This Boeing 777-200 (reg number: (9M-MRO) is the one in question with Malaysia Flight MH370 - Photo: Thomas Becker

This Boeing 777-200ER (reg number: (9M-MRO) is suspected to be the one flown on Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH370 | Photo: Thomas Becker

Originally posted March 7, 2014 4:40pm PST. Last updated March 8 3:00pm PST.

Malaysia Airlines flight 370, a Boeing 777-200ER (airplane reg: 9M-MRO) has most likely crashed 153 miles off of Vietnam’s Tho Chu island. The flight was carrying a total number of 239 passengers and crew ’“ comprising 227 passengers (including 2 infants) and 12 crew members. The passengers were of 13 different nationalities.

The location information comes from the Vietnamese Navy, using radar telemetry that is most likely accurate. Also, a 12-mile oil slick discovered in the area also points to the idea that the Boeing 777-200ER was lost here.

’œAn AN26 aircraft of the Vietnam Navy has discovered an oil slick about 20 kilometers in the search area, which is suspected of being a crashed Boeing aircraft,’ Lai Xuan Thanh, the director of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam said. ’œWe have announced that information to Singapore and Malaysia and we continue the search.’

Flight path of flight 370. Image:

Flight path of flight 370. Image:

The flight, operating Kuala Lumpur (airport code: KUL) to Beijing (airport code: PEK), disappeared and “lost contact” with the airline. The plane lost contact approximately forty minutes in to the usually six-hour flight. Originally reports stated that the aircraft went missing two hours after departure, but the Malaysian defense ministry confirms this not to be true.

Malaysa Airlines has confirmed that the captain of flight 370 started with the airline in 1981 and has logged 18,365 flying hours, while the first officer joined in 2007 and has 2,763 hours logged.

At this point, it will likely be a while until there is official confirmation that the aircraft did crash into the water, and much longer after to determine what exactly happened.

The United States Navy has also joined the search, sending the USS Pickney (a destroyer) and a P-3C Orion in to the area to assist.

The airline has requested that people around the world pray for the passengers of MH370. “Malaysia Airlines humbly asks all Malaysians and people around the world to pray for flight MH370,” they stated in a press release.

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Russell John Foley

Very sad 🙁


Plane was hijacked by two Ukrainians planning to crash into the Kremlin.

But sadly, the Boeing had been modified by Malaysia airline and they didn’t know how to control it.

amity roberts

And just who’s ‘reality’ are you referring to?


Do u think this is funny? Try say this to passenger’s family..i hope your family
Will be in next plane crash


Despite his comment, that was unnecessarily harsh.


You’re behind all this aren’t you?

the families actually believe the plane was hijacked. that is the most logical explanation. it is unrealistic to think it crashed without a trace.

absolutely NO EVIDENCE. Ideas get put down the trash with evidence.

Nalliah Thayabharan

It was a mid night flight, crew fatigue was probably present, resulting in delayed reactions to any on board emergency. There could have possibly been a cockpit fire that simply burned the plane in the air and also cut off radar and all other communications. The Boeing 777, registration 9M-MRO, was delivered new to Malaysia Airlines on May 31, 2002. The wingtip collided with the tail of a China Eastern Airlines A340 plane. The aircraft was powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent 892 engines. Almost 12 years old air craft had accumulated 20,243 hours and 3,023 cycles in service. Whatever happened, this is a truly sad day in aviation..

This incident marks the fourth hull loss of a Boeing 777, the previous being Asiana Airlines Flight 214 with three fatalities. On Jul 29, 2011 an Egyptair flight MS-667 – Boeing 777-200, registration SU-GBP was preparing for departure from Cairo (Egypt) to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) at gate F7 with 291 passengers already boarded waiting for a delayed last passenger until doors could be closed .when a fire erupted in the cockpit causing smoke to also enter the cabin. Emergency exits were not opened, all passengers vacated the aircraft through the smoke and the main doors.What a lucky set of crew and passengers. Imagine the horror had they been airborne.The aircraft was subsequently written off as beyond economical repair.

Nalliah Thayabharan

A pilot on flight MH 83 — another Boeing 777 — flying 30 minutes ahead of the MH370 claims to have made contact with flight MH 370 to ascertain its position just after 1.30am — but the voice at the other end, believed to be that of co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, was just a mumble and there was a lot of static interference. The mumble” could be the vital clue — for hypoxia starves the brain of its cognitive faculties and the victim becomes like someone heavily intoxicated, unable to think or speak properly, before passing out. Three crashes in the past 15 years have been attributed to the pilots passing out from hypoxia — lack of oxygen — resulting in their aircraft flying on for hours until they ran out of fuel and crashed. The timing of the mumbled contact from MH370 fits in with the final coherent words spoken by Fariq — All right — Good night” — at 1.19am on March 3 as MH370 passed over Malaysia”s north east coast and headed out over the Gulf of Thailand. May be one of the pilots had desperately tried to turn the aircraft back to the nearest airport Langkawi resulting in the sharp U-turn” but had passed out after making that manoeuvre and the jet had continued on westwards either on autopilot or with that system switched off. Stupified fumbling with the controls might have resulted in systems being shut down.
In Oct 1999 top-ranked golfer Payne Stewart, three other passengers and the pilots of a chartered Learjet 35, were killed when all on board were incapacitated due to lack of oxygen as it flew across the United States. The jet flew on over the southern and mid-west for almost 4 hrs and 2,500 km before it ran out of fuel and crashed in a field in South Dakota.
In Sep 2000 a chartered Beechcraft 200 Super King Air plane set out from Perth, Western Australia, for a mining town in the same State, but later air traffic control was unable to make any sense of the pilot”s words and he seemed unable to respond to instructions. 3 other aircraft failed to make radio contact with the pilot and the Beechcraft flew on for 5 hrs before running out of fuel and crashing in the desert, resulting in Australian media referring to it as the Ghost Flight.
In 2005 a Greek airliner — a Helios Airways Boeing 737 — crashed into a mountain near Athens, killing all 121 on board after investigators concluded that the jet had lost cabin pressure and it became too late for the pilots to reach for their oxygen masks before they became unconscious. In that case, it was found that one of the cabin attendants had come around enough to try to save the aircraft and had struggled with the controls — in vain. Could such a scenario have occurred on flight MH370? It is a question which might take years to answer, if at all.
Whatever happened to the Flight Malaysia Airlines MH370, it occurred quickly. The problem had to be big enough.
There could have possibly been a cockpit fire that cut off radar and all other communications. The disaster is most similar to the mysterious disappearance of Air France Flight 447, which killed all 228 people on board. Investigations were unable to conclusively come up with a reason for the crash of the Airbus A330 until the plane”s black boxes — its flight and voice data recorders — were recovered from the bottom of the ocean two years later.
Air France flight Flight 447 provided a cautionary tale against premature speculation. The accident was initially blamed by the airline on a thunderstorm. Later, investigators pinpointed ice that caused faulty speed sensor readings on the plane. But data recovered after a two-year search led authorities to conclude that pilot error had also played a part — the crew”s handling of the plane after the auto-pilot was disengaged put it into a stall from which it could not recover.
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370″²s disappearance marks the fourth hull loss of a Boeing 777 — the previous being ASIANA Airlines Flight 214 with three fatalities. In 2005, during a flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur the crew received a ”stall warning” forcing the pilot to turn back. On Jul 29, 2011 an EGYPTAIR flight MS-667 — Boeing 777-200, registration SU-GBP was preparing for departure from Cairo (Egypt) to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) at gate F7 with 291 passengers already boarded waiting for a delayed last passenger until doors could be closed .when a fire erupted in the cockpit causing smoke to also enter the cabin. Emergency exits were not opened, all passengers vacated the aircraft through the smoke and the main doors.What a lucky set of crew and passengers. Imagine the horror had they been airborne.The aircraft was subsequently written off as beyond economical repair.
The more worrying part of the report on the Egypt Air fire was that the investigation discovered the suspect wiring and it”s brackets did not comply with the Boeing blueprints and a very large batch of 777s had been delivered with the same fault.
If such a fire occurred at FL 350 (35,000 ft), on an aircraft flying 850 km/h (475 knots), it is plausible to assume it would be catastrophic. For context, the strongest Category 5 hurricanes ever recorded had sustained winds of only” 340 km/h, strong enough to destroy many buildings that are not made of steel-reinforced concrete.
If such a quick and devastating cockpit fire occurred aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, it could be consistent with some of the known facts:
* communications being cut abruptly (pilots struggling to extinguish it, speed of fire, electronics destroyed)
* no mayday signals sent (no time before cockpit uninhabitable due to smoke and fire, and/or instruments destroyed),
* the transponder going down,
* no calls from passengers (too high for cell-phone contact, no time, panic)
* perhaps the ”mumbling” when another pilot radioed (e.g. if static or 850 km/h wind sounded like mumbling), and
* perhaps a change of course and/or altitude (if the plane continued to fly for some time, even with the cockpit electronics destroyed due to a growing fire),
Evidently the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System — ACARS went inoperative few minutes before the last communications with the pilot. Disabling the ACARS is not easy,. Most probably an electrical problem or an electrical fire cause the shutdown of the ACARS than a manual shutdown and the pilots probably were not even aware ACARS was not transmitting. Things could have been in the process of going wrong, unknown to the pilots. The loss of transponders and communications were most probably caused by an electrical fire. In the case of an electrical fire, the first response is to pull the main busses and restore circuits one by one until the bad one is isolated. If pilots pulled the busses, the plane would go silent. It was probably a very serious fire and the pilots were occupied with controlling the plane and trying to fight the cockpit fire. Aviate, navigate, and lastly, communicate is the only way in such situations. Probably the pilot was turning towards the closest airport — Langkawi, a 13,000-foot airstrip with an approach over water and no obstacles. The did not turn towards Kuala Lampur most probably due to the fact that he had 8,000-ft ridges to cross. The pilot obviously knew the terrain was friendlier towards Langkawi, which also was closest airport.
An electrical fire might not be as fast and furious, and there may or may not be incapacitating smoke. However there is the possibility, given the timeline, that there was an overheat on one of the front landing gear tires, it blew on takeoff and started slowly burning due to under inflated tires, especially with heavy plane and long-run takeoff. A front landing gear tire fire would produce horrific, incapacitating smoke. On departing Kuala Lumpur, Flight 370 would have had fuel for 8 hours of flying. The flight burned almost 25% in the first hour with takeoff and the climb to cruise. So when the turn was made the flight would have had more than 6 hours worth of fuel. The pilots were overcome by smoke and the plane continued on the heading, probably on George (autopilot), until it ran out of fuel and it crashed. This correlates nicely with the Inmarsat satellite data pings being received until fuel exhaustion. The flight continued until time to fuel exhaustion confirms that the pilots were incapacitated and the flight continued on deep into the South Indian Ocean. Much of the wreckage may be at the bottom of the South Indian Ocean.

thank you for that imfo it explains a lot, if it crashed into the ocean it still may be in tact as it glided into the ocean when it ran out of fuel, rather than just falling and smashing in bits, the oil rig worker saw a fire ball in the sky and fisher men saw it coming back to land, as you said it may have continued on auto pilot till it ran out of fuel thats why they have not found any parts or a fuel slick yet, also not long ago a quantas plane lost an engine in the same area not that long ago, are there any volcanos in that area where they may have flown through a ash cloud, we will find out when they recover the boxs, which could be weeks or years. thanks again for your knowledge.

I heard it’s already made an emergency landing at Nanming? is it true?

My guess is it is not true. If the airline had landed, the airline could confirm. The benefit of social media is the ability to get information is fast, but unfortunately, some like to try to mess with people and give wrong information.

We now just need to wait for confirmation of what has happened to the aircraft… it could be a while.



How you know ?

James Lee

Speculation MH370 made an emergency landing at Nanming, about 605 miles from last known position, still being verified. That’s about an hour flight from last known position.


It would be all but impossible for the plane to have made an emergency landing, because frankly, in this day and age, it’s hard to miss a 772 sitting around in an airport in China for this long.


Is it possible at that altitude, and given the weather, that the plan crashed and drifted towards the Gulf of Thailand?? If the mobiles are ringing then technically they must be near a tower??

Nalliah Thayabharan

At this point, if we assume that Inmarsat knows what it”s doing, we know with some certainty that flight MH370″²s last satellite ping originated from around 2,500 kilometers (1,500 miles) off the west coast of Australia. Because we know how much fuel the Boeing 777 was carrying, we know that it probably ran out of fuel sometime after that last ping, crashing into the Indian Ocean. Assuming the plane was flying at around 450 knots (517 mph, 833 kph), the potential crash zone is huge.

The southern Indian Ocean is one of the most inhospitable and remote places on Earth. Its distance from major air and navy bases make it one of the worst possible places to carry out a search and rescue mission. Even if satellite imagery purports to show debris from flight 370, waves, weather, and ocean currents mean that the debris will be constantly moving

Connor lowery

I hope I landed safely keep posting up dates

Oh my God! This is horrible. And we get afraid of possible mechanical problems in aircrafts. Let´s pray for all passengers and crews.

yes we shall i sencrily hope all is good and that they all make it home.


Pray that all will turn up well.


Less praying, more engineering and science. This is only way to turn up well buddy.


I wish I could like that post…because honestly, people are going to one day rely on praying to get them things.

*sits in front of exam* I PRAY THAT I WILL PASS
*gets a zero because they didn’t even open the test*

daniel Gilbert

people use prayin for to much these days, also what will you do if all these people pray to godd and nothing happens like im pretty sure jews prayed to god and did that help them with hitler?


Yes,LESS PRAYING,LESS yapping and more action will get it done.

Nalliah Thayabharan

The Rolls-Royce Trent engines on Boeing 777-200ER, are FADEC, which means they are essentially fly-by-wire engines. No mechanical linkage goes from the flight deck to the Rolls-Royce Trent engines for control, it is all electronic. the engines EEC’s have their own power supplies which can’t be turned off (as long as the engines are turning). So the Boeing 777-200ER can fly even if there is no power in the cockpit.

let’s pray for all passengers and crews. Really hope is ONly mechanical problems.

Daniel gilbert


You insensitive twerp!

Alex Kryl

Stupid frat! Post comments on youtube, there’s enough such progressive and intelligent commentary to make you feel funny!

Daniel gilbert

I’m sorry but how do you think a plane with fully functioning tracking equipment drops off of everything with out any trace so before you go and try to deny my theory think about that for people who believe in exttrestrials it is a fully plausible thought so you can go eat your ego you have and think of the fact that everyone is untitled to there opinion so for all you closed minded an low intelligence people who will not even bat an eye at anything someone says that’s against your opinion and belief I think your ignorant and will never learn anything new. So thank you for your reply so I can clarify why I really don’t think that your comment is worth anything because it is so bias. 🙂

Try proof reading your postings, then go back and add punctuation. And correct the spelling, grammer, capitalisation. Then it will be readable. Still might be nonsense, but readable.

Oh the irony. Try proofreading yours too. Haha..

You are a clown. Get a life you idiot.

Alex Kryl

Making jokes while people are concerned and search for their relatives is not funny. Especially here, where people search info… That is not open minded. So much about Ego. And searching for abstract solutions for simple physical problems is just irrelevant and senseless. Wer’ not discussing aliens and starwars here, we collect reliable data..

I find it amusing that you would shoot him down for his comment due to the need for “reliable data” yet overlook the obscene number of references to praying.

Alex Kryl

No comment on that one…. But it is a more or less good way to actually deal with a situation.They express they’re feeling with the victims in their own way. Instead of filling the net with obscure theories. If people prey to their gods for good,then I can find nothing offensive to me.. and it is not the place to discuss religion. Maybe someday. If god is seen by some airline crew.

That’s a pretty big post for a “no comment”.


Praying is obscene? My, what sensitive feelings for an atheist.

Show me where I said praying was obscene.


obv you were completely serious. 🙂 but there is some people here concerned about the people on the plane and there is such a thing as “too soon”. please try to be respectful.

Sorry, but I find it no less offensive than the ‘alien’ remark, or different for that matter. I don’t need that cr@p shoved down my throat, especially when, as you say, this is not the place to discuss religion. Try sifting through all the ‘reliable data’ and look at just how many people have come here solely for the purposes of making some religious comment.
If they truly believe that He exists, then they must accept that He made it happen in the first place. They need to head on over to


pretty sure its not about wether somebody believes in aliens or not but his attitude on the seriousness of the matter that irked people. all the posts about praying were an expression/form of hope and wellwishes. ofc course it would also mean it was “caused” by the very same god but that doesnt mean they cant hope for the gods uncalculateable judgement being in a persons favor sometimes 🙂

@Jimbo, all i will say is; Praise Jesus that their are so many people willing to pray for the families, friends, workers and those searching for MH370. So if those people want to pray, let them pray and freely express that. We Live in a world with so many tragedies today it is great we can unit in hope for so many in so much pain right now. Blessings

Saying ”praying” does not mean only religion in mind. Even if your a humanist you can also hope or well-wish by praying. Everyone is entitled to our own opinion, so respect the opinion of people with religion and keep your mouth shut and bring your insensitive rant somewhere. No one is forcing you religion but don”t force anyone with your atheism too coz we have our religious freedom.

You”re making a fuss about other people talking about praying while your here whining. Ironic and your a Hypocrite.

Jes, clearly English isn’t your first language but an example of hypocrisy is telling someone they must respect your opinions while not being entitled to their own.


You’re here of your own accord. If someone offering a prayer for a missing jetliner is offensive to you, go elsewhere.

You”re here of your own accord. If someone offering an alternative view of a missing jetliner is offensive to you, go elsewhere.

Insensitive idiot.

Are you talking to me or Jes?


You are actually making a point. How can airplane just disappear from face of the earth! I’m with you on this one Daniel gilbert.

2 infants you dick. Now I wish it was you rather than those children struggling for their lives. what a lame comment. you’ll get the attention you deserve you ass.

I don”t know why you are all getting so uptight with me. I have shown no disrespect or insensitivity towards the situation or anyone involved. In fact, it is I who has been offended by the number of people who would use this tragedy as an opportunity to push their religious agenda and it distresses me to see so many people who continue to blindly espouse a being that, according to their beliefs, is responsible for the event in the first place.
Meditate, pray or sacrifice a goat for all I care but if you believe a story that was written back when they thought the Earth was flat then you have a cheek telling someone else that their beliefs are any wackier than yours.

Sorry to offend you, Jimbo, but I’ll be praying for the families of the people on this flight. Here’s the kicker: I’m going to pray for you, too.


Jimbo, have you read the Bill of Rights lately? Specifically the first amendment. Please, try to not get so offended, about what others have to say. Those religious people, they aren’t telling you that you must pray, they’re just saying what they’re doing in reaspose to this sad event.

No, not lately but I am pretty sure it protects everyone equally and not just those that believe in a god. This is an example of the hypocrisy I mentioned earlier. By the way, if He exists then he is, by definition, an alien.

The concept of religion and aliens may be on the same boat in terms of defining what is real in the physical world. But it is a general fact that religion aims to provide hope. Injecting a thought of aliens in a stream of conversations pertaining to possible or defacto state of tragedy has no purpose but to indulge on selfish reasons. Now you are just trying to justify your stupid actions. It’s like trying to reason with a child. So are you? ‘coz if you are then I can let the “Alien” comment pass.

I didn’t introduce the concept of aliens to this discussion, I was merely defending someone else’s right to do so and if you read my posts you will notice that did say that I don’t care if you do pray. I think most of you are just missing the point.
It is apparently a lesser known fact that the aims of religion are actually to control the masses through fear and persecution and when confronted with conflicting ideas, often resort to name calling, baseless accusations and in some cases, the notion of harm. Sort of like what you have been doing since you chimed in.

Don’t you think you’re not missing the point, too? if something bad happens to you, will saying something ridiculous about what happened to you won’t make you feel worse? What kind of a creature are you? If God do not exist where possible did you come from?

Jimbo your awesome dude…… your like a Gladiator taking on an army here lol

Thanks mate. Many fronts and nobody seems to understand what it is actually about.


Spoken like a true atheist who knows nothing of religion. I don’t know any religious people who think God is responsible for this “accident” or any other.


You people who worship an ‘ imaginery being’ are a sensitive lot.

Sorry, I forgot, Gods plan only includes the good stuff.

Well, that was a dumb statement, Jimbo. How in the heck is somebody saying they will pray for people “religious propaganda”? I feel bad for atheists/agnostics, because idiots like yourself make them all look bad. You need to read up on the constitution and the first amendment. It’s called religious freedom, buddy.

Firstly, since I have not used the phrase “religious propaganda” at all, a quick lesson in the correct use of quotation marks. “In English writing, quotation marks or inverted commas are punctuation marks surrounding a quotation, direct speech…” (wikipedia). You are as bad as Melissa and a lot of the religious types who are so accustomed to ‘interpreting’ things in a way that suits there needs best.
Secondly, since I am not from the USA, my knowledge of the first amendment is sketchy at best, but you are the second person to raise the point and like the first person, you appear to think that the fist amendment only extends to religious freedom(and I will say it one more time, I couldn’t care less who prays to what). With my limited knowledge, even I know that religious freedom is only one small part of it. I really shouldn’t have to point it out to you that there is another part called freedom of speech and that, after all, is what this is all about. I am tired of certain sections of the community persecuting other people for having opinions they disagree with while demanding their own opinions be respected and protected.
Lastly, don’t feel bad for us atheists. We live a life free of the threat of judgement (aside from that given by the very people who are instructed not to judge their fellow man) and are able to assess and make decisions impartially without bias rather than be instructed how to feel and act. I believe most of us are quite happy with our place in life.

Firstly, I meant to say “religious agenda,” which you have indeed used (and you incorrectly used it).

Secondly, somebody stating that they’re praying for someone or that their thoughts and prayers are with someone is in no way pushing a “religious agenda” on anybody at all. If I were to go and message you a bunch of times about praying or purposely try to get you to believe what I believe then that would indeed be pushing a religious agenda. However, merely giving condolences is not pushing a religious agenda. The only agenda being pushed here is an anti-religion agenda by you and a few other instigators.

Thirdly, I wasn’t saying that the first amendment extends only to religious freedom, I was referring to freedom of speech in general. If you don’t like that we expressed our beliefs, you are free to ignore the comments. I’m sorry if you’re offended that people get to express their beliefs.

Oh, well that is different. Yes, I did say that, correctly too I might add.
You are also correct in saying that someone stating that they are praying is not pushing anything and there are a few who have done that here. However, when you go to a public forum and actively encourage others to do something then yes, you are pushing something and there are plenty here who have done that.
What you and so many others seem incapable of understanding is that my primary issue is the persecution of Daniel for stating his opinion by people who expect their opinion to be respected. Why is it okay to believe in one type of alien and not another?

“However, when you go to a public forum and actively encourage others to do something”

Somebody saying that their thoughts & prayers are with somebody in a tragic time is not even close to pushing an agenda or encouraging others to do it.

“What you and so many others seem incapable of understanding is that my primary issue is the persecution of Daniel for stating his opinion by people who expect their opinion to be respected.”

Persecution? LOL. Well, first of all, I respect Daniel’s opinion and I support his right to post that. Second of all, what you seem incapable of understanding is the fact that someone stating they will pray for people that are presumed dead in a vanished airplane is not encouraging anybody to convert to their religion.

Saying “my thoughts and prayers are with the victims” is a normal statement people make. Believing aliens abducted an entire plane is not. I am fine with Daniel posting what he posted, although I understand how it can be seen as being disrespectful to say they were abducted by aliens and I am sure the family of the passengers wouldn’t like it.

Okay. The fact that you keep repeating the same irrelevant statements leads me to believe on of four things. 1) You reached the limit of your intelligent input several posts ago, 2) You are not reading my posts in their entirety, 3) You are reading my posts but do not understand them or 4) You are a troll.
The only new input I have is in reference to this statement: “Saying ”my thoughts and prayers are with the victims” is a normal statement people make.”. Just because you choose to surround yourself with like minded people does not make it a “normal” statement. Common, maybe but not normal. Also, it is your opinion and clearly not one shared by everybody.

As for your other comments, well I have already answered them several times.

If you respect Daniels right to post his opinion, then why are you continuing this debate?

Nalliah Thayabharan

I strongly believe that flight was doomed due to catastrophic fire in the cockpit

Daniel Gilbert

Ok so there is a small chance that the plane crashed I mean pretty small in the grand scheme of things considering that the plane had the last eat tracking gear on it to prevent things like this to happen and for all those people trying to cram religion down my throat for my comment but then talking to other people about being civil obviously don’t know what hypocrisim is. You think there is a god then why does he let all this stuff happen like the holocaust, 9/11, world hunger, genocide,homicide, and every thing else. You can argue he was doing this to teach us a lesson and if you go of that would it be too far off to call the god that you believe in to be a mass murderer? My theory is simple; in the very beginning an atom imploded on itself and spread outward a makeing planets by collecting very small mass over a long journey and in all of those planets there are other ones that have species that have adapted to live in different conditions and have grown intellectually enough to put micro organisms on our planet we call earth as a sort of science experiment and find out we’re Belitung and natural selection gets us but in many cases they take people from earth to are more open to different things than most of us and have been favored by natural selection so they can be enlightened and learn more than what they can on earth. Also my grammar may be bad but I’m also typing all of this from an iphone and I’m only 16 but just because of my age dosent mean that my beliefs are childish or should not be regarded because a 16 year olds brain hasn’t experienced enough to make conclusions or theory’s such as mine because if you do that means that you are useing that to justify yourself ignoring myself because it contradicts your beliefs.


Just hope an pray the overheard emergency landing at Nanming is true and all were safe

yes i hope so too.

Micheal Koh

Let pray for all people on board and 2014 1st miracle will happen soon.

From Singapore


Let us pray to almighty god to keep all 239 passengers safe.


ya, and if they are found perished lets pray anyways

Read the link below – worst ever link I ever read. The blogger should be refrain to blog. His link shows how serious he prayed for the plane to crash !

Adie, I can see nothing offensive, inappropriate or inaccurate about the post. For those of us who have worked in aviation emergency planning, I’ve no doubt we all thought the same thing as soon as we heard how long MH370 had been off the radar. We immediately knew it had to catastrophic and that there would sadly be no survivors. That is not to say we’re not very very sad for all the families of everyone on board that aircraft and for all the staff at MH who have lost colleagues in this tragedy. Now we need to find the data recorder and whatever wreckage we can to determine what caused this to happen and to prevent it happening again.

MH370 sinagl had been detected by Vietnam on their coast



I heard the news tonight. I realized that the date is March 7. 37. Flight number is 370. Hope for a miracle. no time for pilot to not send a mayday signal, disturbing.

local date of disappearance was march 8


Hhh.. doorwary to intergalatic portal ?

Stephen xuzan

Missing? 8 hour! Too long…pain. pray.

Mohit Mathur

I had nobody in the aircraft as a relative or friend..but all are human beings just like me. I pray..they should be all in good shape. Hope everyone are ok. God help them to come back to their near n dear ones.

Rhonda Smith

All humans bleed red. God created us ALL. I pray all are fine — but I know I must realize that God has them all IN HIS HANDS and they will all be perfect in HEAVEN!!! When you realize those that pass away go unto a perfect place, it can bring you peace. This is someone that has lost many friends and family to death of many causes. So, when they find the plane, of course I want them to be well. I know I will be thankful that they are in Heaven, no matter what race or religion, and they will look over the family that are left on earth — and those left should let go of grief and know that they will someday join them in Heaven. My Love and prayers to all in this situation. This was mechanical failure and the pilots did much to avoid – an engine going off in high altitude when people do not have their seat belts on — This is a terrible accident not the cause of terrorism or neglect at all.



Confirmed crashed in Vietnam.

#Louis do you have any proof about confirm crash or did you go seen the flight has been crash?

Richard Ng

Hope everyone are safe & sound,let us all pray for them with miracle.

mohammad sameer

May allah save all the passengers, its a very sad news.


We are all praying; this affects us all

As an ex-employee of many years with Vietnam Airlines (a state run company), I know it will take awhile for the official word to filter through from Vietnam to the media if an aircraft has had an emergency in their sovereign waters. Having flown MH many times, including some of their 772’s, I have full faith in the company and airline. May god be with those aboard and the families of those from the 14 countries including my own 6 fellow Australians.



Thank you for the most sound and encouraging comment I’ve seen here so far. Was in a plane crash over water in 2003, and was fortunate enough to be one of the 8 survivors. My daughter was 15 months old and also survived. For those of you following this, there are reasons to hope, and however you think about God, turn that toward these people. Atheist? Good. Spend your energy giving them good thoughts. Faithful? Good, too. Prayers change things. Even the most bleak things make more sense if we look for the best in them. This isn’t about our individual beliefs. This is about 239 people and those who love them.

amity roberts

Great comment. Thank you for that.

Well said Bethany

amity roberts

Thanks Mathew


Hope everyone are safe & sound,let us all pray for them with miracle.

My dad was scheduled to be as a cabin crew for the Flight 370 but he was sick thus making him taking MC and didn’t attend for the Flight 370. I thank God my dad is fine and that was a close call. Pray for Flight 370, i have full faith in the company and airline. May God save them 🙂

Alex Kryl

Oh man! Your dad is the lucky guy of the day! ! You should get youselves an extra hug!

amity roberts

That’s wonderful news!

Lucky man..

That is great news, Baron. Let’s hope and pray there will be some survivors.

P.S. Your comment reminds me a lot of the TV series Lost. There was a pilot that was going to be flying Flight 815 the day the plane crashed on The Island but woke up late and someone covered for him.


It’s a catastrophe now for sure. The victims were mostly Chinese and I’m thinking that it is not long since we had the indiscriminate slaughter by terrorists at a Chinese train station. After all the 777 has a fine safety record. In any event we will know more if the flight recorder is found.

saadullah ahmed

Truely disturbing, God Knows

Alex Kryl

Flightaware is showing shocking data. I don’t think it has landed properly; Hope not another quality issue for boeing… 35000ft, then transmission lost. Let’s hope the best for all passengers and crew…

Reality is not in favor of finding a good outcome here. A B772 just does not disappear at 35000 without something catastrophic. It was in cruise and stable, on radar returning information to air traffic control. The 777 has, I believe, never cost the life of a person mechanically since it’s introduction so has a infallible safety record and this company has been reputable.

Prayer and supprt should go to the loved ones of all effected. This will be a very trying time for them in dealing with the aftermath.

I really hope this was not due to an act of aggression by anyone. Explosive decompression or airframe breakup may tarnish the 777 rep but would at least not escalate any tensions in world relations.


“The plane lost contact approximately forty minutes in to the usually six-hour flight. Originally reports stated that the aircraft went missing two hours after departure- but the Malaysian defense ministry confirms this not to be true.”

If that be so, then the aircraft went down in Peninsular Malaysia or the southernmost tip of Southern Thailand and not off the southernmost tip of Vietnam, since the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Penang is about 45 minutes.

On the other hand, the flight time from Kuala Lumpur (KLIA Main Terminal) to Ho Chi Minh City is a about two hours, so the “two hours into the flight account” is more consistent with the plane being either off the Vietnam coast on over land of southern Vietnam when it lost contact. Otherwise, they should be looking for the plane in the jungles of Peninsular Malaysia or off its east coast of, rather than in the Gulf of Siam off Vietnam or in the paddies and forest reserves of the southernmost part of Vietnam.

Anyway, there are many conflicting reports on what actually happened to that unfortunate aircraft but whatever, it looks like a sudden catastrophic event happened onboard or to it which did not give the pilots enough time to inform ground control of any problem.

Right now, there does not seem to be any further news in Malaysia on the whereabouts of the aircraft, whether landed or crashed.

Whatever, this is very serious and the sudden loss of radio contact could well suggest sabotage (a bomb), missile strike, powerful explosion on board (such a fuel explosion) or a sudden rupture of the fuselage due to in-flight decompression caused by structural failure or negligence, perhaps due to an improperly closed cargo hold door.

However, at this stage I desist from pointing fingers at any possible suspects who could have a terrorist motive.

Structural failure plagued the British Comet jet airliners, the world”s first, with two sudden fuselage breakups in the air in 1954 with loss of all passengers.

The cabins of modern jet airliners today are pressurised or passengers would die when it”s flying at typical crusing altitudes (heights) of say 10,000 to 12,000 metres at which jet airliners fly today and this constant pressurisation when flying and non pressurisation when on the ground causes the fuselage skin to stretch a bit, like a balloon in flight and return to normal on the ground.

In the case of the Comet, this repeated pressurisation/non-pressurisation cycle eventually caused the metal fuselage skin to tear at altitude and pop like a balloon when pricked.

Lessons from the in-flight rupture of the Comet fuselage due to cabin pressure were resolved with the American Boeing 707 and later jet airliners, and certainly with the Boeng 777.

This would point to some other cause of in-flight explosion which would explain the sudden loss of contact.

If it was engine failure, fire, or something else, the pilot would have had time to radio distress but in this case, the pilot apparently had no time.

Whatever, I fear the worst.

May God bless their souls.

sir, partially read ur article, its informative.
i dont know the air craft technical details, but wud add these point astrologicaly.
i wud like to say search on direction south, west, south west of kuala lampur if this was the starting point of mh370. there is possibility of retraction or deviation from schedule. geographical area search where water is too dark deep. i dont have the map or compass which am looking in net. if i have the map with directions showing all around kuala lampur then sout, SW, west areas is hint. the places which u mentioned does it come under these directions. if yes then hint to search. god bless

How is all that praying working out? Ridiculous. The aircraft has crashed. Stop praying and leave it to the scientists to find out why. Ask your god why he allows such things if you want to talk to an invisible friend.

Daniel gilbert

Thank you finally a respectable post

Dawei Jacar

DG, I concur. It is astounding that so many still cling to religion as their aid when unable to accept the brutality that is and always has been a part of life for all animals on this earth. That their is a cause of this tragedy is a reality, and prayer and belief have nil to do with anything that is reality.


“respectable post” by having a fairly unrelated jab at somebodys beliefs? are they hurting anyone with it? if the plane crashed eventually experts will look into it. meanwhile you could try to grow up and not tell other people what they have to do?


Thank you

I don’t care what you believe. Don’t force your nonsense on the rest of us. Just keep it to yourself. Get it?

Speak for yourself. Nobody is forcing anything on you unless you are paranoid and feel the comments are directed at you personally. Every human has the right voice their opinion and feelings in a respectful matter if you have that much of a problem with it then dont read it. “Get it”?

Ironically (and that has nothing to do with clothes), you should take your own advice. If you don’t like what I write then don’t read it. “Get it”!??

You people are unbelievable! Why am I not entitled to an opinion? I would guess it’s because you have the mindset that “freedom” means only the religious get to persecute and proselytize and the rest of us have to shut up. Those days are over matey. Particularly where I come from and particularly on the internet.

Predictably i expected that sort of reply from you: You dont seem to understand the point/problem. Your opinion about religion (or anything for that matter) isnt the issue here its your reaction: You feel obliged to tell other people what they have to do. There is a difference between “I dont believe in god” and “Stahp, your stuff it is stupid and annoys me!”.
unless its rude, harmful or against a law you wont get anywhere telling people to stop doing what they do.

Unreal. Once again, your comments are exactly what I would say. Why shouldn’t I give my opinion? If you don’t like my comments, don’t read them. Special pleading.

An order is not an opinion, good sir.

> “I don”t care what you believe. Don”t force your nonsense on the rest of us. Just keep it to yourself. Get it?”

Nobody “forced” their beliefs or religion on you. If you actually don’t care about other people’s beliefs as you said, then don’t read and don’t take the time to reply to their comments. Just keep your opinions about other people’s beliefs to yourself. Get it?

If you don’t like my opinion on your ridiculous beliefs, then don’t read what I write. Simple eh?

Unlike you people pray because they have faith and belief, even if the odds don’t look good. So get over it, stop being so rude at a time like this and keep your opinions to yourself instead of taking a shot at others for praying.

Keep your bronze age nonsense to yourself and I won’t rag on you. Deal?

How about keep your disgusting comments to yourself period. If your going to offend people don’t post at all.

You are not my superior, you don’t get to tell me what to do or think. You are mistaking your relationship with your pulpit master with your relationship with me, which is to say, I don’t let people tell me what to do or think. I am a rational being.

I’m not telling you what to think, but you have no right to sit there and put others down for their beliefs, it’s a little thing called respect.. Which clearly isn’t in your vocabulary. It’s one thing to express your opinion in a ‘rational’ manner and it’s another thing to make fun of others for their beliefs. Grow up an learn the difference.

Listen dear, I am not your husband. You don’t tell me what to do.

As for making fun, I actually find the subject of people believing in an invisible friend to be a deadly serious matter. It’s irrational and these stupid beliefs have caused so much grief – and continue to do so – all over the world. This is not some faith forum, this is concerning a tragic event which has yet to be explained. If you want to mutter about bronze age nonsense, then go ahead, just not here.

Oh, and one more thing. This “respect” thing is called “special pleading”. You think your beliefs are to be respected and its a one way street. Why? Why do you assume that everyone shares what you believe? You are not entitled to foist your beliefs on us. Keep it to yourself. Respect that we don’t all share your point of view. If you choose to foist them on us without asking us first, don’t be all wounded when we bite back. Your beliefs do not trump ours.

Hahhahha geez mate you seriously have no idea what your talking about when it comes to me.i can call your scientific theories stupid but I don’t. Respect is not a religious thing it is just common courtesy. Yoour taking my words and twisting and turning it into your own opinion about ” people like me” get over yourself.

You can call scientific “theories” anything you like. However, you are using a computer on a world wide network to proselytize your ignorance. These scientists have proof of their “theories” (PS, look up the scientific definition of theories) and then tell me what you have. Absolutely nothing except some stupid ideas.

Hahahahahahaha defensive are we? I’m done with this conversation it is your ignorance to the fact that you have no right to call people’s beliefs none sense believer or not, I was merely pointing out an example your weirdo that I call call your theories stupid but I don’t because I’m not rude like you. Anyways I’m done with this conversation just because you don’t believe in god that’s fine, each to their own. The moral of the story was you are not superior either and when you post things like that expect an argument. Simple.


I can guess what she’ll being praying for tonight JJ, watch out for any lightening bolts.

Oh and one more thing I never said it was a one way street you just assumed that on your own. So as far as your special pleading is concerned now ill state my opinion like you have so Rudly stated yours it’s a bunch of bollex.

And why is it that when I have these exchanges with religious people, they can’t spell or use grammar? Surely not a lack of education or critical thought…..

I love it when someone opens with “I am done with this conversation” and then goes on to continue their argument. The only thing funnier is when they do it twice in the same post.


You ask why God allows such things. It’s because most of the world wants nothing to do with Him. God sent His only Son to die for us all and we either don’t believe or push Him away. Praying for all involved.

Why not pray for the poor and oppressed? Hmm? It’s easier to talk about those who don’t believe this nonsense.


Hi, allow me to say that we do not pray so that God can stop all the bad things that happen in the World. We pray to Him because He helps us understand the unexplainable…but scientist unfortunately don’t explain everything. They can only explain what is within their control. Anything beyond that they can’t but God does.

I believe in the Great Spaghetti Monster.


There is a website, ” Church of the flying spaghetti monster.”

Daniel Gilbert



Not sure what that means.

I am sorry that you have not had a scientific education. There are many things in the universe that science understands that is not within their control. Almost everything in fact. Gravity, stars, continental drift, tides, there is an endless list. You have access to the internet. Use it to learn.

@ JJ, and how do you know that I have not had scientific education? And what in particular about science do you think I do not know?

This statement, and I quote, “scientist unfortunately don”t explain everything. They can only explain what is within their control.” What nonsense.

Do I really have to list the things wrong with that statement? I have already mentioned things above, but you didn’t address them. I’ll name two out of the thousands of things that science understands but doesn’t control. Solar winds. Gravity.

Okay, I read you loud and clear. Your assumption therefore is that my specific statement about scientists’ inability to explain everything means I have no scientific education? Well am really not sure but it seems to me like you are the one who knows little about science, but for the benefit of doubt let me simply explain. When scientists conduct experiments they are able explain cause and effect to the extent that they are in control of the experiment’s variables and environment. As for solar, wind and gravity I agree that science explains the processes: fusion; low pressure air currents movement to high pressure zones;gravitational pull towards the earth’s centre etc. None of the scientists has presented any evidence for the source/origin of these and many other so called scientific processes let alone what sustains them. If you have that evidence I challenge you to stop arguing or getting agitated and present it or direct us to where it might be found. With that I rest my case.

Umm, these things are completely understood. And have been for generations. If you don’t know why air moves from high pressure to low pressure or why they form systems, then you have no clue about science. Do some research. Also google Coriolis. This is high school stuff. Ditto gravity. “Sustains”? What does that mean? These things are and obey Newton’s laws.

Have you ever seen your brain?? because it is invisible. It means you doesn’t have a brain??? hmm Yeah as you said Leave it to a atheist (scientist) to figure it out! :p

Sorry, but I have to point out that brains are very visible. (and a delicacy in many places).

Seriously? Are you really going to start a religious argument on here?

Yes. May I point out that we didn’t start it. People need to keep their prayer nonsense to themselves. Making the statement “my thoughts and prayers”, or “I’ll pray for them” is literally the least you can do. If people think they have a direct channel to some supernatural being, fine, then don’t use us or an internet forum as a switchboard, use your alleged direct line.

Nevertheless, coming on with the line, “How is all that praying working out? Ridiculous.” is rather provoking, from my side of things. In any event, saying that oneself will pray for the victims is like offering condolences to the families of the victims, even if they will never read these messages. Good day!

No, it’s the least you can do. If you wish to convey condolences to the families, how about you write to the airline who will be happy to pass on your message?

Technically, the least you can do is nothing.

It’s the least you can be seen to do.

> “People need to keep their prayer nonsense to themselves. ”

No, actually, we do not. To quote what you said in an earlier comment, “You are not my superior.” What you said goes both ways, my friend. And our comments are protected under the first amendment.

If you really don’t care about what other people believe then prove that by ignoring what they say! We aren’t affecting you and people commenting their beliefs are merely showing that they care about the situation and the victims’ families. You, on the other hand, are only starting arguments which helps nobody and is completely negative and inappropriate in this situation.

You are a pure hypocrite. You think you should be able to post your beliefs and opinions, but all these other people should keep it to themselves. Here’s a little tip: follow your own damn advice.

Let me qualify. I said in another post that if people want to put their religious blethering on the internet, then other people (me, say) are entitled to rag on them. Posting nonsense about prayers is not caring, it’s just showing off.

I don’t believe any of this nonsense, but Christians at least should mind their own bible. Particularly Matthew 6:5. The internet is the equivalent of a street now.

Hey, props for knowing the Bible. Even as a Catholic, knowing the Bible is a pretty big accomplishment

Hey, excellent reference. Well done. I am going to remember that one. It should be ‘case closed’ as far as I am concerned but then I remembered the bible is not literal and you can interpret it however you like to suit your needs.

Let people pray to God. Science will not sooth the sorrow of those who might loose their loved ones tonight. Believe it or not, we live, we die, and that’s that. Sciencists may try to understand how things work during the short time here, but certainly there is enough evidence that there is something after, if not the “Christian” afterlife, something else. And whatever has any influence, can certainly be called upon. Those who never ask, will never receive.

May whatever it is that “IS” help those who are waiting to hear about the fate of their loved ones. And for those aboard MH370: that they may suffer as little as possible.

What evidence?

amity roberts

Good comment, thank you.

Radha Nathan

The truth of what happened may nevert be made known. Aircraft manufacturer, Aircraft owner and operators have their own interests to protect. Time is a healer, and people forget. Life goes on. Hope for the best.


Any updated news on mh370 crash?


I am sad with the slow rescue of airplane accidents. Even in most developed countries this has been a night mare. how could it be impossible to trace a plane after more than 3 hours of crashing at this information technology age?? there is a problem somewhere


but how do you expect to find something if the location contact breaks off? if you expect it to be at the exact spot where the contact broke then you probably forget about the speed a plane has when traveling and that when it crashes debris is sometimes very minimally visible especially in the ocean. it could be submerged in a wide area around the crashing site and you wouldnt know unless you actually travel there and search the whole area which could be miles in all directions.

Joe Zain

Hi all,…im now in Malaysia. 227 pax was on the ill fated plane, mostly chinese.Malaysian airlines just brushed off allegation that the plane landed in NANMING.

Brock McEwen

Hi Joe; re: “I’m in Kuala Lumpur…MAS just brushed off allegation MH370 landed safely in Nanming”; what exactly did MAS say? Do you still recall? (Thanks for your time & consideration.)

Where did you get the information that the planes has crashed?

According to several Vietnamese websites, Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper quoted Rear Admiral Ngo Van Phat as saying (in exact words), “that the ill-fated airplane MAY HAVE crashed some 153 nautical miles (300 kilometers) from Vietnam”s Tho Chu Island.”

Why omit the words, “MAY HAVE”? Does that equate to being CONFIRMED as crashed?

Joe Zain

Chinese Government claimed they have not received any news so far about the alleged crash.

Ko Aung


Joe Zain

MH370 is 11 years and 11 months old…still a teenager…it was built to last for 25 yrs. MAS planes so far has only experienced 2 in 1977 and latest one was few years back a twin otter.


After going through the internet reports I gather that (9M-MRO) the aircraft concerned had sustained a wing tip damage in 2012 while taxiing on ground in PEQ colliding with China Eastern airbus A340 tail.
My firm belief that it would have developed cracks due fatigue sustained from the damage and may have caused dis integration of the Wing tip.
This is a possible theory.

amity roberts

Are you a certified airlines mechanic?

Joe Zain

There we also passagers from US, France, Italy, Indonezia, Ukraine..

Ahmad Malaysia

Twitter – 501Awani and BERNAMA

First of all i pray hard that al l will turn out well.
But i also believe in the power of the Almighty, fate that has been written and punishment
No no i am not saying these passengers nor crew aboard flight mh 370 deserves the toll
But of late we see a lot of complaints with regards to malaysia airlines management how they downsize everything reasoning that the airlines is losing money big time!
Yet all flights are full so where did the money go?
Somethhing isnt right here
Its sad that innocents suffer the consequences
But that is how miracle works
A disaster appears as a lesson
We humans must learn from it and repent


Can the passengers phones be located? Anyone tried calling any of the passengers, hope they continue to call in case can get thru?tracking devices on their mobiles or any such ddevices?

The phones would most likely be destroyed if they were blown up or if they are under water. But something that is really odd is that people are (apparently, I’m not 100% sure) still able to call the phones (it rings like normal) instead of going to voicemail instantly as it would if a phone is turned off or broken.

Dawei Jacar

Time stamp please


Further to my comment before, it indicates that aircraft departed with a 6 minutes delay off malaysia (KUL).
Could it have been technical?

I have a question if they lost all contact from the plane that has tracking capabilities even underwater and they find it what happened in the time period between there the plane would have needed to refuel so this is gonna be another thing the goverment hides from the public.

What do you mean the plane would have needed to refuel? It was running on the fuel it had when it took off from Malaysia.


The underwater locator operates with a stored battery. If the accident caused damage to tail area it can be either malfunctioned or in a different location to crash site.
But if the Aircraft was hijacked then what will be the outcome?

17h5: Vietnam Aircraft found at coordinates 070725.1032320 column of smoke, but not determined by a ship’s or something. The Vietnam informed the helicopter to Malaysia to specify.

16h26, Detection of a color different from the seawater, oil slick suspected to be on location coordinates are looking for. AN26 aircraft of Vietnam has permission to seek lower elevation in this area.

(Source :
DateTime: Vietnamese Local)

Thanks for the translation, i had no chance 🙂


may god save them alllllllll


i suprise cause they did not find any result yet???????i heard that they not yet locate the place till now…….OMG

Anyone remembers Air France 447, there is some similarities here.


Yes, the pilots where to blame, the plane could have been saved.


aliens or accident still we all hope and pray that all of the worried relatives of the plane’s passengers will be eased off with the anxieties and uncertainties theyre currently confronting right now.. lets just all pray and keep in our minds that all thats happening in this life, this incident included, are all God’s will and has a purpose.. painfull to everybody it may seems but we cannot question His will.. God be with us all.


All in world , please do pray for the 1 minutes even we are many religion but GOD IS GREAT , sure waiting for the GOOD newss…

“MAY HAVE” or “COULD HAVE” crashed, but not yet “CONFIRMED”. okay?

ludo de Lathouder

Vietnamese Admiral Ngo Van Phat later qualified his earlier remarks about a crash site having been identified and told Reuters he was referring to a presumed location beneath the plane’s flight path, using information supplied by Malaysia.

Is this the 777 9m-mro that lost a wing tip in August 2012? 🙁

ludo de Lathouder

The tip of the wing of the same Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200 broke off Aug. 9, 2012, as it was taxiing at Pudong International Airport outside Shanghai. The wingtip collided with the tail of a China Eastern Airlines A340 plane. No one was injured.


This may sound strange to everyone but, I seen this plane fly over my house at approx 5:45am. I live in Pennsylvania which is the weird part but I know It was this plane. No 777 fly by here normally and the flight path and elevation were not right at all. Take it for what its worth but I tell no lies.


ludo de Lathouder

You better see a vet,GoldenOwl


Let’s all pray for them.Regardless of race,language or relegence. Let hope always be with them.Let god be with tem either bad or good,

No name

We hope the plane found and never people die but if we follow logic thinking.We probably think that the plane crash on the sea or land high probablity if the plane go straight in the air the fuel will running out.

We pray for all on board and the families


I do not understand why they moved so slow as if their our person alive in the sea awaiting they will not fair well long. It would be better for them to get out in that ocean and to call everyone to help them. I pray their our some who will be saved.

Ludo de Lathouder

Sharon, do you realise how long it take for a ship to get there? The first rescue ships will reach the area in 2 hrs from now. I am sure there are some privately owned ships helping already but they have no equipment. The planes have been there all day.


I pray there are some who be saved.


A complete loss of a plane is ridicules , are we not in the 21st century! I feel for the people and mostly the children on this fight. I do admit I thought aliens , then terrorist when I heard of a whole plane disappearing . I do not believe in god or aliens and think pray helps those of weak minds that don’t believe in man kind . I do how ever hope than “we” the people find the plane and hope for the lives and safety of all on board . Governmental red tape can cost lives and I hope this will not be one of those situations!. Those that can only pray , go pray . But those that can actually do something please for the sake of all on the plane and those who wait for loved ones , please do!!

10:30pm: Malaysia Airlines now confirming that the aircraft sent no distress calls.

Now that is really weird. No distress means something very rapid occurred and that’s not a good sign at all.


well if somebody would get lost in the desert and runs out of phone battery how would you go on about locating them? they didnt dissapear it just means you cant locate them electronically. unfortunately all you can do is actually going there and scanning the whole possible area til you find something while hoping for the best…


we just pray for the lives of those who were on board

ces osorio

this is really sad 🙁

Ludo de Lathouder

UPDATE [11:38pm]: Conspiracy theories abound around the MH370 disappearance. Authorities refuse to confirm or deny if a passenger was travelling aboard the plane with a stolen passport. Full story here.

Search and rescue ships from Vietnam are expected to reach the suspected crash site anytime now. Full report by Vietnamese media (English).

UPDATE [10:52pm]: The search for MH370 will continue into the night, say authorities. The Transport Ministry and the Department of Civil Aviation said the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) and the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) are ”committed” to continue plying the inky waters between Malaysia and Vietnam until rescue efforts are officially called off. Full story here.

UPDATE [10:22pm]: Ships from Vietnam are about 130km from the site. Reports say they will reach in 1 1/2 to 2 hours time. Source (Vietnamese).

Ludo de Lathouder

UPDATE [12:08am]: Authorities are looking into claims that two foreigners were travelling aboard the MH370 flight with stolen passports. According to several foreign news reports, Italian Luigi Maraldi and Austrian Christian Kozel, both had their passports stolen some time ago.

The Department of Civil Aviation”s director-general Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the airport authorities have examined security footage of the passengers and the baggage.

My friend killed in this huge incident. Me and all of other friends are sad due to this incident. I pray all of other dead person’s who are killed in this incident. I also pray all of dead persons and their families.

I requested to Airline please send me dead person detail for tracking our friend missing person.

Please help me!

Looking for quick and urgent response.
Qaisar Shahzad
Email: qa*******@ho*****.com

Peter Butt

What every body seems to forget is that there is NOT radar coverage EVERYWHERE. The only information air traffic controllers will have is the flight plan and the last transmission from the transponder. The problem is that the transponder needs to nbe told to transmit by a secondary surveillance radar (SSR). From the RELIABLE inforation known it is probable that the aircraft had already left coverage of any air traffic radar, while crossing the Gulf of Thailand.
My speculative input regards the timing. At forty minutes into the flight the aircraft would have not long reached it’s cruising altitude; the case could possibly be related to this!!

kalaiselvi ks

Just pray for all of them

kalaiselvi ks

So sad 🙁

My heart goes out to all missing people and there family , god bless them all

I think it’s definitely a terriost attack. It’s really sad that so much innocent people have died that doesn’t deserved to die.
I wonder what is becoming of this world. It got to be a Muslim that did this if the plane was hi jack.

The plane,s wing that cliped was the right one and using flightradar24.It changed it,s course too the right.This is my investigation

It’s absolutely sad that a disaster of such a nature has once again sent shock waves across the world. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families. Since there was no radio contact sending out a mayday etc, there’s something very sinister about this disaster. It seems that the flight crew was placed under some sort of a duress, otherwise, why won’t they make radio contact during ano emergency. This matter needs to be thoroughly investigated. No stone need to be left unturned.


Thanks for the updates, David. Hopefully this situation is resolved soon and we can all find out what really happened. I have friends that work at Boeing that were up all night trying to figure out how to help with the search and hypothesizing what could have possibly gone wrong. Until we know more, looks like all we can do is send thoughts, prayers, what-have-you to the families of those on board that they are able to get news on their loved ones soon.

there is more to this story im sure…i wouldnt rule out a hijacking…i mean the pilot is very experienced …so he knows how to fly and land in emergencies….

WOW ! Always amazes me at the amount of haters that post on these blogs. THAT fact is very sad. Stay on track. The aircraft is gone, and with it 239 innocent people. Please show some respect. Thank you.

Mike Goody

Does anyone here know how it is possible for stolen passports to be re-used? I would have thought that a stolen passport would be cancelled and this fact come up if someone tried to use it subsequently – or, am i being naive?

Ludo de Lathouder

Passports are verified by governments not by the airline. Airlines would not store the info about all stolen passports. Malaysian Customs should have picked it up in my view if there is a such a thing as a databank of stolen passports.

Brian Foley

Hi to all. I have and do fly regularly with Malaysian Airlines and I have platinum status on their frequent flyer program. I work in Beijing and almost every month I fly MH370 to Beijing and then back to Kuala Lumpur and then on to Australia. The loss of the flight is a shock. I have flown on their Boeing 777’s many times.
The Pilots for MAS are good. I have never had a flight delayed due to an aircraft maintenance issue as opposed to Qantas and some other carriers.

I work as an Engineer so the details about it losing a wing tip which became imbedded in the Rudder of another aircraft at Shanghai in 2012 is concerning. Forces would have been very large further back along the wing and at the Fuselage. Structural failure is my first thought.
The now confirmed information about two pax aboard on stolen passports is suspicious. One stolen passport on the flight?…. Hmmmm maybe. Two?? Becomes a little improbable unless they were together.
Security at KLIA can be a little lax at times. I have often seen baggage screeners talking or staring off into the distance as bags go through the machine. Could be anything in them in the way metal items. As the units also sniff for explosives that is less likely to be missed due to an automated alert.
China has a worsening terrorist problem. Three attacks with loss of life since August 2013. In the end a pointless loss of life, especially the little ones. Tragic for their families. I am just lucky I was not on that flight.


Did they enter another dimension?If they did,Let our prayers be with them

Remind me of the airfrance 2009 accident.

Brian Foley

@ Boris. The air france aircraft was an Airbus fitted with side controllers. Route cause of the incident was once of the pilots dropping his bundle in heavy turbulence and holding the aircraft in an almost stalled condition. The other pilot was not aware of this as the side controllers do not transmit stick forces to the other controller. As a result a perfectly airworthy aircraft was flown under control into the water at about 190 knots if my memory from reading the report doesn’t fail me.

Boeing Aircraft use coupled conventional control columns. One pilot pulls back, the other sees it and can also feel it. Far more difficult for the Air France Scenario to happen on a Boeing Aircraft.

Brian Foley

And that should be Root cause, not Route 🙂


I think this incident is linked with The BERMUDA TRIANGLE or else UFO ATTACK.My other prediction is the plane got HIJACKED I hope those families out there will be blessed with miracle.
I also like to give out my prayers to them

Daniel Gilbert

Don’t bring up aliens lol if you look up above at my comment about it it started this whole argument. Lol


I pray for all the families, 777-200er and the series is most reliable aircraft, I hope whether condtiotwould have been not so bad to bring down the aircraft.. It can be human error, machinery are more reliable unless it is a error

I am so digusted by some of yours comments if you dont have anything positive to say just shut your mouth
some of you dont have respect for others, my prayers are with the families and will continue to be.

Pilot Tom

It has now been approximately 32 hours since this plane disappeared. Sadly. the most likely scenario is that it has crashed into the South China Sea, for reasons as yet uncertain. All other possibilities have been exhausted by the elapsed time. Thankfully, the water in that area is not particularly deep by ocean standards, so discovery and even recovery of the airframe is a real possibility. The “black boxes” that in actuality are flourescent orange emit a radio signal popularly known as a “ping”. These boxes are impervious to about everything, and have their own power supply. Recovery of those devices will be crucial to the investigation of what went wrong.
We can only hope that the cause is found to be a unique electrical/mechanical problem, and not a deliberate act of sabatoge/terrorism. If terrorism is found to be the cause, then the entire global community needs to take the perpetrators to task, and eliminate their threat by any means necessary.


My speculative mind is already going into overdrive, I am so troubled by this, being Malaysian and being Chinese, pl do not interpret that anything I speculate here is against any race. The aircraft sustained wing damage when it’s tip collided with another Airbus, I read repairs were carried out in China. What if it was repaired according to Boeings standards and some cut short patch has caused the wing to breakup in mid air causing catastrophic failure. Over the years, the stress on a faulty repair has caused fatal crashes. That is one theory. The other is, have tey totally discounted an accidentally fired missile by North Korea? MH370 plunged suddenly without reason 600m before crash, the experts say it could have been avoiding something suddenly. I dread to imagine if this was the cause, it would be very upsetting political wise. So there go my 2 silly theories, thanks for letting me say my piece, but they have been troubling my mind. Regardless, we will know the true cause of the crash eventually.

If the wing was a problem the crew would have send a distress signal. North Korea is far away and a missile would have been detected by radar. Please note the 4 stolen passports ( at least 2 stolen in Thailand) which were used for no doubt very suspicious reasons. It make terrorism very likely and I am sure they are looking for possible Muslim extremists.


Radical Muslim extremists now targeting Malaysian airline plane, Malaysia, an Islamic country! Looks like nowhere is safe anymore. Very possible especially the stolen passports. But wouldn’t they be quick to claim responsibility?


Sorry, the previous comment got sent before I could edit and correct typos. What I meant to say is “What if the damaged wing was NOT repaired according to Boeing’s standards….” and once again this is not being insulting to Chinese quality control in any way. However a similar instance happened with the terrible Japan Airline JAL crash that had sub-standard repair which caused plane breakup mid air.


we are also praying for all the passengers

People stop with all the nasty remarks towards each other ..Loss of these lives (any loss of life) is terrible.. What does it take for people to unite?? What has this world become…My heart goes out to the families

Very upsetting and Tragic. Prayers out the passengers and the family’s. Read that it may have “turned” around off coarse. I know they might have choked but what if the aircraft fell on land. Vietnam and that area has a lot of green jungle land. It’s not impossible for something tragic to have happened and the plane falling low enough to low crash and break apart on land somewhere. The only other conclusion is a straight nose dive plum it into the ocean but even then they would have found derby. It’s really baffling to see what has happens of its terrorism or some crazy event. They have found fuel but even that is not a good enough follow up clue. If it Is terrorism we also have to take in mind trained professional that May have high jacked the plane and actually taken it off coarse somewhere else undetected by radar. Know it sounds crazy but right now any possibility is plausible.

Ms. mapLink

Very sad to hear of sudden lost of life, the pilots unable to send a distress signal, people unable to use cell phones, and no wreckage in sight. Of course, we assumed all souls on board are dead. As a former FA.. flight attendant we are trained for sudden emergency situations. I assume terrorism because maintenance had cleared the technical checklist triple 7 service. Regardless of the prior maintenance history it was safe to fly. I’ve had emergency experiences, fire in an engine, and we were blessed to survive. We had exceptional trained pilots, and the 1st chair, Captain was well trained on this equipment. A pray to the PAXs, flight crew, lost. A pray to the families, friends, co-workers for God’s comfort.
Ms. mapLink


What if maybe there has got something to do with quantum physics and the plane got lost in time? The plane is missing for too long now. I think it might not have crashed at all. Because there surely would have been an emergency report or something, not just lose signal like that. Just thinking in an optimism way, maybe there has got something to do with quantum physics, or time relativity. What if they are suspended in time somewhere? If you want to think realistically, maybe the plane was hijacked by a bunch of terrorist. Just saying.


At the moment anything is possible. They found a oil slick in its last reported position, but no wreckage, very odd.


i strongly think the plane was hijacked! because 1. the 2 pilots are experienced, in fact the senior captain is aircraft operation instructor. 2. strangely, the aircraft system suddenly down and radar couldn’t detect it anymore! the terrorist perhaps had planned the hijacking so well before the actual flight. who would travel with stolen passports if not terrorist? they may have entered the captain’s cockpit at midnight without being detected or stopped by the crew. and they may have forced the 2 captains to obey their orders and shut down all system that make the aircraft went undetected by radar. the terrorists might have some knowledge about maneuvering aircraft.


Landed the aircraft somewere?


possible. if there were no terrorist attack then the plane might have landed safely on the ocean surface. because of its low position, it couldn’t be detected by radar. May Allah save them…. :’

But even the airline experts are in puzzle if it is possible to totally shut down all communications just like that. Until then, we should not speculate…


Latest news story,(sky news) aircraft had turned back , changing search area .

Why did it take so long for the plane to be reported missing?


maybe the country that had the most people on board had something to do with that.


Too many coincidences. It is not an accident or terrorist attack. It is an Inside Job murder designed to distract.


Please…do not politic here..

Bloch iliyas

I know after this happen the families of the pessangers what they feelings I can’t say but one thing we must care of all pessangers who’s travell with us must switched off phones and following ruls by our self from me I can’t do any thing for there families but sure Allah take care all of them and must pray after making teqnologies it’s oki teqnologi not every thing if u belive in God …I have no words to explain it It’s true

Bloch iliyas

I have one question in the air craft why they not put any indication that we find air craft any where any time it’s not distroybal also ??????

everyone lets pray for those people and the crew leave your comments on the fellowing site

I have a feeling that it was a mechanical failure. These aircraft have a history of smoke in the cabin yet they never discover the source. Where there is smoke there is fire. Perhaps a fire broke out, they turned back, but it was too late. Only time will tell. Prayers for all on board and their families.

Do you think they have tested the oil slicks to confirm if they were from the missing plane?


There doing that now, might take a day or two for results.


oil slick not from plane.


So the Malaysian custom officers are now in the spotlight and the governments slow response is being questioned? Malaysian airlines is now sending a team to Beijing to help grieving relatives, you think they might have done that earlier.

The smoke/fire theory could logically fit with the other pilot who contacted them at the request of the Vietnamese air control who said he only heard static and mumbling. And there have been several planes which have turned back recently because of smoke in the cabin. But you’d think there’d be time to communicate the problem even by passengers’ mobile phones. The same would apply if they had sudden decompression from a faulty door opening up, as it did with the Hawaiian Airlines jet some years ago over the Pacific at the same height. Although some staff and a row of passengers were sucked out they were able to descend and safely land. Someone who lived round the corner from us was one of the victims. For not one mobile phone message to get out in this day and age sounds like something catastrophic happened with no warning.

another theory could it be UFO??

What if the plane lost all electrics,dark with no horizon stalled flipped shown to drop on radar and nose dived. Wing damage from 2012.

Mat Eddy

Just wondering, if the relatives of a chinese victim could call the victims phone (rang but was not answered), perhaps the plane is closer to shore than people may think? Cause I’ve tried fishing in the open seas, and you only get signals (mobile phones) if you’re close to shore, depending on which transmitter/radio/antenna/mobile, of course. Just a thought. I pray they find the plane and the passengers.

plsa pray for our malaysian people trhks

How the hell is it possible that people with a stolen passport board a flight? These passports were known in the international database as stolen! What a lack of security,never MAS for me!

i’m sad that so many people had to die

if there were terrorists in the cockpit they could tell the crew to turn off the transponder then flight control would not receive any messages from the plane

So the oil slick is not the plane fuel, I think they should look to the malay/indo coastline.


Maybe the plane managed to land in one piece on the water, then sunk? Thus no wreckage. that theory doesn’t explain why no signals or contact from the plane.


One of the men using a stolen passport was a 19yo Iranian asylum seeker wanting to get to Germany. Maybe not hijacking?

I think Brian Foley is on the right track wing came off due to accident 2012 set rest of plane on fire, Time will tell I hope it was quick, it must have been no one had time to move.:(

Well let me ask you a question. How does a plane ‘disappear’ out of the sky at cruising altitude in perfect weather. Only a few reasons there. First, we know there are fake passports but we have to consider the fact it disappeared out of the sky instead of into a building is confusing. First, they were not going to america, but china. If someone wanted to hijack that plane they would have to have a personal relationship with someone on that plane who they want gone, but it is much easier to get your hands on a gun then hijack the plane, plus, if you just killed them not you, you would still be walking on this planet. But imagine if you wanted to hijack/ bomb your self in Beijing. I mean, it is a communist country with a very good reputation, but also a very bad one. I bet you many people would try to piss off the Chinese government if they had a chance, but they would be caught, tortured, lectured and then killed brutally. But, if you wanted to bomb Beijing via blowing up a plane once crashed into a building, like a government building, or for gods sake the forbidden city, it would mean you were dead, sent your message, and probably have your helpers get away with it (even know getting away with it is pretty much impossible seeing as your facing one of the most well run in order governments of all time!). But then why in the middle of the sea? Well we all know bringing bombs on planes are extremely dangerous and can accidentally go off sometimes :). It would have been sociologically hard to kill yourself.

But the biggest question to me is, why did it disappear a few minutes before entering Vietnam air space. I think having the plane hard to locate is part of the ‘act’. Probably funny in a psychopaths view :).

Some people however think that this was probably a plane issue. When in a 777s history has it ever crashed; once! Once, and that once was last year, reminding everyone the was a PILOT ERROR and could have had a much better result if it wasn’t the pilot.

In conclusion, planes don’t drop out of the sky for no reason, neither do one of the safest planes on the planet. This was nothing to do with the plane nor the pilot, who happened to have a VERY good reputation. This was not an accident. There is a very clear reason behind this. One of the many possibilities. Everyone who has lost will have justice, who ever happens to be behind this, you are dealing with the two strongest governments in the world, China and the US. This will go down like Bin Landen.


daniel gilbert

A plane dosent just dissapear when it has fully functional radar for in the air and under water, there is no sighn of a crash if the plane was hijacked then it would have hadto land somewere to refule and in that small chance there is virtualy no way to then get the plane back of and flying without someone noticeing. if there was a crash there would have been jet fuil not oil there would have been sighns of a crash somewhere. A plane does not just evaporate without something happening, personnally i think that the goverment knows a lot more than what they are letting the public know just like everything else this incident will be crossed off with red tape and all info will be siezed and put in a confidental file to hide from the public, they will reword a sentence like the plane most likely crashed in the ocean wereever its deepest and the impact destroyed it so no evidence could be foun. which makes it sound like it did crash when they know it didnt, people are overtly scared of terrorists these days when the real group of people to be scared of is your very own goverment. there has been numerous actions the goverment has covered up, they have also put in place executive orders so the goverment can evacuate any area, seize crops, and take electricity. our goverment is messed up. i think that there is a HUGE possibility that the goverment had something to do with this incident.

FYI, here”s why MH370 turned left after their flight attendant failed to secure the door.



1. a body near passenger near door seat is south of the others.
2. ~4 pieces are: 1 door, 2, nose, 3, tail, which it lands on at high speed after it flies backwards without nose, 4 body.
3. loss of power = loss of nose, so we can see turn data to left now.
4. bbox loss of pressure is 1st sign something is wrong.
5. south to north hit: 1, 2, 3+4+bodies same place=north-most.

My crime: being best in physics. Already paid dues so ease up.

What gets me,the cellphones on that flight 370 are still ringing! You would think that after a plane crash,no cellphone would be working.

Unfortunately if you call somebody and you hear beeping on your end doesnt always mean their phone is actually ringing it just means you are “on hold”.

Sad and tragic incident. I know the search team are doing their best to locate the aircraft. Let us look forward for updates.

I have it on good authority they crashed on an island somewhere, in two parts, and are now living in the past. One part landed on each side of the island. There would be survivors and eventually they will meet up but not for a long time. There are likely some Other people on the island who will give everyone a hard time and most of the interesting events will always seem to revolve around the same small group of about 7 or 8 of them.

His theory maybe right as there is a precedent for such happening & also MAYBE it was abducted by a mothership UFO as was done with Travis Walton

The story —

The video —

Quote “On Monday Malaysia”s civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman told a press conference that five passengers checked in for the flight but didn”t end up boarding the plane.

He was quick to assure the public their baggage was removed from the plane, in accordance with strict regulations.

However, it turns out the bags never existed in the first place because the passengers never made it to the check-in desk.” Unquote.

So why did Rahman lie about that the 5 bags were removed when according to the above story there were no such bags aboard. Is this person totally incompetent or hiding an ugly truth? The entire management of this tragedy stinks of cover up.

I find it hard to believe that not one person on the flight was able to send out a 911 message from his/her cell phone. We’ve seen so many brief message or video transmissions in the past from other emergencies. It seems that someone should have sensed a problem or called home during the flight at the time of the crisis. This is so difficult for the families, no matter what country.

So now they are saying the plane kept flying for an hour after it lost radar and was traced on the army radar, if so why were there no calls from the passengers? gas? Maybe look right of where it went missing towards Indonesia. This is a time to think outside the box.

I think they have finally found it turned right not left the guy on the oil rig saw it we didnt hear about him. Why didnt they listen to him??:(


“Rapid decompression” rendering everyone unconscious and the plane veering off course until it crashed, I think, is one of the more realistic scenario’s.

I have not been directly involved with but have been aproached by many suppliers durign my years in business to market GPS tracking systesm for some 20 to 30 years. I know the technology but never got in to marketing it. Rail freight and Armoured cash transport trucks were the first to adopt this technology. I drive trucks now. I know many trucking companies that use GPS tracking to monitor their fleets. I have even been involved in servicing this technology.
While Truck drivers may in some cases have the time to find and disable the tracking systems It leaves a pretty obvious intent. It would be inpractical to go on to the top of a jet and destroy a tracking module. !!!!!

Am I to assume that these multi million dollar passenger aircraft have tracking systems that can be turned off by a switch when a pilot or a hijacker simply asks it to be turned off???
I DO NOT believe that this woul or could be possible in todays world of technology!
This seems to be a complete CON to me from somewere!

If you fly ask the pilot if the plane has a transponder that CAN NOT BE INTERFERED WITH! If it doesn’t then do not fly with them.

Still I do NOT believe that a multi million dollar , state of the art 777 aircraft does NOT have a tamper proof continuous flight transponder. In fact a reporter said that the 777 is fitted with such a device! Am I to assume that anyone on bourd with enough force coud simply turn it off?> NO WAY would they design that in to such a vital system unless we are being CONNED by the aviation industry.
I hope I am not repeating any previous responses but I just had no time to go through all the other comments. Sorry.


I think the decompression explosion has cut thru the wiring for the transponder.

Sounds like it would explain alot 🙁

GPS transponders can be self contained and are no bigger than a mobile phone in todays technology. Add a small solar panel and it would cost a few hundred max to have something that is completely tamper proof mounted on the top of the aircraft not connected eletrically to the aircraft. That is how these devices are sold to the general public for protection of something as basic as maybe your caravan/ camper trailer.
You telling me that a multi billion dollar avaiation industry hasn’t made this mandatory?
If not then we are all conned big time! For part of the price of ONE passenger the aircraft could have this technology for life of the aircraft!
I smell a rat!


This latest story I’m reading about the passengers being held hostage is interesting, it would explain a lot, maybe you do smell a rat?

I don’t know how polular aircraft spotting is but I think that if one paid enough, aircraft controllers could fast track a landing and ignore where it came from. Parked aside on a runway , Who would ever suspect it to be unusual? I don’t condoen any of this , I am merely hypothesising! I seriusly am considering fitting tracking to my car in case it’s stolen. ARE YOU ALL SO FUCKING NIEVE TO ASSUME THAT MULTI MILLION DOLLAR PASSENGER AIRCRAFT CARRYING MILLIONS OF PASSENGERS HAVE NO NO NO NO KIND OF TAMPER PROOF SIMPLE GPS TRACKING SYSTEM AS IS FOUND IN MOST OF TODAYS $150 MOBILE TELEPHONES?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

This is based on downloaded engine data which is transmitted, I think, through the ACARS — same as the other stuff. Five hours?? That fucking thing could be anywhere!

I bet it was carrying gold and someone has landed it in some shit hole.

Sorry for the lack of copy/paste, there”s too much in it.

This is based on downloaded engine data which is transmitted, I think, through the ACARS — same as the other stuff. Five hours?? That f*$king thing could be anywhere!

I bet it was carrying gold and someone has landed it in some s#@t hole.

Sorry for the double post but the first one didn’t appear to get past the moderators…


or carrying someone important.


Praying is not to useful, religion was made to control people and make slaves put of them.

Hard work, and dedication is much better.

Religion make you weak and poor.

Daniel Gilbert knows what he is talking about.

OK a transponder can be simply wired to other electronics so it is AUTOMATICALLY off when the plane is on the ground provided it landed safely.
Why rely on a system that can be destroyed by electrical failure or crash?
A permanent self contained device like an epirb is as I said used for decades now on valuable cargo, rail trucks, armoured vans etc etc. Sure a sledge hammer would put it out of action but no one is going to be able to do that on an aircraft roof. It can be solar powered with rechargable battery and could even have a reciever in the cockpit just to ensure that it’s performing. The cost would be no more than a single passengers airfare in the life of the aircraft.

So I say that airline regulators should be put on notice. It’s NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
Also if you consider the search and rescue costs in just this one search could have fitted out every commercial passenger aircraft in the world with such a device.
Being fitted to the roff of the plane outside, it would have a fair chance of withstanding a catastrophic failure for long enough to get a pretty exact location.


get onto, check out satellite images.


I just feel if the plane has crashed they would have found it….this is maybe by god who is trying to tell us something or the plane has been hijacked coz a plane Juz can’t disappear like that

May god please help us find these passangers and the plane and help us to find out what happened. May god comfort the families involved through this situation. I pray that people would stop being soo rude on here. who cares if u can’t spell very well or use punctuation correctly. Atleast u are showing u care. noone is perfect so get over urself. this time is about the families involved with this plane. amen

This looks more and more like an attempt at an all out theft of an airliner. Who is behind it and whether they were successful or not is to be determined.

But if the latest report (I’m citing NPR here) says it kept pinging for 5.5 hours after falling of ATC correspondence are valid. Somebody got it and took it for a long ride.


I’m still going with the decompression theory, that fits with the planes erratic flying.


Does this incident mean the end of Malaysian airlines, who’s going to want to fly with them now?


well why should them? lots of plane crashes happened before not just from Malaysia.


Because of how easy it was to hijack, no crash confirmed yet.


but being hijacked is also for now, possibility. Nt yet confirmed. Few airlines also being hijacked b4. First time for malaysia.


Yes, But how many airlines learnt to keep their cockpit door locked at all times after 9/11. How many other airlines co-pilots entertain woman and smoke cigs in the cockpit, and with the right amount of money you could have a picture of Fred Flintstone as your passport photo and get on a plane in Malaysia.

If the plane flew for four hours or more above the indian ocean why did the passengers not respond via their phones? no txt messages nothing!! Looks like whoever it was decompressed the plane and headed out for sea where it would not hit land. 🙁


Latest news report says, ” confirmed hijacking”?

I am in no way minimizing this tragedy. But enough with the theories already. And why are so many countries involved. I have never seen this many countries help the USA in recover of missing planes. I strongly believe with the Chinese Government that Malaysia is hiding something. These theories are just that. Malaysia get to work. Quit dishing out pieces of information. Concentrate on what you know and once you know something concrete then release the information. It’s you BABY, you rock it. These other countries ARE NOT responsible for you mishandling of this since day one. Man up and take responsibility already. Really?

Ian Wheeler

The FAA last year sent an ALERT that cracks were discovered in the fuselage skin underneath a Boeing aircraft’s satellite antennae. If not corrected, could lead to rapid decompression and loss of structural integrity of the aircraft.

This may have occurred on MH370, incapacitating the crew. As long as the fuselage remained intact it would free flight with large deviations in altitude as did the Payne Stewart aircraft. Both appear to have flown until running out of fuel.

Some antennae may have blown off right away and some later from the slipstream, causing a staggered loss of communications.

If this is the case, there will be some smaller pieces that would have come off at the time of initial decompression, lying on the sea floor.

As to the 777 itself , there will be no logical or predictable way to know where it ends up as it uncontrollably wandered around the Indian Ocean.

Until the black boxes are found, there is only speculation as to what occurred, but this simple explanation fits all currently known facts.


recent news from FBI – possibility that Al- Qaeda may be involved in hijacking the plane, and that the plane might be in a secret location, then there’s news from London saying that Al-Qaeda source told a court in UK last week that there are 4 to 5 Malaysians planning to hijack the plane using a bomb hidden in a shoe to explode the cockpit. the ‘terrorist’ who revealed the information to the UK also said he has met with a few extremists from Malaysia (most probably FBI will soon say that they are malays (muslims) and a pilot from Afghanistan and during the meeting, he gave them the bomb.
certain parties including the chinese media accusing Malaysia is hiding information, slow in releasing information etc.
as a Malaysian malay and a muslim, i feel so sad. it seems like, lots of parties are working hard to slander Malaysia just because Malaysia is a muslim country and that Malaysia is governed by muslims. Malays traditionally, generally are peaceful people. Muslims are not terrorists and Islam is not a religion preaching terrorism, please understand.


If you read some of the other conspiracy theories developing, Malaysia is in the clear. follow the ” Freescale semiconductor company ” theory. 26 passengers from five companies connected by one common thread, secret cargo on board. Someone wanted this plane and its contents either on land or crashed into the deepest ocean it could get too?

I don’t know how this site updates, but a March 7 “Update” on the biggest air travel story in history seems ridiculous. What exactly are the writers doing OTHER than being current??


I only come to this site for the comments, I go to for all the latest. This site needs to change its name?


So now I’m reading “you can hijack a plane with a smartphone”. You can hack into the planes main computer thru the planes in flight entertainment system, send in some malware and when your ready use your smartphone to initiate a signal to the preset malware. Unreal.

So the plane flew to 45000 feet that explains why we did not hear from the passengers someone had extra air to survive that!! WHO!!


Cockpit crew have separate air supply to the passengers, maybe one got his mask on then suddenly put the plain into a climb before the others had a chance to put theirs on?

“My dad was scheduled to be as a cabin crew for the Flight 370 but he was sick thus making him taking MC and didn”t attend for the Flight 370. I thank God my dad is fine and that was a close call.”

Not so fine for the crew member who was called in from reserve duty to replace him and is now missing instead of sitting at home. God was also partly responsible for that. No one’s thanking him for that.

How many (remote?) airports in the Maldives are good enough to land a 777? Seems like the perfect remote spot for landing a plane!

Glad to hear your dads ok, however was god responsible for the missing plane?


god…please help them.i pray in all my Salaat and hope for the safe return. Miracles do happen and they will return safely.

Why should god return these people when he is happy to have millions of others slaughtered in all manner of ways every single day?


Press Release – Flight 370 Rescued, Safe in the Hands of Galactic Ship
LightWeb News

March 18, 2014, High Falls, NY. A comprehensive announcement describing the rescue of Flight 370 has been recorded by LightWeb News. The plane was suffering hydraulic failure, was in an uncontrolled state, at risk of imminent destruction. Whisked out of the air in mid-flight, it was taken aboard an enormous spacecraft from Sirius, claimed to be part of the Federation fleet under the Ashtar Command, whose full report is available from LightWeb News.

Radar pictures confirm the appearance of alien craft and the sudden disappearance of Flight 370. Confusion reigns in the search and rescue efforts because of the astonishing anomaly which points directly to extremely advanced technological intervention.

Read the full explanation from this source, which cites the connection between sightings of cigar-shaped UFO’s in the skies over conflict areas (recently the Ukraine), the capture and safety of the passengers, and a new demand for countries around the globe to participate in initiating NESARA law.

Commander Ashtar claims responsibility for the rescue and for the demands, in cooperation with the passengers, who have offered to act as “hostages” to bring about immediate world peace. The entire interview can be obtained by contacting Dr. Kathryn E. May at ke***@ao*.com.


hi Lightworker

How well shall we trust this source about the “Press Release — Flight 370 Rescued, Safe in the Hands of Galactic Ship”

And what’s the actual url ?



The cigar-shaped ship over the Ukraine and the rescue of Flight 370 were the first two incidents which have made the presence of your Star Family known to the world.
Passangers will return safe and more then happy.


right now our government and all other governments of other countries, are still spinning for nowhere searching for all the wrong spots and all the confusions.

any idea the plane and all passengers will return safe ?


Yes they will return safe,happy,thrilled and with amazing things to share. This will transform our world!! I promise the will return. Media only keep spreading confusion and fear never mind about them. Passangers are safe.


thx for the sharing. However i’ve been wondering at this point:
there was false flag in the PITBULL’s song “Get It Started”, and the lyrics actually pre-empted exactly this event which suggest the initial point started by the secret gov of US.
but how would it ended up in the hands of galactic federation ?
hope can shed some lights on this..


today we hear and see the news, probably among the BIggest international Lies about MH370. All over the news and no evidence. They told the families the members are dead and no proof.
And the mainstream media take this as true.

i really hope the galactic federation will come out with the latest update to clear the lies away; now the whole world have been decepted yet people do not simply believe and lots of questions arised after the annoucement from our top political leader.

the families of the passengers suffer the most now.

dan power

smoldering wires in E&E disrupted acars and tcas and vhf…pilots made quick divert back to kuala lumpur…improper type of o2 when serviced weeks earlier caused pilots to pass out when donning o2 masks…cabin crew and passengers were unable to knock down fortified cockpit door. not unusual for time stamp on acars to be in error by 20 or 30 minutes….electrical short could have fused wires and not turned into uncontrolable fire….

Linda Anderson

Where can we call if we have a possible sighting regarding Flt 370? I posted here about coordinates I found a few days ago and tonight I just found what appears to be a debris field nearby those coordinates. I have called my local station here on Long Island ( NY), tried CNN tips line but all they do is put me through to ‘comment’ line……I am trying desperately to relay this information. The image I had on my satellite pic from Monday, shows the correct shape of the 777, flying very low and was in good line and proximity to the debris field I saw tonight! I can zoom in enough to see the metal on the engines but not the name on the plane. I assume the image was taken shortly before the possible crash. I have been trying to get this info to someone for 5 days now.
If anyone knows who to call, please help.
Thank you,


Press Release – Flight 370 Rescued, Safe in the Hands of Galactic Ship
WhoNeedslight News

March 18, 2014, High Falls, NY. A comprehensive announcement describing the rescue of Flight 370 has been recorded by WhoNeedsLight News. The plane was suffering hydraulic failure, was in an uncontrolled state, at risk of imminent destruction. Whisked out of the air in mid-flight, it was taken aboard an enormous spacecraft from Sirius, claimed to be part of the Federation fleet under the Ashtar Command, whose full report is available from

Radar pictures confirm the appearance of alien craft and the sudden disappearance of Flight 370. Confusion reigns in the search and rescue efforts because of the astonishing anomaly which points directly to extremely advanced technological intervention.

Read the full explanation from this source, which cites the connection between sightings of cigar-shaped UFO”s in the skies over conflict areas (recently the Ukraine), the capture and safety of the passengers, and a new demand for countries around the globe to participate in initiating NESARA law.

Commander Ashtar claims responsibility for the rescue and for the demands, in cooperation with the passengers, who have offered to act as ”hostages” to bring about immediate world peace.

The entire interview can be obtained by contacting Dr. Kathryn E. May at look here please, maybe is flight MH 370

Aneta, thanks for this post, I think google maps are 1-3 years old and not updated so often (I might be worng), I have searched on google maps and found the image of the jet airliner you have posted, I wish this image was taken on 07th-8th of March 2014, maybe would have been the clue to locate the missing plane.
I wish that all the passengers and crew are safe in the forest.'51.0%22N+102%C2%B038'59.6%22E/@7.4727406,100.1415534,1877438m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

Does anyone know how to find the date of the slice of the map above?




really shame and shame on science and technology..

Anyone seen this video? About halfway through, a plane to the east of MH370 goes to “?” status, then reappears and zooms away at what has to be supersonic speed.


Chinese are on to something. its in the ocean east of Vietnam. Malaysian authorities are giving a bum steer and taking the focus of where it actually crashed, or lets say deliberately blown outta the sky ….. so much sorrow to the passengers and crews family’s . Too Many lies from day 1 , the truth will be found within a week. .. read my comments march 16 644am , im sticking to this.

len fisher

They are looking in the wrong place for flight 370. It crashed on a mountain on it’s way to China.

One month! Not a single cell call went through, not a single cell phone signal to trace, no ELT (emergency Locate transmission), no GPS signals, no transponders, no black box signal, no debris, no oil slick, no, no, no, no, no, no nothing. This may very well be our first documented abduction by Extra Terrestrial beings.
ET Phone Home!

Uur ee

Maybe, I think this boeng 777 seasons in North Korea

With no debris in the area, I believe the plane isn’t there….but the black box was dumped in that area to make it look like the plane is there. I think the plane was flown in on some island, and is going to be use for more sinister Acts to come. That’s a strong feeling I’m getting. I get very strong psychic Feelings on things like this, but time will tell.

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Flight 370 is in the lake in Indonesia.

Nalliah Thayabharan

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At this point I would not rule out some entity planting an oil slick just to gain attention so the story stays in the public eye.

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