The Boeing 727 first flew in February of 1963 and has been a work horse ever since. Even though it is hard to find these bad boys still flying, there is one airport in the US where they show up every once in a while, some in some interesting configurations: LAX.

This video, from SpeedbirdHD, shows off some of the different Boeing 727s that are still flying and visiting Los Angeles International Airport. The plane still has some life left in it!

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Last tine I flew on a 727 was in the 90s, AA from Dallas/Forth to Philadelphia.

The last flight I was on in the 1990’s was a Boeing 727-200 Advance. Delta Airlines from SFO to LAX

Michael Restivo

My favorite plane of all time!!!!! only gor to fly once. TWA from MIA to STL 1991.

Jacob Erlick

I spotted the SJ Sharks 727 at DAL when they came to play the Stars. Beautiful plane!

Bill Blevins

First jet I flew on was a 727 – Summer of 65 I think – A United flight from Spokane to Seattle to San Francisco. What I remember most about the first leg of the flight (other than the tin united airlines wings they gave kids then) was the take off – It seemed like after the wheels left the ground, the pilot tried his best to stand it on it’s tail. The second jet flight I was on was about 3 days later a Northwest charter flight on a 707 from Travis Air Force Base to Japan – I remember 2 things about that flight – the awful grilled cheese in a foil pouch they gave us twice during the flight and sitting on the tarmac at Tokyo for 3 hours in July with no air conditioning (we were early because the pilot skipped the refueling stop we were supposed to make in Alaska) the Japanese authorities wouldn’t even let the crew open the aircraft doors… before the plane was refueled and we took off again for Okinawa. My first flight ever? A flight on a Lockheed Constellation from Germany to the US when I was a few months old… According to my parents, when they started the engines, every kid on the plane started wailing except me – I waved my hands around and laughed.

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