223. [all shown fares were taken off on Oct 8th and obviously will change, but it gives a general comparison]

BONUS: My Review: Flying a Lufthansa Airbus A330 from Seattle to Frankfurt

Condor’s flight to Seattle is seasonal and they will resume flights starting on April 11, continuing them through October 29, 2015, on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

See more photos of my Condor 767 flight, including pics of economy and premium economy.

Note: Condor provided my travel to and from Frankfurt to participate in their media event. All opinions are my own.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & FOUNDER - SEATTLE, WA. David has written, consulted, and presented on multiple topics relating to airlines and travel since 2008. He has been quoted and written for a number of news organizations, including BBC, CNN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and others. He is passionate about sharing the complexities, the benefits, and the fun stuff of the airline business. Email me:
Inside Look: Crew Rest Areas on Different Airliners

Are you going to address the differences between both flights with Condor ‘ s management? I wonder how their service from FLL to Frankfort compares?

I know that Condor has already read the story, then I sent an email asking about the operations in Frankfurt.


Magnus Maas

The problem in Frankfurt is that Condor isn’t the real boss obviously… Lufthansa gets all the goodies, the nice and new Gates at A+ etc. and the better Check-In stands… Condor gets the old and “off-shot” C-Gates. So that could be a reason for your bad feeling about FRA 😉

Yup — but there is where you (the passenger) get to save all the money!


Magnus Maas

Sure =) you get what you pay for and Condor isn’t a bad deal anyhow. I’d even dare to say Condor is the most reliable and pleasing german airline except for Lufthansa (speaking of Eco only 😉 No idea about premium classes).

Claude M

We are planning a Seattle-Frankfurt RT in September 2015. Just to clarify, can you confirm that the Business class seats have been upgraded on the planes serving this route? The seat reviews we have seen from 2012 sounded pretty bad. Thanks.

Hey Claude,

They are the new seats on the SEA-FRA route. I think they are worth the upgrade, if they fit into your budget.

Enjoy the ride.

David, AirlineReporter

Francesco Gana

nizza – phuket and return by business class

Francesco salve, sono interessato sapere come e’ stato il suo volo. Ad aprile penso provare Recife-Nice RT in business. Grazie e bun anno !! FFD

Hi David ! very interesting what you describe ! I’ll try a RT fly in business ,at april, Recife-Nice. Seats and other thing seems to be ok, and half a price comparing with the monopoly exiting air traveler. Sincerely FFD

David, thanks for the thorough review of Condor. I enjoyed all the pics and details of service. I am looking at flying CondorAir this coming May 2015, Business from Portland,OR to Frankfurt. Without your review, I would be totally in the dark. Sounds like the value is “good,” especially when comparing comparable fares on AirFrance/KLM/Luftansa…which all charge $5200 USD for Business Class. Condor’s rate is $2492.

From one “NW Pacificer” to another…You’d say BOOK IT????

Happy New Year!
Mom of 3, but travelling alone 😉 yippeee
Portland, OR

Book it and have a great time 🙂

David, AirlineReporter

Hi Mom of 3,

how was your experience on PDX-FRA? I am looking at the same flight.

Thanks and best regards,


Thinking of going to germany this summerfrom providence , usually go out of boston on icelandic. How do you think condor compares to icelandic. We live in ct and ri is closer for us. We have never had a bad experience with iceland but ri is far more convenient.

You mentioned that if you were an inch or two taller the seat may not have been comfortable in the reclining position. How tall are you?

Good question — should have had that in the story. I am 6’1″ tall.

David, AirlineReporter

Hi David, please can you inform me about Condor Brazil-Europe business class seat? Many thanks FFD

Hi David:

I recently purchased a R/T LAS-FRA in Business Class for travel in May 2015. I was told by an agent in LAS that I should reserve a seat in the first three rows if possible. When I inquired why the agent said that sometimes the equipment is changed and if the 767-300 is switched to a 767-200 then there are only three business class rows instead of five on the 300 series and those passengers in rows four and five have to fly premium economy. Does that sound correct?

Hello SMM,

The only 767 model that Condor operates is the -300ER, but they have two interior configurations for the aircraft. One only has three rows of business class (version 1) and the other has five rows (version 2).

So, if you had 60 booked in business on V2 and then a V1 plane was substituted in with only 18, there are 42 people that are not going to be happy.

I am not sure how Condor decides this, but most airlines are not going to choose who goes into economy based on their seat assignment, but based on how much they paid, if they just upgraded with miles, if they are flying non-rev and what is their mileage plan status.

So, I would suggest pick the seat that you want, hope the plane is not swapped out and enjoy the flight!

David, AirlineReporter

Hi David,

Great review and thanks for posting it. I just booked a business class flight non-stop from Vancouver to Frankfurt for May.

I am a very big guy… like 6’4″ and 450#. Waist is like 54 inches. You mentioned the seats are tight in width. How tight are they? I know it’s not going to be tons of room, but I am just wondering. On the site it says business class is only 19″ wide (which is not very wide at all for business class). But I noticed that the armrest folds down flat into the seat for more width. My office chair is 21 inches wide and I fit fine in that. Not concerned about leg room obviously.

I booked business mostly because of my weight. I am wondering, if I would have been better off booking two (2) premium seats instead and taking both of them up.

Hi David:

In March 2015 I posted a question which you promptly answered. Thank you.

Last evening my wife and I returned from our LAS-FRT-LAS (Business Class) trip and came away with a number of impressions about Condor. First, they are a bargain! No doubt about it. The service, food, wines selection, IFE, lounges, etc. are more than satisfactory and are impossible to beat at the $2700 p/p round trip price that we paid. My only complaint is the airplane that they use. It’s a 767 and it’s just too small.

My wife and I sat in 2k and 2L (window seat and the one next to it) on the outbound with me sitting next to the window. If her seat was only partially reclined I could not get past her without having her stand up in the aisle. There just wasn’t enough room. We’re both average size (5’10” and 5’4″) and weight proportionate but that’s ridiculous. The seats that gave you more room were the bulkheads in the first row which unfortunately were taken.

So the excitement of the trip quickly overcame the seating obstacle and off we went. However, I was determined to change my seats on the return but was told I had to do it at the airport. So three hours before the return trip home we checked in and were told that the only seat changes could be made at the gate an hour before departure. Hummmm something didn’t seem right but off we went to clear the maze of security at Frankfurt airport. After stopping at the lounge we headed to the gate an hour before departure and were then told by the gate agent that all Business Class seats had been assigned. I wonder why couldn’t the agent had told us that when we initially checked in? So we sat at the gate and waited to board and then less than 30 seconds later our name’s were called. Great, they were going to move us. WRONG! We had just been informed that due to a mechanical problem Condor had to change equipment and in so doing they went from 30 to 18 Business Class seats and that we along with 10 other happy travelers we has been downgraded to Premium Class. After hearing what the agent said sink in I immediately started to weigh my options. Unfortunately there weren’t many as I keep asking myself why us? I had purchased the tickets in Dec. 2014 so it wasn’t that I was flying as a non-rev or anything like that. Fortunately I came up with an instant plan. Put us on Lufthansa to LAX or SFO and then connect to Las Vegas but only in Business Class. There were 4-5 agents scattered about and fortunately I found one that had “lead” agent on their name tag. So I proposed my plan to him and he said wait here. He went to a computer and then spoke to a few of his colleagues (then don’t call them co-workers) then went back to the computer and then finally returned to us and said ok. They were going to send us to LAX then have a 2 hour wait then connect on Delta to LAS. I said done and headed down to the Condor ticket counter to re-book our tickets. I inquired what kind of equipment LE was flying to LAX and was told a new 747-8 series. Beautiful. I was more than happy to make an extra stop and arrive home a few hours later to get on a Lufthansa 747 in Business Class. So in a roundabout way I have to thank Condor for making the equipment change and for the lead agent approving our request to fly on a 747.

Would I fly Condor again? Maybe but only if I can get seating in the very first row.

Hey SMM,

Way to turn a lemon into lemonade :). Unfortunately, what you describe happens quite a bit, not just at Condor. An airline can’t (mostly) help when something like that happens, but they can do a better job with communication. My guess is the first person didn’t want to be the one to tell you that you won’t be sitting in business :).

Actually one of my legs on the airline, the opposite happened. We were scheduled on the version with only 18 seats, but it was changed to one with 30 and quite a few people were happy being upgraded.

Most airlines downgrade people based on your value to the airline versus seat number or when you booked. People with status or VIP customers will be downgraded last, those who pay, then those on non-rev. I have found that every airline does a it a bit different, many are not fully straight forward about it, but there is a system.

But heck… although Condor’s business is a good deal, it is not LH’s business on the 747-8I, which is pretty amazing. Were you able to fly on the top deck or on the main?

David, AirlineReporter


I can really recommend Condor Business Class to you! It blew away my expectations and I was impressed. I can just say, “try it”.



When we tried to check-in on our return flight from Cancun to Frankfurt, we were told that we were not on the passenger list.
The check-in counter employees told us that the travel agency had failed to book the segment.
We were then left without any assistance at midnight in the Cancun airport. We had to find a hotel for the night.
We got in touch with our travel agency to ask for a solution, and when they contacted Condor Airline services, the agency was told that we were no-show. This was a lie.
Now, according to our travel agency someone at Condor recognized an internal mistake and a solution was found for our return trip to Europe the day after without additional cost. On this return flight we met other passenger who were supposed to be on the same flight the day before. According to them, the flight was overbooked and they had been compensated accordingly. We found out that we had been less lucky and lied to.
I raised a complaint with Condor Airlines customer service, and got a standard policy copy paste as the only answer, after 3 weeks. No compensation.
Treating customers this way is unacceptable, and I can only advise people to avoid this company.


HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! Airline outsourced plane/flight to a charter company. Complaints haven’t been addressed in over 8 weeks.

On the flight over the Atlantic, my girlfriend experienced severe heart pain and was treated by the crew in mid flight [given oxygen, nitroglycerin pills, etc]. After several hours of treatment and consultation with on ground medical team, the airline and crew made a decision to make an emergency landing in Gander, Canada so that emergency medical team could board the plane and further examine her.

Once on the ground, the medical team decided that she needed to go to a hospital for further testing. During this time, the onboard crew assured us that everything would be fine. Asked us to focus primarily on going to hospital and addressing the medical emergency. They assured us that the airline would help us get home to Florida after the emergency was over and she was discharged from the hospital.

Unfortunately nobody from the airline [Condor or Omni] was very helpful. When we contacted Omni, they said that since they subcontract from Condor, that we must contact Condor for them to help us. When we contacted Condor, they said there was nothing that they could do to help and that we were on our own to find our own way back to Florida. We were told that they don’t fly out of Gander. We knew that, since the reason we had landed there was a medical emergency. We thought that maybe they could help with rebooking us with another airline. No, they would not help with that. We had to find our own hotel and our own flights home. So while at the hospital, we had to find our own hotel and our own flights home.

The only suggestion that they made, was that we could submit the receipt for everything to Condor after the flight home and ask for reimbursement. Now that we are home, we called Condor and are being told that we should contact Omni. We keep feeling like both airlines are giving us the runaround. WHAT A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! Not only did we have to deal with a very stressful medical emergency, but later had to deal with the stress of finding lodging and trying to find and pay for our flight back to Florida while in a totally different country! And now neither airline wants to take responsibility for helping us again in trying to recover our expenses to get back home to Florida.

We cannot believe how poorly we were treated and left us stranded in another country!! We filed a complaint with Condor 2 months ago and they do not respond. When we call to follow up they don’t help. Won’t allow us to talk to a manager and keep telling us to wait because complaints can take over 6 weeks to respond to. Although it has been 8 weeks, they still won’t offer further assistance. I am sure that they hope that we will just forget about this and give up.

This airline is completely untrustworthy. You arrive at the airport and find out they outsourced the flight to a charter company with old planes. And god forbid, you have an unplanned event….do not expect this airline to help or even address any complaints. We would NEVER recommend this airline to anyone and will NEVER fly this airline again!! They are horrible!!

Dr. Frank

Mauricio, Seriously???
Condor took the plane down for you in mid flight to save your GFs life, loosing thousands of gallons of fuel, loosing time, delaying all fellow passengers, screwing up their flight plan, incurring extra costs and all of that with no fault of Condor (but unfortunate circumstances), and did not even charge you for that?

Wow, what fantastic service….

All you had to do is pick up your GF from the hospital and get her back from Canada to Florida:
Stay home next time! Traveling is too dangerous for you!

I would send Condor and their crew Thank You flowers for bringing the plane down for YOUR emergency!

Dr. Mike

I purchased a business class ticket in September 2015 from Fort Lauderdale to Frankfurt. What did I get? A charter airline substitute with no business class. Furthermore Condor books my return flight to Miami and not Fort Lauderdale. This operation has terrible customer service and the worst website I have ever used. Our plane was over an hour late to Frankfurt. Had this flight use a regular gate at Frankfurt I would have made my connecting flight. But no, this cheap charlie airline has us bused to the terminal. Condor requests you check-in on line 24 hours prior to the flight. So OK I decided to do this. When I tried to check-in I get a pop up saying that you cannot check-in online to this airport. Why did’nt they tell me in the first place. Enough said. I will never fly this second rate airline again.

Thanks meant for offering these amazing subject matter

Awful, shameful airline! Miserable, unprofessional customer service! Never ever fly this bastard air and try to avoid the Frankfurt horror airport with Nazi security screeners! Amen!

Olga: They still have actual Nazi security screeners? Worse than the assholes in the US that make you wait 2 hours and take off your shoes? Please share your experience….

Let me tell you the whole story. My CONDOR flight due to no obvious reason was late 45 minutes from Toronto to Frankfurt. On my way out the plane I asked the stewardess if I was going to make my transfer to Prague, and she said it was doubtful as I only had another 45 minutes to do it. That alerted me, but I still hoped I would make it so I started running. BUT! The flight to Prague was from another terminal. I had to leave the terminal B and take the bus. The bus took another 20 minutes to get to Terminal C. As I entered the terminal I had to go through the screening again. Big line. OK. I did get through. Half an hour left. I am running, following the confusing signs – and I find myself AGAIN at the screening. All the pleas that I have already been screened two minutes ago did not work. I was so upset I started crying and pleading to let me through as I was late for my plane. This just seemed to make the Nazi screener happier. Even the German lady who was in front of me felt sorry for me and asked the guy in German to let me go faster. Did not work. He DELIBERATELY made me take all my stuff our of the carry-on, went through all my notes, my address book, my reading book page by page etc. He seemed to really take pleasure in torturing me and enjoyed the power he had over me. At the end I ran to the gate with 15 minutes left to the flight only to be told by the flight attendants that the gate is closed. There were 7 of us who did not make it. Back to Terminal B, back to the Condor office, another two hours waiting to be put on another flight – this time Lufthanza, two more screenings and got on the plane. The amount of radiation I received during that flight was probably equal to a 10-year X-raying. Did anybody care? Nah. Therefore I say: NEVER Condor, NEVER Frankfurt.

That for sure is a crappy experience. My last time flying through Frankfurt wasn’t that bad, but it was not good. It is confusing and multiple security locations. If I go through again, I am going to make sure I have three hours at least. It goes suck your flight was 45min late, but those sorts of delays happen often. Sounds like most of the frustration was with the airport. I would maybe give Condor another shot (if it makes sense), but maybe fly through another airport!

Why users still use to read news papers when in this technological world everything is accessible
on net?

I think Playboy magazine removed nude pictures years ago. They just announced they would start having nudes back in the magazine, did you even look at it when you were on board?


what is this? The Condor PR dpt? Did they pay for your flight? Looks like it.

This flight was covered by the airline, but that doesn’t alter the experience that I had and I shared that experience.


Since you can collect Miles @ LH Miles&More …can you actual collect on any Star Alliance Member (Mileage Plus) or just @ LH’s Miles &More ?

Scott Taylor

The secondary screening at the gate caught me by surprise and it was not a good surprise. I went through security, purchased three bottles of drinks and headed to the gate. I then found out about the extra screening and I could not take my drinks, purchased AFTER security, through the second at gate security. I quickly drank one and then had to by more water in the gate area (where there is a small shop) but was not able to get the non-water drinks that I had purchased.

Condor’s Business Class is offered on all Boeing 767 aircraft. The seats ( Zodiac Aerospace ) convert to 170 degrees lie-flat beds with 180 centimetres (71 in) in length and a standard seat pitch (in take off mode) of 60 inches (1,500 mm). The seats include power and USB outlets as well as a 15-inch (380 mm) screen for in-flight entertainment.

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