From one flag on the tail to another, we get to see the transformation of an US Airways Airbus A319 from their livery to the new American Airlines livery. Now, are there still people out there who don’t like the new American livery?

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Okay, the new livery does look pretty smart on the Airbuses, but I think something about the flag on the tail goes better with Boeing planes.

I still don’t like the new livery. Simply hideous.

By the registration, that plane has been repainted before. I do prefer the AA livery to either the US or HP liveries.


Pardon my ignorance, but…

I was under the impression that when the rudder was repainted, it needed to be rebalanced.

Am I showing my age?



These videos are certainly neat to watch – but despite how many I see, I still have no clue how they actually do this.

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