This Boeing 777-200 (reg number: (9M-MRO) is the one in question with Malaysia Flight MH370 - Photo: Thomas Becker

This Boeing 777-200 (reg number: (9M-MRO) is the one in question with Malaysia Flight MH370 – Photo: Thomas Becker

Almost exactly one week after the Malaysian authorities confirmed that MH370 operating from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing had gone missing – today, in an astonishing turn of events, the government confirmed that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was hijacked. They have further confirmed that the aircraft was steered off course and flown for nearly seven hours. To where, they have not yet confirmed.

There is so much innuendo and speculation floating around, AirlineReporter’s senior staff thought we should throw our hats into the ring.

(Managing Correspondent) BERNIE’S OPINION: 

Since Saturday, March 8, I was convinced this was an act of air piracy in some form. Conversations with some people I know in the national security industry and security journalists (some of them even in Connecticut) only further convinced me. It was very interesting for me to hear among the men who keep their countries safe across oceans questions of not “where is the debris?” but, more sinister and concerning, what was in the unscreened cargo?

DHS cannot even confirm what LD3 positions aboard 9M-MRO were full. The question then became, was there anything valuable enough in the cargo hold that a major state actor would want the cargo that badly? Furthermore, why would China release the aircraft for flight when they otherwise demand all cargo be prescreened, and have actually denied airspace entry to aircraft that did not meet that requirement for their freight?

So, with all that in mind – as well as the fact twenty engineers from Freescale semiconductors were onboard that were working on military-grade RF power systems – what happened? Well, if you ask me (and that’s the whole point of this exercise) the cabin or technical crew had to, at least partially, be in on it. Either that or the two “asylum seekers” with identical legs were secretly even more obvious state actors and also skilled.

Forty minutes after departure, whatever crew members and or operators were on board acted to put their piracy operation into play, they turned southwest near IGARI and managed to overfly Malaysia with no one noticing (or if they did, they sure are not saying anything). You fly for a bit and find yourself over the Indian Ocean. So, say you’re over a checkpoint called IGREX and you turn Northwest and fly over India. You fly a very select route, with all your transponders (including the XPNDR) turned off.

With the XPNDR turned off, that also turns off the data necessary for TCAS to work, so you could fly very close to or under an identified aircraft and “ghost” on secondary and primary civilian radar. You could then continue to fly over India, over the notoriously-porous country of Pakistan, and well then into a country in Central Asia that I shall not name – but has hangars large enough to handle a 747 and numerous, 14,000 foot runways. Why there? Because there is that exact airport within a 6.5 hour air time that matches the distance, within fifty miles, from what the Malaysian government stated the aircraft had flown.

But wait, you say? India is extremely paranoid and has a great Integrated Air Defense System. Here’s the thing, Electronic and information warfare have been centered around either creating fake “inserts” into military air search radar, or removing your blip entirely. It would become even easier if you were a state actor from a country that had a very similar air defense network (down to the radars and surface to air missiles) – you could practice using aircraft of a similar size on identical radars.

In all honesty – hiding a 777 would be something that could be made an art. I am aware that Indian IADS also has western equipment, so I believe the selected route was chosen based off of very detailed intelligence gathering of India’s systems such that the state actor orchestrating the operation could ensure that there were only Russian radars. So then? What happened to the people? Other than a select few who were either in on it or are being tortured in prison for secrets – I think it’s sadly obvious.

Will the plane be used for a “Second 9/11” that will scare soccer moms forever? NO! Absolutely 100% no. If we ever see 9M-MRO again, it will be in a manufactured crash site in a country where said Central Asian state actor could easily fly debris and say “look, see, check this out!”. FDR/CVR data will never be found because whoever finds the debris will take the lead on the investigation and simply not release it. Furthermore, if they give the data recorders back to Malaysia, Malaysia is the head of the world Islamic Bank, they launder money for this country. It’s in their best interest to shut up.  

Where is this plane? Photo: Thomas Becker

Where is this plane? Photo: Thomas Becker

(Editor-in-Chief) DAVID’S OPINION

From the beginning of this odd incident, I have said that I think it will turn out to be something simplistic. Like the plane had a failure and crashed into the vast sea.

Now, it is becoming much more difficult to say that. However, I don’t think that this will turn out to be a crazy story line from a Tom Clancy novel.

Yes, there are “facts” out there, but we have already seen governments, agencies, media, airlines, and others come out with “facts” that have turned out to be false or changed.

I still feel there is quite a bit of mis-information out there and everyone needs more time to comb through it all to come to some solid conclusions.

Patience is needed here and it is in short supply. This is a HIGH demand story with people around the world waiting for the next bread crumb. But when we have so many people following this story, there is a need to find new information, no matter how accurate it might be.

I think at the end of the day we will have answers. There are too many people around the world glued to the outcome of this incident for it to just go away. I think the plane, one way or another, was lost at sea and it might take quite a bit of time to find it.

I still think the conclusion will be more sane and make sense when the dust settles. But we all just need to take a deep breath, relax, and wait for the outcome.

(Managing Correspondent) MALCOLM’S OPINION

MH370 is obviously a tragedy; it has been over a week now, and it is guaranteed that there are no survivors.  As hard as that is to fathom, I am a realist and by now, if there was even one we should have found them.  The hardest thing to understand though is just where this aircraft is.  So many theories have been around as to where it could be, what could of happened.

With the latest update of the aircraft traveling almost six-and-a-half hours, it could literally be anywhere. There is a very large area of ground to cover, a very, very deep ocean to look down into.  My thoughts on this are not really a theory but more of a hope that someone, somewhere will find a clue, but I have a feeling that the 777-200ER is scattered somewhere, be it over ocean or land, in lots of little pieces.

Until those pieces are found, all we can do is hope that something can go in the favor of searchers.  Or we can speculate and come up with some crazy theories (it was the smugglers that sneak people into Australia… they needed a new way to get around the dodgy-looking boats).

Photo: Garret Lockhart /

The Air France Airbus 330 that was lost as flight 447 – Photo: Garret Lockhart |

(Associate Editor) BLAINE’S OPINION

Bottom line – I think the plane ran out of fuel and splashed down in the ocean somewhere.  Remnants of its wreckage will be found either in two months or two years (as happened with Air France 447), and those poor families will be tortured by the lack of information for the rest of their lives.

The plane was scheduled to fly 2,700 miles KUL-PEK.  Given an allowance for emergency fuel, the plane still didn’t have a limitless range (that is unless, as Bernie suggested, ground crew was in on the whole thing).  Also, the wild swings in altitude, course, and, I would assume, speed, probably didn’t do much for fuel range.  It’s questionable if the hijackers got to their destination.

All that being said, I tend to give some credence to what Bernie thinks.  Whoever did this went to a lot of trouble to cover their tracks.  Also, Bernie has been spot-on with his “theories” far in advance of the news breaking.

Ultimately, the intent was obviously nefarious.  The question is whether or not they achieved their goals.


In the comments, leave your thoughts on what has happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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Bernie makes some interesting points.

They needed a vehicle to move ‘stuff’ to ‘that’ country.

Call me crazy.

This whole thing is crazy!

Ray Ashman

Is it possible that the Somali pirate ring have upgraded to aircraft. If the plane had taken the southern path it would be heading to the “pirate area”

The Somalis, without massive outside help, would not have training or operational expertise in this. They also ransom, there have been no demands.

How do we know that the pirates have not made demands? If demands have been made, you can be sure that the Government of Malaysia will not make them public because the public pressure to accede to the monstrously huge demands would be overwhelming. As for the fate of the passengers,said to say they probably all died at 45,000 from lack of oxygen, although the pirates may not admit that. What a story!

Nalliah Thayabharan

Whatever happened to the Flight Malaysia Airlines MH370, it occurred quickly. The problem had to be big enough.
There could have possibly been a cockpit fire that simply burned the plane in the air and also cut off radar and all other communications. The Boeing 777, registration 9M-MRO, was delivered new to Malaysia Airlines on May 31, 2002. The tip of the wing of the same aircraft broke off Aug. 9, 2012, as it was taxiing at Pudong International Airport outside Shanghai. The wingtip collided with the tail of a China Eastern Airlines A340 plane. The aircraft was powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent 892 engines. Almost 12 years old Boeing 777 had accumulated over 20,000 hours and 3,000 cycles in service.
The stolen passports are not necessarily related to the disappearance of the plane since passengers use false identities for illegal immigration.
The disaster is most similar to the mysterious disappearance of Air France Flight 447, which killed all 228 people on board. Investigations were unable to conclusively come up with a reason for the crash of the Airbus A330 until the plane”s black boxes — its flight and voice data recorders — were recovered from the bottom of the ocean two years later.
Air France flight Flight 447 provided a cautionary tale against premature speculation. The accident was initially blamed by the airline on a thunderstorm. Later, investigators pinpointed ice that caused faulty speed sensor readings on the plane. But data recovered after a two-year search led authorities to conclude that pilot error had also played a part — the crew”s handling of the plane after the auto-pilot was disengaged put it into a stall from which it could not recover.
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370″²s disappearance marks the fourth hull loss of a Boeing 777 — the previous being Asiana Airlines Flight 214 with three fatalities. In 2005, during a flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur the crew received a ”stall warning” forcing the pilot to turn back. On Jul 29, 2011 an Egyptair flight MS-667 — Boeing 777-200, registration SU-GBP was preparing for departure from Cairo (Egypt) to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) at gate F7 with 291 passengers already boarded waiting for a delayed last passenger until doors could be closed .when a fire erupted in the cockpit causing smoke to also enter the cabin. Emergency exits were not opened, all passengers vacated the aircraft through the smoke and the main doors.What a lucky set of crew and passengers. Imagine the horror had they been airborne.The aircraft was subsequently written off as beyond economical repair.
The more worrying part of the report on the Egypt Air fire was that the investigation discovered the suspect wiring and it”s brackets did not comply with the Boeing blueprints and a very large batch of 777s had been delivered with the same fault.

If such a fire occurred at FL 350 (35,000 ft), on an aircraft flying 850 km/h (475 knots), it is plausible to assume it would be catastrophic. For context, the strongest Category 5 hurricanes ever recorded had sustained winds of only” 340 km/h, strong enough to destroy many buildings that are not made of steel-reinforced concrete.
If such a quick and devastating cockpit fire occurred aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, it could be consistent with some of the known facts:
* communications being cut abruptly (pilots struggling to extinguish it, speed of fire, electronics destroyed)
* no mayday signals sent (no time before cockpit uninhabitable due to smoke and fire, and/or instruments destroyed),
* the transponder going down,
* no calls from passengers (too high for cell-phone contact, no time, panic)
* perhaps the ”mumbling” when another pilot radioed (e.g. if static or 500 mph wind sounded like mumbling),
* perhaps a change of course and/or altitude (if the plane continued to fly for some time, even with the cockpit electronics destroyed due to a growing fire),
* perhaps the plane suddenly disappearing once the fire reached some critical point (e.g. perhaps igniting fuel tanks or cabin oxygen tanks, or the nose-cone/windshield being breached and a catastrophic rush of air ripping through the plane, etc.), and
* possibly (though less likely) the fire even reaching temperatures above 1,100 C, thereby damaging the flight data recorder.
Evidently the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System — ACARS went inoperative few minutes before the last communications with the pilot. Disabling the ACARS is not easy,. Most probably an electrical problem or an electrical fire cause the shutdown of the ACARS than a manual shutdown and the pilots probably were not even aware ACARS was not transmitting. Things could have been in the process of going wrong, unknown to the pilots. The loss of transponders and communications were most probably caused by an electrical fire. In the case of an electrical fire, the first response is to pull the main busses and restore circuits one by one until the bad one is isolated. If pilots pulled the busses, the plane would go silent. It was probably a very serious fire and the pilots were occupied with controlling the plane and trying to fight the cokpit fire. Aviate, navigate, and lastly, communicate is the only way in such situations. Probably the pilot was turning towards the closest airpot — Langkawi, a 13,000-foot airstrip with an approach over water and no obstacles. The did not turn towards Kuala Lampur most probably due to the fact that he had 8,000-foot ridges to cross. The pilot obviously knew the terrain was friendlier towards Langkawi, which also was closest airport.
There are two types of fires. An electrical fire might not be as fast and furious, and there may or may not be incapacitating smoke. However there is the possibility, given the timeline, that there was an overheat on one of the front landing gear tires, it blew on takeoff and started slowly burning due to under inflated tires, especially with heavy plane and long-run takeoff. A front landing gear tire fire would produce horrific, incapacitating smoke. On departing Kuala Lumpur, Flight 370 would have had fuel for 8 hours of flying. The flight burned almost 25% in the first hour with takeoff and the climb to cruise. So when the turn was made the flight would have had more than 6 hours worth of fuel. The pilots were overcome by smoke and the plane continued on the heading, probably on George (autopilot), until it ran out of fuel and it crashed. This correlates nicely with the Inmarsat data pings being received until fuel exhaustion. The flight continued until time to fuel exhaustion confirms that the pilots were incapacitated and the flight continued on deep into the South Indian Ocean.
Much of the wreckage may be at the bottom of the South Indian Ocean. The size of the debris field will be one of the first indicators of what happened. A smaller field would indicate the plane probably fell intact, breaking up upon impact with the water. Discovering the debris can take days. If it is due to a deadly mechanical breakdown then Malaysia Airlines should take the blame

Peter Crew

Bernie, if your scenario is correct, are the pax still alive, or just selected pax, ie the computer people? Eventually, with all the world watching, maybe we will see a military rescue mission, probably headed up by the good old USA.

That’d require a completely different political climate than what I suspect will happen which is. “Oh, that’s too bad- but international law says that they have the lead in the investigation.” So it will totally be a plausible, but sanitized scenario presented. Unless someone inside spills the beans.

John-Alan Pascoe

Actually international law (specifically Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation) says that while the State of Occurrence indeed has the lead during an investigation, the State of Operation (Malaysia), the State of Registry (Malaysia again) the State of Design (USA) and the State of Manufacture (USA again) may appoint an accredited representative and advisers who have the right to fully participate in the investigation. In addition, any state “which has a special interest in an accident by virtue of fatalities or serious injuries to its citizens [ICAO Annex 13]” may also appoint an expert who has the right to examine the crash site and all factual data (among other things).
Sure you could disappear the FDR and CVR, but legally you can’t say, ‘well we found the black boxes, but we’re not going to tell you what they say’.

Blaine Nickeson

Re-read Bernie’s thoughts. He thinks all pax are dead.

I really think that this could have been another attempted case of hijacking-for-asylum. Where the hijacker (or pilot(s)) planned to head is definitely unclear, but any country around the southern China border seems to have been a likely destination. It just seems eerily like an “improved” version of the Ethiopian 702 hijacking from last month.

Barb from Michigan

I share Bernie’s beliefs.
From the beginning, I told my husband this wasn’t an accident. Especially when they did admit the transponder was turned off and where it was turned off.
I did initially believe it was another Muslin Terrorist act such as the bombing in the Chinese square and then the Train Station. I was totally convinced they flew it somewhere where the people in the area are all in support of this action to terrorize China. Now, I’m not so convinced as to who did this, but it was definitely a clandestine act whether one of terror or stealing cargo.
I grew up with a Dad who was gone for months when I was ten with my Mom , brother and I having no idea where he was. Later, we figured out he was gone overseeing the installation of BMEWS. AEGIS is one of his “babies”, too. He died several years ago. He never talked about his work, but time frames and knowing what did come out of the Pentagon at certain times gave us good theories. Also, his many trips to Huntsville, Rome , N Y , Colorado and the Pentagon. I tried to find mentions of the operations we did figure out at the Air Force Museum in Dayton. I couldn’t find anything and was told that’s because whatever I was searching for is still Classified.
Because of growing up fully in the Military Industrial Complex ,I’m smart enough to know we’ll find out just what someone wants us to know at this stage. There’s an entire World that operates out there every day that the majority of us have no inkling it even exists.
I’ll never believe it was committed by the pilots on duty.

mas share price

Lookat the MAS stock price a week before this,incident…it collapsed….in advance. Someone knew something was up.

I read in the Times of India Indian air force personnel stating what every other air force would state that the blip from the remaining ACARS system on the radar would have caused the military to scramble jets to detect, identify, and if necessary to attack. And if somehow the plane avoided the radar of highly militarized nations surrounding the Bay of Bengal and landed it would not evade discovery for very long. That window of time is closing very fast if not already.
Most likely scenario is sadly that one pilot with severe psychological problems killed the other probably right before the plane entered Vietnamese airspace when the plane made its great turn.
What I notice a lot of people trying to do is to rationalize* the behavior of the hijacker. But, as a clinical psychologist I will tell you many people act in a bizarre manner seeking an outcome that defies explanation(fortunately, not at this magnitude). And that’s what I’m afraid has happened here. The pilot may very well have thrived beforehand on the conjecture and speculation that would be aroused by the disappearance of the plane.
As a professional matter, I would like for all pilots to be psychologically evaluated every several years in the future. The fact that they have the power to immediately end the lives of hundreds of people should mandate this to become necessary.

idiot…china did not release the plane.. Malaysia did. get your story to stick to facts

Smells more and more og a Mossad Op.

MH370 has been hijacked to the far western Chinese desert


Very possible, maybe with the help of another country also?


MH370 has been hijacked, and forced to land in US airbass Diego Garcia, for some reason.

Jerry Siegmund

I believe..’It Suffered a Catastrophic Event’..perhaps ‘Loss of Cabin Pressure First’..then ‘Electrical’..? You can’t tell me 200+ Asians with ‘Cell Phones’..someone would not Call, Text, Tweet, ‘someone’ ? As for the ADS-B and other Transponders being ‘Turned Off’..that is ‘strange’ I will admit ! At Alt 3 5000..and enough Fuel to go to Bejing..perhaps ‘All on Board’ had succumbed to something..and the aircraft ‘did fly on for several hours’..only hope they ‘All Went Quickly’, in their sleep, etc. ! All of the ‘speaking on conditions of annominity’ BS ‘must stop’ ! A group of ‘No Data or Scientific Evidence’ ,to support their theory, idiots..and not wanting their Name Published either..are ‘Not Helping the Cause’ ? If you ‘can’t provide ‘Scientific Facts’..then StFU’ !

Only problem with your theory is that over open water, cell phones would not have coverage. Therefore, passengers wouldn’t be able to call, text or tweet unless they came within range of a cell tower.

Derek Milford

Hi Chris
You probably get over 1000 emails with people saying they know or guess what happened to Malaysia airlines.

On Viewing you tube I came across 2 videos showing 2 unidentified jets in the area the aircraft was.

Ok firstly we know there was 2 guys on board with fake passports that’s confirmed, Now putting my 2 cents worth in, if you see the video normally after 30 min or prior when travelling anywhere on a long flight you will be offered refreshments, the pilots also will be given water juice or even food, now looking at the seating arrangements of a 777 there are bathrooms near the cockpit in first class. What’s to stop a terrorist to ask a Flight attendant and say wow id love to see what first class looks like, that’s also what id love to do one day.

Let say he was allowed and then said oh may I use the bathroom please, naturally the Steward/stewardess would not hesitate. What a opportune moment to wait there till the cockpit door opened, then to take over.
Looking at the first link there is a aircraft moving at extraordinary speed to the right of the jet.
Did MH 370 put out a distress signal, were the people/person inside the cockpit trying to take control ??? Hence the erratic movements of the aircraft climbing to flight level 490 then dropping again to normal cruising altitude.

My guess like everyone else is that terrorist who ever it was was trying to take over the plane . a pilot had contacted or sent a distress code to radar, that can be easily done by switching the transponder to squawk code 7500 , this will be displayed on radar coverage.

If that is received military jets will be deployed. Now on the second video it shows the aircraft still in flight, could this be the Hijackers are not flying but are giving instructions to either pilots . Now if this was the case Malaysia airline, the government and air force know what is happening, and the direction its heading it could of been flown toward Hong Kong Macao or even Beijing, I guess they did not want another 911. So to save face they authorized the destruction of the aircraft , so it will not be a potential missile.

Naturally now the Malaysian government has sent out a red flag and making up many stories we have heard , when in fact International rescue is searching the wrong areas, 1 week being enough time for a fuselage or pieces to be lost at the bottom of the ocean.

Especially the comment Malaysia made to Vietnam was why are you searching with a GoPro and Binoculars., now if was in in the Vietnamese Military and I heard those comments, I would also retract my ships and Planes, was this said on purpose to keep Vietnams search and rescue away ???

oh well just a thought we like everyone else are just guessing but seems very plausible when you view the videos.

Oh one more thing regarding the young Iranian guy , when the plane was listed as missing and they found out about the 2 fake passports, they called the mother in Germany and said she was excited her son was on her way home im waiting at the airport. At that time the plane if it was on a regular service would of not arrived in Beijing yet and she was waiting at Frankfurt Airport for her son 1 day before it arrived ??

cya Derek

Interesting point about the mother in Frankfurt!

Also one of the first things to come out were replays of the civilian radar. I’ve also seen those fast moving planes near 370. You might be onto something. With all the scenarios and theories that CNN and Fox are exploring (they even went as far as discussing aliens), there are a couple they apparently do not want to touch with a 10-foot pole. Inside job, and shoot-down.

When I say “inside job” I don’t mean the pilots I mean government insiders.

If you have such an in depth theory, why would you not name the country you think the plane went to?

Bernie, concerning “a country in Central Asia that I shall not name”. Why won’t you name the country?

Just curious why the Cocos Islands and Christmas Island are not being reported on and looked at? As an outsider looking in on the situation and with the presumable “facts” that have been presented, (and please correct me if I’m wrong), these places are pretty remote locations, super small populations, not particularly metropolitan hubs for traffic, media reporting, constant radar, etc. BUT, they may have sufficient capabilities to land an aircraft the size of a 777. I think the Cocos Island Airport has an 8000ft runway and Christmas has about a 7000ft runway (could be sufficient length to land with little fuel on board). If these (or other sufficient airports in the area) were utilized for fueling purposes, this would only open an even bigger can of worms, as whomever in charge of the aircraft could continue their remote journey to wherever they wanted to go to in the first place. The “handshake” from the stationary satellite could presumably put the plane around these islands. Going north would seem to be too risky if they were planning on avoiding radar, IMHO. Thoughts?

Chris. My thoughts exactly. I believe they flew to Christmas Island and left the engines running on the tarmac in order to make it seem they were still flying. This would encourage everybody to assume the plane flew North towards Afghanistan. Christmas Island is perfect as the approach is over water and would therefore not be heard by the small population who do not live by the airport. It would be dark/twilight so no witnesses would be about and if anybody saw it they would think nothing of it because Malaysian Airlines have flown to Christmas Island in the past. They could then turn off the emitters from the engine and fly where they wished. The passengers would never have had any inkling but may have been told that they needed to land at a Chinese feeder airport due to bad weather or something. This plane would then fly across the ocean to an unknown location.


RE: FLT. 370

AS 370 was departing Malaysia Radar and about to enter Vietnam Radar they were told they were departing Malaysia Radar and their response was (Last Verbal Contact) something like “All Right, Good Night”. That is as far from aviation response jargon as one can get. The standard response would be something like “Roger MH370”. Were one of the pilots sending a distress message, or was that response from a third party. Surely there exists other recordings of both pilots so that a voice match could be made.

Not sure I agree with you there. I’ve read transcripts of pilots and there is often friendly conversation, especially late at night or at other ‘quiet’ times. Sure, not in and around LAX at 5 pm, but late at night over the Pacific? I don’t find that surprising at all. And if “Goodnight” was the secret I’m-being-hijacked code, we’d probably have heard that. Nah I think it is being taken as very strong evidence that everything was super normal (or the pilot saying that wanted people to think everything was).

gina rex

It amazes me that media and individuals worldwide have so much invested in this accident; thousands of people die every day unexpectedly, and yet people “demand” to know what happened in this case, claiming a “need” to know or curiosity. Really? Twenty-five countries are engaged in a wild goose chase that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, mostly wasted. Wouldn’t those funds be better spent developing a real-time transmission system instead of the antiquated recorders? It reportedly cost 100 million dollars to recover the Air France recorders in 2009 and there is no upgrade of data transmission in 5 years?

Too many people are wishing for a supernatural game of conspiracy theory. Whatever happened has happened – no one, however magically inclined, can change the outcome.

I agree. It’s like the whole world, for this little period of time, is joining the tin-foil hat crowd. It’s an interesting psychological phenomenon, as they say. The same thing happened with Amelia Earhart. Obviously it’s not about the 239 souls onboard, specifically. It’s about the mystery, about the need for resolution that we all have, the need to believe that the universe follows rules that we can understand. Plus the somewhat-realistic fear that the plane could be repurposed for a terror attack.

Ken Laumann

Has anyone thought to call the NSA for assistance,since they have vast resources unless that is to secret to assist in this tragedy

Fritz Amtsbeg

If they were able to shut down the oxygen then climb to 45,000 feet that gets rid of everyone but the folks on the flight deck. Assuming they had limited oxygen that explains the drop to 25,000 feet. Then they have the plane to themselves.

james r thabit

Anuther thought to ponder is govt. disinformation.. if the plane is located at a remote potentially hostile location , local authorities (untrustworthy) at landing areamay not be contacted.. furthermore any news of this will not be realsed..
The hijackers know the calvary is on the way as soon as this news is public.. the calvary may need 12/48 hours to arrive at this location.. more time if there is not coopreration among nations as to make up of the calvary forces

ann gie santos collis

My theories:
1. hijacking – someone aboard is a VIP and the hijackers need him
2. highly-knowledgeable computer workers are now being told to do
something important that the hijackers need
3. overweight load – mangosteen and other high valuables may add
4. there might be a very important item that was loaded and the hijackers
were protecting it and will get it at all cost
5. the pilots could have been negotiating with the hijackers and
thought of going back to Malaysia but failed
6. is there a secret negotiation being done in ransom?


I like the secret cargo theory, particularly because of the 20 employees’s on the plane from the company Freescale semiconductor’s who make chips for military weapons and have been working on new technology that can make things nearly invisible to radar, useful in war?


Some people on CNN (notably the NTSB veteran, Mary Schiavo) have stated that it is “eerily silent” right now in terms of people calling in to offer information (“I saw something”, “I heard someone say something”, “That pilot was a devout Muslim”, etc.). Schiavo states that after 9/11 the NTSB was inundated with such calls.

The ground information we DO have point to an accident:

* Man on oil rig reports seeing a plane in flames
* Chinese spot oil slick in area plane lost contact with ground

Still, much silence. There’s only one scenario that would explain complete silence from the ground: accident.

So let’s take that up again, for the mental exercise of it if nothing else. What would it need to explain?

1 – sharp left turn programmed into computer
2 – acars off
3 – transponder off
4 – pilot says “good night”
5 – sharp left turn executed
6 – plane climbs to 45k feet and does other extreme elevation changes

The following scenario could explain these things with just TWO unexpected failures: one human, one in the cargo hold. Disasters almost always result from an unlikely combination of small failures, which is why — thank goodness — they are so rare.

* – The young copilot is having a dalliance with a nordic beauty (something he’s known to have done before) and mis-entered the numbers. Let’s say instead of an 027 heading, he accidentally enters 270.

* – A while later, the lithium ion batteries in the cargo hold catch fire.

* – Fire puts out the acars

* – Fire puts out the transponder

* – Pilots say goodnight, not yet aware of the fire

* – Fire erupts and pilots start to respond. At some point the plane turns all by itself due to the misprogrammed headings, and they don’t have time to fix it (it’s low priority compared to the fire). OR alternatively they could’ve turned back hoping to land the plane.

* – They climb to 45k feet hoping to extinguish the fire with low oxygen and cold temps.

* – Their efforts are unsuccessful and they spend the next 7 hours battling an out-of-control plane.



Possible but, If there was a fire on board I don’t think the plane would have stayed in the air for seven hours.

Yes that’s a stretch, but then everything about this situation is low probability. Some unprecedented event, or sequence of events, definitely occurred.

Or maybe we’ll learn that the satellite pings indicating “7 hours in the air” were wrong. They’ve now reversed themselves on the ACARS turn-off timing (didn’t happen before the pilot said “goodnight”).

Or, maybe their efforts to quench the fire WERE successful but the plane’s controls were so badly damaged that it became impossible to, say, fly across the wind and they were forced out over the Indian ocean. Caveat: I’m a sailor not a flyer so don’t know if that’s actually possible. 🙂

Or the other way around: the plane was able to withstand the fire, but smoke was too much and nobody made it alive. As a consequence, the plane kept flying on auto-pilot until fuel ran off, which explains why it was still flying on a straight trajectory hours later…



The fire theory’s are good, but now their saying the co-pilot calmly said “goodnight” 12 minutes into the new heading?

The “official” time line has changed a lot and I no longer have it firmly in mind. Last I knew,
– “goodnight” came at 1:19
– transponder went off at 1:22
– ACARS last reported at 1:07 (and failed to report at 1:37)

So … if “goodnight” came 12 minutes into the course change, that means the course change came at 1:07, the precise moment the last ACARS was sending. And do they mean the course change was COMPLETE at 1:07 or started at 1:07, or mid-point? Odd ACARS wouldn’t have caught that. Or maybe it did and that’s how they know. And I guess that’s also how they know the course change was programmed in, not last-minute.

IF these two things are both true (course change programmed in AND well underway before last vocal transmission), then the only way to save my “completely innocent pilots” scenario would be to assert the following:

1 – course change was programmed in by a distracted copilot who accidentally transposed numbers (e.g., ‘027’ became ‘270’). One thing they haven’t reported — that I know of) — is whether the incorrect turn was input as part of normal course planning early in flight, or whether it came as an additional input much later.

2 – pilots noted the auto-course change and were investigating it at the time they said “goodnight”, but figured it was harmless and didn’t see any value in reporting it to ground.


From what I’ve read the course is programmed in by the flight despatcher ,pilots don’t do it and it takes 6-7 keystrokes to change course. If bad weather pilots may change course to avoid it but weather was fine. The sign off from Malaysian air traffic control was the signal to implement plan. 1.19 goodnight, 1.22 transponder off then off to 45,000 feet. Very well planned.

Ah … that’s significant if true.

So if it’s intentional by a skilled pilot flying a ‘healthy’ airplane, then why did they wander out over the Indian Ocean? Or if they didn’t do that, we still have unexplained facts:

1 – Not one radar installation anywhere in that part of the world has reported seeing them. Either the radar is crappy (as a couple CNN experts have stated) and those countries don’t want to admit how crappy it is.

2 – Little to no ground leads: sightings or pilot background. These guys seem to be squeaky clean. Mary Schiavo (CNN contributor on aviation) asserts that after 9/11 they were inundated with leads.

What’s evident is that the media have whipped up another “let’s be stupid about this” frenzy, which appeals to an anti-science and fact-fearing U.S. public. The religious belief in Acts of God and miraculous intervention, in the guise of terrorists or other “evil-doers” has great traction with people who are utterly unfamiliar with physics, but who believe that disembodied supernatural entities invade people’s minds and move them about like puppets.

No one in the news business seems to have ever taken a basic science or “how the world works” course. I’ve variously heard that the missing jet had enough fuel to fly 22,000 miles, that the search area (Indian Ocean) covers 1100, 35,000 and a MILLION miles. (No one seems to know what a square mile is either!

I’ve given up hope that the U.S. can survive when it runs on soaring stupidity!

This was an international military complex organised crime. They -satan and friends have been trying to bring in their nwo somehow- also involving false flags ops like using UFO possibilities to bring about their agenda.
Since 911 for ALL Airlines and their Crew- the stipulations for being employed in the cockpit has become very stringent and as for the crews-cabin- they are trained on a regular basis about hijackers- hijackings and are on high alert to notice anything ‘ suspicious’! So dont blame the crew!!!!!
This plane was probably excorted by military jets to wherever in a cover up- for whatever reason they will never tell the truth! The same goes for a number of Airline accidents in past- inclusing swissair over canada and egypt air!!
This shows me that no one will feel safe flying again- which is exactly what they want to achieve!!!
Pray for the crew and passengers and their loved ones


The main challenge is that almost all information publicly released is not reliable. For example, the alleged last voice contact from the flight, “All right, good night.” supposedly from the co-pilot was claimed to be made after one of the communications system was turned off. The timing is obviously important but how can we determine that is true given how unreliable the information has been from the governments. Investigators know more and have access to the real data but we do not. As many of us suspect misinformation is deliberately released for unknown reasons.

If one is to use an Author or a plot line from one of their books, event runs along line with Ted Bell’s Assassin. As does this blog: Did Malaysian Airlines 370 disappear using SIA68 (another 777)

And this answers a question I, and others, have been posting/asking about for a few days: Where Malaysia 370 Might Have Landed: An Interactive Map
Want to find a runway that is 7,000 feet long, and in Burma? You have come to the right place.

Correction on bad linkage: As does this blog: Did Malaysian Airlines 370 disappear using SIA68 (another 777)

This guy did some research, and found another 777 in the area that night. His theory is that the missing 777 shadowed a SIA 777 after transponder shut-down, to make it into other airspace undetected. Goofy, I thought, until he laid out his evidence. Now I’m not so sure…

“Did Malaysian Airlines 370 disappear using SIA68/SQ68 (another 777)?”

Jonas H

The question that I have and which I have not seen answered anywhere is fairly simple: how can a pilot (or hijacker or anyone with a little bit of knowledge) turn off ALL the comunication devices in an it-has-been-used-as-a-terroristic-device-before airplane so it can be flown for thousands of miles without detection?
Shouldn’t there be at least a back-up or basic I-am-a-plane-and-I-am-here device?


It as hijacked by Aliens!


Think about this — it is approx. 3500 nautical miles from Kuala Lumpur to Mogadishu, Somalia. You don’t even have to radio a tower in Mogadishu to land a Jumbo Jet! From Mogadishu, it is approx. 3500 nautical miles to Kadhla, Western Sahara. That airport is on an island just west of the western African coast. From Kadhla, it is approx. 3500 nautical miles to NYC. By ghosting another plane, MH370 could easily get within ‘detonation range’ of NYC, or fly up to 45,000 feet and detonate a nuke — which would kill the power grid, and probably a few million Americans, just from the initial blast and fallout.

Sure hope I’m wrong…

In reply to Andrew

March 16, 2014 at 8:07 am
If you have such an in depth theory, why would you not name the country you think the plane went to?

Hi Andrew I will try and go one better suggest the governments check these coordinates N 17 45 E 109 45 , why do they not check here and also that other digiglobe company focus on here. Also thanks to Helen for your feedback.

sorry try 117 1228 109l 9362 I guess that’s a waypoint

Linda Anderson

Good morning. Regarding Malaysia Flight 370-I spent last night in somewhat disbelief as I came upon a satellite image of ‘Little Andaman Island’ with an airliner image focused at 750 ft. I went in closer and it’s a double-image of an airliner ( or two) just off the east coast of that island. I have tried my local news, News 12 and tried to contact CNN..all to no avail. I have exact coordinates and feel that this may aid in locating where Malaysia Flight 370 was headed and / or where it is lying now. I believe that this may be one of if not the last satellite image of this flight.
I would be very happy to share what I saw, last night…as it has kept me awake because of my gut feeling. Please look into it. It may be important or it may not but I don’t think it should be ignored.

Which satellite images? If google earth or the like, I believe they are weeks-to-months old. If you managed to find a weather satellite image, that might be current. When you say “just off the east coast” do you mean over water? Since 750 ft is pretty far zoomed in, could you give a little more detail as to where? Due east? Southeast, Northeast? What town or geographical feature it is near?

Linda Anderson

There appears what could be a debris field…oddly jagged light images in the water, a few thousand feet from the airline satellite image, still in the Bay of Bengal.

Link to “airline satellite image”???

Linda Anderson

The image is from mapgalaxy. Go to the site and download the toolbar.(it’s free) Then click on ‘maplinks’, click option ‘interactive satellite’.
In address field, input Little Andaman Island. it is smaller than Andaman, which will be further north. The coordinates are Lat 11.6800N Long 92.7700E
Zoom in to the right-angle concave curved portion of the island, a little more than midway down. Keep scanning the over the darker blue water area to see the image of an airliner. Due east of that, lies what may be a debris field but I can’t zoom any further.Slighty south are a few more questionable areas of white… I guess they could be rocks though I don’t really feel they are.
It doesn’t allow to ‘save’ or copy the satellite image, which was frustrating.
But worth a look to maybe give some closure to these suffering families…hopefully sooner rather than later.

Linda Anderson

If you go to the tab that says ‘flash earth’ under satellites, the view is incredible and the zoom is fantastic…probably better than the satellite but I wonder how long ago it was from.

linda can be more precise your directions are ?? well

I mean the islands have names right ???? north of Little Andaman Island

Jim Wilson..pilot

I believe this flight may have had a malfunction similar to Malaysia Flight 124 that occurred in 2005 on a flight fro Australia to Malaysia.
The accelerometer failed causing a problem with the software which caused a loss of all control. The pilot was
Very good on 124 which is a 777 only 6 serial numbers apart from 370. I feel the software was not updated
On this aircraft causing a similar incident this pilot could not recover from and it went down
Near the route of flight in the water. Search efforts not started soon enough to find debris field.
Read the severe contortions that Flight 124 went through on Google along with a FAA accident report.
Eye opening…..Jim Wilson, pilot

Yeah, I think the author got it from me!

Capt. Walt Bates

A B-777 pilot”s thoughts…

MH 370 is certainly a captivating mystery!

If the transponders and ACARS were intentionally turned off it was done either by the plane’s crew or by a highly trained substitute. Further, you would not bother turning them off if your intention were to simply dive the aircraft into the water. Neither would you do it if you intended to fly it for hours and then crash it into the water. You would only do that to hide your track as you proceeded to a preplanned place where you intended to either crash it into a target (as on 9/11) or land it in a controlled manner on a runway.

This hijacker/pilot scenario, especially with the intent of a landing, brings up the issue of getting B-777 flight training which is only available at the airlines that own those aircraft and at Boeing. In the past, airlines would train anyone that came through the door with enough money to pay for it. Some of our customers at our (world’s largest) flight training center included Danny Kaye, Arnold Palmer and John Denver. Additionally, we would let people use 250,000 frequent flyer miles to pay for one half hour of simulator training in the aircraft of their choice. But since 9/11, airlines stopped giving flight training to anyone other than their own pilots. A B-777 is a highly sophisticated aircraft requiring very specialized training that assumes prior large aircraft with glass cockpit flying experience by the trainee. By contrast, the 9/11 pilots got their training at light airplane flight schools. But they never intended to land the aircraft anywhere and only had to be able to steer it. That’s not going to hack it for making a successful manual landing of a B-777. And forget whatever you’ve heard about “automatic landings”. Manipulating the myriad of controls involved in doing that requires someone with the ability to do the landing manually. In fact, it is more difficult to make an autoland than a manual landing and this is one of the reasons that it is done so rarely. For the system to be ”current” someone has to use it at least once every 30 days and we were admonished to do that. That system only exists for use when the visibility is below one half mile which would prohibit a human pilot from seeing far enough to make a manual landing. It also requires a runway that has the requisite CAT 3 guidance transmitters installed on site and has about a mile of land leading up to the end of the runway that is graded flat for a smooth rundown of the radio altimeters on short final approach. This requirement is why the most popular landing runway at O’Hare, 22R, whose approach passes low over the 160 foot high Rosemont Horizon, is not usable for autolands. Oh, and the wind has to be blowing in the right direction. In my 38+ year career I used the system less than five times.

I heard one of the “experts” say that the GPS system can land the airplane. GPS is used for enroute navigation and is accurate to within about 50 feet left/right and fore/aft and about 75 feet vertically. That is plenty accurate enough for enroute navigation and even for an approach to the end of a runway. But from about 200′ altitude on down you need guidance accuracy that can only come from CAT 3 on-runway transmitters and on-board radar altimeters to do an autolanding. But if the original crew were still in control they could simply do the whole landing manually. One more thing is that the landing (or ditching) had to be done at night as they didn’t have enough fuel to fly until daylight. This would have vastly complicated things for the crew. They would first have to find the “airport” and then land on a presumably dark runway. The landing lights have very short range……..about 1,500 feet. All this means that whoever did this was either the original MH370 crew (and it would only require one of them) or a current or recently retired B-777 pilot.

Many people have related this to pro-golfer Payne Stuart”s 1999 crash where a sudden decompression at high altitude instantly killed everyone on board. The plane then flew on autopilot from Florida to South Dakota before running out of fuel and crashing in farmland. This could not happen on an airliner. The Learjet has the internal volume of two telephone booths and depressurized in less than five seconds. A B-777 could lose a whole set of windows and it would take several minutes before the cavernous cabin would lose enough air to even require oxygen masks…….which everyone has at their seat. In rapid decompression training we strive to get the aircraft down to 14,000 feet in less than two minutes. In fact, FAA aircraft certification requires that the loss of two complete passenger windows would not result in a cabin altitude exceeding 14,500 feet for 90 seconds. This is why the very high flying Concorde has those tiny triangle shaped passenger windows.

One more question I hear concerns why transponders can be switched off. All electrical equipment has to be capable of being disabled in the event of a fire, including the voice and data recorders. In the Silk Air suicide crash the captain did switch off those recorders before diving the airplane into the ground. We also want the transponder off when taxiing as it would drive ATC radar operators nuts to have so many returns from such a small area. Therefore, it”s the last thing we turn on as we start the takeoff roll and the first thing off when exiting the runway after landing. The Electrical Smoke and Fire checklists in every airplane I ever flew had step by step directions on shutting everything off in an alternating manner so as to isolate the source of an on-board fire. Only the B-777’s fly-by-wire system is an “always on” system. That is because that aircraft’s flight control system does away with the old cables, pulleys, and bellcranks and instead sends cockpit control inputs over electrical wires to the hydraulic rams that do the muscle work of actually moving the flight control surfaces.

Another recent and erroneous observation is that the pilot took the aircraft up to 45,000″ to supposedly kill all the passengers by inducing hypoxia. I have flown the B-777 at 45,000″ many times and that results in a cabin altitude of only about 8,000″. That aircraft has over a 9 psi differential pressure limit to allow these high altitudes while most others are about 8 psi. If the pilot wanted to kill everyone else he would simply depressurize the entire airplane while wearing his own oxygen mask. This can easily be done using the manual back-up controls for the pressurization system………another need for detailed pilot training.

Some planning was clearly done here. They selected a time of day that would result in the whole flight taking place in the dark. They also selected a relatively long flight so that the aircraft would have several hours of range in its fuel tanks. Speaking of range, that 2,500 mile range estimate the press keeps talking about would assume the aircraft remained at optimally high altitudes, stepping up as fuel was consumed. Doing this right would also require a trained B-777 pilot to know that schedule and how it is affected by outside temperature. Stepping up too late wastes fuel while doing it too early puts you into a flight regime where the plane’s stall speed is greater than local Mach 1. We call this ”Coffin Corner”. Conversely, if the aircraft were at “wave top” altitude to evade radar its range would have been less than half that. Altitude makes that big of a difference with jet engines. To make it to Pakistan, as some have suggested, they”d have to do everything perfectly for maximum range.

Considering all this, what I think happened is that either one of the original crew or an airline trained 777 pilot took over the airplane for the purpose of flying it to a remote airfield for some later nefarious mission. What they did with the passengers is anybody’s guess……..probably not pretty. The list of trained pilots who possess a B-777 Type Rating is in the hands of the FAA and could be scanned for ”suspects”. I am guessing that there would be about 10,000 people on that list. The airport at which they landed would have to be unique as well. To get to a place very far inland they”d have to fly through too many radar coverage areas. Other aircraft could also see them on their weather radar if they happened to have it on. Though the transponders were off the aircraft would still exhibit a primary return, also known as ”skin paint”, if it were close enough to a transmitter. So, it would probably be someplace near the shore of the Indian Ocean.

B-777 Captain Walt Bates (ret)


Thank You, Walt Bates!! Best information I’ve heard from ANYBODY. Soooo, you flyin’ floats or crop dusters now? 😎


1.06am, captain asks co-pilot to get him a cup of coffee, co-pilot leaves cockpit, 1.07am captain turns off acars after it transmits last signal then keys in new heading, turns off all oxygen supply, except his. makes up excuses to engineer as to what he’s doing. Co-pilot doesn’t notice the turn, to busy chatting up the hostess. Co-pilot returns about 1.17am, captain is playing with his oxygen mask,” just checking the fit”, co-pilot sitsdown still holding coffee. 1.19am, responds to air traffic control “goodnight”. 1.21am captain turns off transponder, immediately pulls back on controls sending the plane into a steep climb pinning everyone into their seats spilling hot coffee over the co-pilot, depressurizes the whole plane with the flick of a switch. Has trouble regaining control after coming out of the climb, back on course heading west to?

Chris. My thoughts exactly. I believe they flew to Christmas Island and left the engines running on the tarmac in order to make it seem they were still flying. This would encourage everybody to assume the plane flew North towards Afghanistan. Christmas Island is perfect as the approach is over water and would therefore not be heard by the small population who do not live by the airport. It would be dark/twilight so no witnesses would be about and if anybody saw it they would think nothing of it because Malaysian Airlines have flown to Christmas Island in the past. They could then turn off the emitters from the engine and fly where they wished. The passengers would never have had any inkling but may have been told that they needed to land at a Chinese feeder airport due to bad weather or something. This plane would then fly across the ocean to an unknown location.


Changed heading before turning acars off. oops

james blraselton

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Linda Anderson

Where can we call if we have a possible sighting regarding Flt 370? I posted here about coordinates I found a few days ago and tonight I just found what appears to be a debris field nearby those coordinates. I have called my local station here on Long Island ( NY), tried CNN tips line but all they do is put me through to ‘comment’ line……I am trying desperately to relay this information. The image I had on my satellite pic from Monday, shows the correct shape of the 777….and the debris field is in close proximity and in decent ‘line’ with the planes image. I can zoom in enough to see the metal on the engines but not the name on the plane. I assume the image was taken shortly before the possible crash. I have been trying to get this info to someone for 5 days now.
If anyone knows who to call, please help.
Thank you,

Please post a link to the image! We assume you have it in a web browser. If so, then there must be a link. Do you know how to capture a link from your web browser? There should be a text field at the top of your browser. Copy what’s in it,then you can paste into your message window here at airlinereporter.

Also, take a screenshot of the image please, and post it where others can see it. To do that, go to, get yourself an account, and upload the photo. Then capture the web link for THAT and post it here.


P.S. – Sadly mapsgalaxy doesn’t offer their toolbar for the Mac so I can’t go there.

Anyone here with a PC want to check it out?


Hi Helen, I replied to your last comment further down the comments page. we’d run out of reply room.


Latest news, search area being narrowed down, it is some were in the new search area off Australia. They got some more info from the satellite.

Maybe China? The radius of search includes vast areas in Western and Southern China with little population (recall the new long-runway airports built in Tibet). Engineers with access to military technologies. Possible testing of Indian air space (India is China’s opponent in the region). Even if the plane was headed to Pakistan, that would still be China’s partner.

Here is a Google Earth image of Cocos island.,96.8291191,841m/data=!3m1!1e3



There is a difference in Cocos island and Coco island (Great Coco & Little Coco island). The latter is part of the Yangon Region of Burma. Geographically, they are a part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. China supposedly established a SIGINT intelligence gathering station on Great Coco Island in 1992 to monitor Indian naval activity in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands but, of course this has not been confirmed.There is civilian infrastructure and do not believe it is inhabited. The Cocos (Keeling) is inhabited and would therefore, report any activity especially knowing the bird is missing. Also, Cocos (Keeling) is Australia territory. Believe this bird is in the Great Coco. Wonder how active the Chinese govt is other than showing satellite images, which could be a diversion, and sending manpower to search possibly in the wrong area. As the Chinese have dismissed the fact of having anything to do with the Great Coco. Just wondering.

B-777 Capt and LCA Walt Bates

Re the new reports that the course alteration to the west which took the flight off course for the first time PRECEDED by several minutes the copilot”s last and very routine transmission acknowledging their departing Malaysian airspace. This virtually proves to me that at least he was in on this. Whether or not the captain was also complicit could be easily verified by fuel data that Malaysia has not released. In preflight preparation an airline dispatcher will go over weights, winds aloft and forecasted weather at the destination and any alternate airports to calculate what he thinks the fuel burn for the flight will be and then presents his data to the flight”s captain. The captain reviews every assumption made and either approves that fuel or adds some which is done on about 15% of flights. Malaysian Airlines has not released their dispatcher’s calculations so we can not tell if the captain added any fuel. What is known is that the distance to Beijing is almost exactly the same as the distance to Pakistan. The fuel burn, though, would be a good bit greater to Pakistan because of the winds at the time which were out of the west while the Beijing flight would only have had a crosswind. Also he would have had to swing wide to the south or go down to wave-top altitude to avoid numerous radars along India”s south coast. If the captain were planning to fly to Pakistan he would have had to add several thousand pounds of fuel to his dispatcher”s figure which he could do without question or explanation. If Malaysia would release those numbers we could also go back over that same captain”s previous flights to see if he routinely added fuel. A lot of people do that using the old logic that, ”The only time you have too much fuel is when you”re on fire”. But I suspect that he rarely did that because as a designated check pilot (LCA) he is supposed to teach the downsides of carrying too much fuel and there are many. I know because that”s exactly what I used to teach. If on flight 370 the captain did add a significant amount of fuel that would lend credence to the thought that he was planning a longer flight than that to Beijing. If he was not in on it and did not add any fuel………well, his copilot would have then been in a fix. Though he could have suggested to the captain that he add some fuel, and that is sometimes done, I doubt that it happened here. The copilot was new to the B-777 and it would be highly irregular for someone in his position to question a fuel decision made by his much more experienced and far higher ranking captain. So, he would have had to make do with what he had. If he made it to Pakistan he would have landed on fumes.

On a separate subject that has always been a thorn in my side………The culpability of the copilot makes the photo showing him going through security with his arms out ironic indeed. Putting the flight crew through security sure didn’t make any difference, did it?


Hi Helen, I’m going with crappy radar theory. Mary also said ” erratic flying can be heroism not terrorism “. At the moment I’m not 100% convinced it was the pilot, The plane appears to have flown until it ran out of fuel which could easily mean no one was flying the aircraft?. But who did the pilot speak to when he made a phone call minutes before takeoff?, accomplices?. Some of what were being told suggests pilot, some of it suggests no one in control. To be fair innocent before proven guilty?

Today Malaysia retracted the claim that the big course change was programmed in. The last ACARS transmission at 1:07 am had the course still set to Beijing. The evidence for saying the course change was pre-programmed? Nothing more than the observation that the turn was very smooth!

This a shameful example of bad investigation and very poor communication with the media. How much time has been wasted speculating on pilot intention based on that claim that the course change was preprogrammed? Now we learn it wasn’t?!? What a fiasco.

Any case, this points even more strongly to my theory that it was catastrophic event (failure, fire, etc) and that the pilots did their best to save the plane and are heros.

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Kelly Clover

The one thing I am most certain about is a cover-up as to what really happened. The Malaysian government won’t release audio of the cockpit conversations. We can all rest assured that there is something they don’t want us to find out. Transcripts should not be accepted as proof of anything. They could easily be doctored or bogus.
In this day and age we need to be extremely wary of what is commonly known as radical Islam. Thanks to huge amounts of money being sent to the Middle East for oil, terrorist organizations are extremely well-financed. A terrorist connection certainly cannot be ruled out. People need to be a lot more skeptical about what they are hearing on the networks. Where did they get the story that the plane crashed into the Indian ocean? They don’t know any such thing. The simple fact that they keep moving the search zone huge distances raises a huge red flag.


Diego Garcia

The whole disappearance of it is insane

Kerwin Maude

First and foremost, our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to the relatives of Malaysian flight #370 for their grief and frustration in this disaster. A question needs to be answered, ”At what point in time do we responsibly suspend the search as it now earmarks over one month time since its disappearance? The soaring costs linked to this oceanic search are hammering many wallets without results despite the courageous and painstaking efforts of those involved trying to unravel this mystery. A parallel can be drawn; it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. It is likely the ocean swallowed up the wreckage in a watery tomb deep inside her gullet. Sorry to say with compassion, the families and the world need to come to terms with the losses and move forward with the process of honouring the memories of those lost at sea. How many billions do we spend on this search that might take months, if not years, to find the answer or the wreckage, a task that cannot be continued indefinitely? It is arbitrary to expect international countries involved shouldering such huge costs, month after month or for years when other aircraft calamities have been called off beforehand that are historically documented. We cling to hope in our quest for answers and may the surviving families and friends find the courage to face tomorrow lead by the spirit of the human heart. How many airplanes went missing and decades later we are no further ahead in unraveling their riddles like 1937: Amelia Earheart, 1945: Flight 19 Navy bombers, 1996: TWA Flight 800 and many more. Speculations aside, as to its cause, it is a human tragedy never to be forgotten and like a flickering candle in the wind; we are mere humans and not masters of the universe and do not know it all. Some unknown tragedies will be solved by accident or otherwise, while others are like a single grain of sand in a desert smothered in a cloak without telling their tales. The world wished there was a better ending but a reality check and moral leadership is needed sooner or later. Again, comforts to those adversely affected by this horrific tragedy.

Kerwin Maude


It’s hidden plain view of everybody. The plane is sitting on the taxiway at Coco Keeling airport. looks like two dummy engines have been attached to disquise it.

Next it probably will fly to Maldives. There are some runaways just big enough to take a 777. They won’t try refueling at Diego Garcia with heavy US military presence there.

Then one last leg to Yemen where a shit ton of Al qaeda are conveniently waiting to take possession, repaint in with US carrier markings and BOOM… dirty bomb over America. Transponders can easily be faked long enough to slip in. Look how long it took to clear the airspace on 9/11 before anybody realized we were under attack!!

It’s so well hidden it is plain view while everybody is chasing a wild goose leads from the Malasyia government saying look in the ocean!!

FOR FUCK SAKE SEE FOR YOURSELF>>>>>,96.8306889,688m/data=!3m1!1e3

The US is so blind they can’t see it sitting on the tarmac at Coco Keeling Airport!!!

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