Often I am asked what some of my favorite aviation experiences has been. No question, being able to fly in a Boeing 737-700 Business Jet from Boeing Field (BFI) to Anchorage (ANC) was one of those moments.

I have previously shared in the trip in great detail on a previous story, but I haven’t yet shared my video. Although the back of the plane is quite something, I was more interested in being able to sit in the flight deck during takeoff and again during landing. I have never had that experience before in a large jet and what else can I say other than… it was amazing.

Yes, my trip was almost a year ago, but I got held up with the video – at least I get to spread the BBJ love! My only regret is not wearing the top hat in the flight deck – maybe next time.

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Nice video (under difficult lighting circumstances) and a superb airplane. Positioning flights under non-rev conditions (Part 91 I’d guess) do have their benefits, including cockpit access, so rare these days. What an opportunity!
(Did your mother, a teacher as I recall, or one of your resident editors approve the caption? Someone should have been asked for a second look.)

Blaine Nickeson

Cook is totally right – title wasn’t up to snuff and I missed it on edit.

Nice video. The power of the engines is sweet music to us all. I would have like to seen what they galley looked like. Two thumbs up to you sir.

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