A6-EYI Crusing high above the Australian Outback Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

A6-EYI cruising high above the Australian Outback                                        Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Following my experience flying Etihad first class it was time for me to give their economy product a go. Etihad Airways (airline code: EY) had by far the cheapest available ticket from Brisbane to Singapore by about $250, and given my prior experiences with them in their premium cabin it was the perfect choice for me.

As I was traveling in economy, I decided to arrive at the airport three hours prior to departure to be able to get a better seat then the one I selected at the time of booking. The counters were practically deserted, and I was served without delay. I was able to secure a bulkhead seat (15A) at the front of the economy cabin.  With the added bonus of having the aisle seat blocked next to me, this was shaping up to be a very good flight, even in economy.

At 3 hours prior to departure the check-in counters were surprisingly deserted Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

At three hours prior to departure, the check-in counters were surprisingly deserted                            Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Boarding commenced 40 minutes prior to departure, and the priority boarding rules were strictly enforced.

A6-EYI was the A330-200 assigned to my flight (EY473). Etihad operates the flight to Brisbane as an extension of its Abu Dhabi-Singapore route. Surprisingly, there was a large amount of connecting traffic ex-Brisbane onto the EY flight, in particular from Air New Zealand. I would estimate no less than 30% of the flight load would’ve been connecting passengers. 

The economy cabin on-board the A330-200, i'm  a huge fan of the colour cooridnation stylish and elegant Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Economy onboard the A330-200, looking very stylish and elegant thanks to smart color coordination Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

First impressions of the economy cabin was how fresh and stylish it looked. Etihad has recently been upgrading their economy product across the fleet, with the A330-200’s being the first to be upgraded. In my opinion, Etihad really has one of the best looking economy cabins out there, and the use of light browns coupled with the dark wood paneling and coffee creams makes for a very relaxed, yet elegant, impression of the cabin.  It also makes it easy on the eyes, which is always welcome when traveling economy.

No issues with legroom in the bulkhead seats even with the dreaded cradle recline Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

No issues with legroom in the bulkhead seats, even with the cradle recline                                            Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Arriving at my bulkhead seat, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of legroom. Once settled, I discovered that unfortunately with the upgrading of the economy cabins, Etihad has selected the cradle-style seats. These are the seats which have the base slide forward rather than the classic recline. I am really not a fan of these seats, as they tend to significantly reduce the already limited seat pitch. Thankfully I was in the bulkhead, but even so when I did recline the seat pitch reduction was quite evident. I’d hate to think what it would be like in a standard seat.

It is nice to see a loo with a view even in the economy cabin Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

It is nice to see a loo with a view, even in the economy cabin                       Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Approximately 30 minutes after departure the service commenced, with a drink run followed by lunch about 1.5 hours into the flight. There were three options for lunch (including one vegetarian). I elected to go with the Moroccan chicken.

The tray arrived ,along with a salmon salad and passionfruit dessert as well as the customary rubbery bread roll and metal cutlery. Whilst the overall quality of the catering was good, my biggest gripe would be the portion sizes, which were far too small for a main meal. Needless to say, I was glad I had a pizza in the terminal before departure.

Lunch Service, while quality is good the poriton size could be larger photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Lunch service; while quality is good, the portion size could be larger photo                                               Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Following lunch, it was time to explore the IFE, which Etihad has also been upgrading throughout their fleet. Whilst it is still the same E-Box platform, the responsiveness and variety of programming is far improved over the old version. The system also now includes the addition of live TV programs (CNN/BBC/EuroNews, etc.) streamed via satellite.

The upgraded IFE now feature a sleection of live TV programs Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

The upgraded IFE now features a selection of live TV programs – Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Not only has Etihad upgraded the IFE to include live TV, but it has also introduced on-board wifi capability. The service is available throughout the cruise stages of the flight and hosted by T-mobile. As I was not sure what to expect I selected the lower-priced two-hour option via my iPhone.

I was a bit worried to start off with, as the stability did not seem great; it took three attempts to connect and process my payment. Once I was up and running, though, the speed and reliability were good. It was more than sufficient for accessing emails, as well as Facebook (including image uploads) and other applications.

    Along with upgraded IFE, Etihad is now offering competitvly priced in-flight wifi Image: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Along with upgraded IFE, Etihad is now offering competitively priced in-flight wifi                                    Image: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

At two hours prior to landing it was time for the second service. The service was branded as “cafe service” and consisted of drinks along with a choice of either a chocolate or raspberry muffin. The muffin was very large which was welcome, given the small portions at lunch. All in all the cafe service was more than sufficient as a second service on this flight; there really is no justification for serving a second hot meal on an eight-hour daytime flight.

The pre-arrival "cafe service" more than sufficient on an 8 hour daytime flight Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

The pre-arrival “cafe service” was more than sufficient on an eight-hour daytime flight                    Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

Arrival into Singapore was a nice 20 minutes ahead of schedule, even after 20 minutes of holding.

In terms of service from the crew, I was positively impressed. I was a bit hesitant given that I had only ever experienced Etihad crew in the premium cabins, but even so they were equally good and responsive. Even the customer service manager introduced himself personally and made sure I was taken extra special care of.

A special treat from the CSM, the crew were really something special on this flight Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

A special treat from the CSM; the crew were really something special on this flight                               Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter

I would have no hesitation in flying Etihad economy again, as long as the flight did not exceed 10 hours and was primarily scheduled during the daytime.

SENIOR CORRESPONDENT - PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC A native of Australia, Jacobâ€s interest in aviation first came about as a child going on a long-haul flight between Australia and Europe to visit relatives. In addition to being a pilot himself, he has worked in operations for a charter airline, been on-the-ramp handling aircraft, worked as a slot coordinator for major airports, and currently works as an aircraft charter broker for corporate and VIP clients throughout Eastern Europe. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys photography, plane spotting, and travel. Email: jacob@airlinereporter.com.

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Hey, Jacob. One of the reasons I avoid the A330 is that the ones I’ve flown don’t have air vents for each seat. I wonder if it just depends on the airline. Did this particular A330 have them?

Hi Justin, no air vents on this A330 although the air temp was fine imo.

Ali Ahmed

My wife and 4 kids including a toddler took a flight from Karachi to Chicago via Abu Dhabi and from Chicago they were to come San Antonio. The stay at Abu Dhabi was 1 hour 45 minutes. Due to heavy crowd, long waiting lines and less staff at Abu Dhabi, my family missed their next flight to Chicago. This is second time with us that etihad failed to provide service as they promise. My family is still at the Abu Dhabi airport from last 5 hours wondering when will be their next flight. Their staff at Abu Dhabi unable to provide them hotel accommodation or next flight info at this time. My advise to the people reading this, if you are traveling to meet you tight time line or in a family emergency, DO NOT use etihad! This will be my last time using etihad airlines and I will spread out my bad experience to all my friends and family.

actually their staff at abu dhabi aren’t responsible for hotels and …..

The terminal in abu dhabi is small but efficient, first of all, the arrival gates are close by the departure gates to chicago, its just 1 security scan away. Ofcourse they wouldnt provide hotels for you, from your story, your family was probably lost and werent asking the staff for directions, because every time i arrive in abu dhabi the staff is always there waiting to help out. Im sorry but its not the airline’s fault that your family cant talk and inform the staff that their flight is almost closing, because if they did, you wouldnt be going through all this trouble.

Sreenivas G

   Myself Sreenivas Govindappa. I traveled in American Airlines operated by Etihad from Atlanta on 2nd June 2014 (4:30PM)and reached to Bangalore 04 June 2014(4:20AM) via Abu Dhabhi.
I requested for through baggage checked in for the Route: ATLANTA->Chicago O’Hare international Airport->Abu Dabhi-> Bangalore
I checked In 2 baggage each of 50 LB in ATLANTA and requested for through check in till Bangalore.
But when I landed in Bangalore and tried to collect my baggage, I was able to receive only one Baggage Out of 2.
This has left me in shock, as I was not expecting this when I landed in India with all of journey tiredness, jet-log!!!

I lodged the complaint at the help desk on the same day (4th June 2014) with all required details hoping I will get my baggage back and trusting on the Etihad Airways.
But its 10 days as of today and still I have not  received the missed baggage or at least any information on that. Every time I try to track it online for missed baggage or called the security desk, where I lodged the complaint, I here only one thing, “Tracing is still in progress”
My question or doubt is, when I have Checked in 2 baggage at the same time, how come only one gets missed??
In this duration, I missed the family function which was suppose to attend in Hyderabad. Most of the gifts I bought and my valuable clothes and accessories were there in that bag and now everything is lost. I’m devastated. I came to have a good vacation in India from US. But
from the time the luggage is missed, all my vacation mood is spoiled.
I was suppose to travel to Hyderabad on the same day evening for some function. Due to this tension from past 10 days I’m staying in a hotel and without proper clothes, waiting for a call from Etihad or Security Desk so that I can get some update on the missed baggage.  This has cost me my vacation, my mood, my money and mental disturbance and all are just because you guyz could do your job well. I didn’t come from US for this. We get only few weeks of vacation and in that time if these type of mishaps happen, then you can imagine how my situation will be. I;m not able to even go n visit my family. I’m left all alone in a city like Bangalore just waiting for one call from you.
Adding to this, My journey in Etihad was not pleasant. I will never recommend anyone to Travel in Etihad here after. The treatment of the air-hostess and the food and Drinks provided are not up to the mark. When I asked for another drink, I was told  as per the policy I can get Only one drink.. Hah…U believe it! This is the pathetic service. I’m going to write this feedback on every review forum.
I’m mentally harassed due to all this tension. I lost the baggage and missed my Flight to Hyderabad due to this.
I would like to know whom to escalate or how to claim? What is that Etihad is doing to find my missed, which now can be Considered as Lost, baggage? Will I get back my baggage or not. Where this was missed?

I will never recommend etihad airways to any of my friends.

Not so happy customer,

Sreenivas G

Hi! Thanks for such an awesome report! I just have a simple question regarding something I have read in another Etihad report. Is it true that Etihad prohibits photography onboard their aircrafts? Apparently, this other flight reporter that I am also following was being stopped from taking photos onboard Etihad. May I know your experience, please? Thank you!

Hi I’ve flown with them numerous times and never had any issues.

hey guys
we are going to chicago from iran in july 18 by etihad airways
and as you all know our transit is in abu dhabi
i wondered because of the things that some of u said ( the bad experience with etihad airline )
i want to know how long does it take for showing our pass and about security check . other thing is that we have to change our terminal so ………

Sachin Motwani

Me and my wife also flew Bom-AUH-ord on 1 st July on business class.
The staff was so rude, it was just unbelievable .
Our Bom-AUH flight was delayed by 2 hours and since it was at an odd hour we didn’t eat anything on that flight. Couldn’t go to the lounge as would have missed the flight. Once we boarded AUH-ord we now thought we could relax and enjoy the business class hospitality. It was more like hostility. I asked for coffee with cookies. Was given a tiny piece of the Arabic sweet along with coffee . On asking again for a cookie, I was told ” didn’t u just get one ?”
My wive’s special meal was not on their record , just mine was.
As we both were vegetarians and their veg menu kinda sucked , we ordered small sides . And after eating their so called sides such as cheese platter, a scone and a salad, the same airhostess came and told us that we can eat so much as there are other passengers as well .

So basically on a 22 hour flight( delayed by additional 2 hours) we don’t get a sinhle hot meal of our choice and if we eat their rotten scone and cheese platter, we were not only denied basic food but humiliated over eating their so called sides!!

On emailing the managent about this, they offered me 10000 miles.
With a cash value of approx 50 usd and no chance of me to ever fly etihad again, I humbly declined to take that offer.

On my return today from las-lax-Bom and after re confirming from their staff at lax, they have managed to leave my luggage at lax.
Was given a pittance 60 usd at Bom airport.


Sachin Motwani

Me and my wife also flew Bom-AUH-ord on 1 st July on business class.
The staff was so rude, it was just unbelievable .
Our Bom-AUH flight was delayed by 2 hours and since it was at an odd hour we didn’t eat anything on that flight. Couldn’t go to the lounge as would have missed the flight. Once we boarded AUH-ord we now thought we could relax and enjoy the business class hospitality. It was more like hostility. I asked for coffee with cookies. Was given a tiny piece of the Arabic sweet along with coffee . On asking again for a cookie, I was told ” didn’t u just get one ?”
My wive’s special meal was not on their record , just mine was.
As we both were vegetarians and their veg menu kinda sucked , we ordered small sides . And after eating their so called sides such as cheese platter, a scone and a salad, the same airhostess came and told us that we can eat so much as there are other passengers as well .

So basically on a 22 hour flight( delayed by additional 2 hours) we don’t get a sinhle hot meal of our choice and if we eat their rotten scone and cheese platter, we were not only denied basic food but humiliated over eating their so called sides!!

On emailing the managent about this, they offered me 10000 miles.
With a cash value of approx 50 usd and no chance of me to ever fly etihad again, I humbly declined to take that offer.

On my return today from las-lax-Bom and after re confirming from their staff at lax, they have managed to leave my luggage at lax.
Was given a pittance 60 usd at Bom airport.

Fortunately Bom is my hometown, else don’t know how I would have to deal with this if I had a tour planned already.

Never ever etihad!!

To the many passengers, both on this website and others, who have given their honest opinions on the varying aspects of flying with Etihad Airways, my sincere thanks. I had booked and paid for a flight with Etihad (but had not finalised the transaction), through a travel agent. Whilst reviewing my itinerary, I decided to review Etihad on the web as I had not used their services before. The declarations above, and those on the other sites convinced to me alter my preferred airline. Again, I say, thank you!

Karen O

Booked an Etihad flight from Doha to Zurich via Abu Dhabi with my family including two little children. We were told at check-in that our flight was overbooked by 12 people but that it wouldn’t affect us. At boarding time, found that our flight from Doha to Abu Dhabi was delayed. And delayed again. No explanation given, ground crew kept assuring us that we were about to board, and that Etihad would hold our connecting flights for us, no need to panic. Well, they didn’t. Upon arrival in Abu Dhabi no-one actually told us that we had missed our flight. As we entered the airport (this was only 5 minutes after the departure time of our flight to Zurich) a staff member read out a list of destinations, including ours, and simply said, ‘follow me’. Naively I thought we were about to be fast tracked onto our connecting flight, but we were taken to a long queue at a counter called ‘Transfers’ and just left there without an explanation. This included about 50% of the passengers from our plane from Doha. We queued and queued and queued, my tired children cried and cried and cried. We had to work out for ourselves that we had missed our flight. We queued for about 2 hours to reach the transfers counter at 1am. Once we actually reached the transfers desk, staff tried their best to be helpful. It became clear that we were about to spend the night in the airport with two screaming children, and losing a full day of our holiday. We were offered a flight to Rome the next morning, connecting from there to Zurich, arriving in the evening. A nightmare with little kids. We opted to fly to Munich instead, rather than go through the ordeal of another connecting flight. We were offered meal vouchers and 3 hours in the Airport Hotel which we accepted and appreciated. The next morning and guess what, our flight to Munich is delayed for an hour again. The reason, we were told – we were waiting for passengers on various connecting flights. Hmmm, ok. The service, seating and food on board was fine, no complaints from me, although nothing spectacular. The activity packs for kids compared rather poorly to those offered by Emirates and Qatar Airways, but no big deal. Finally, we arrived in Munich and guess what? All our luggage is missing including our children’s car seats and stroller. 3 days after arrival, and we are still without luggage. So far we have lost 4 days of our 10 day camping holiday – 1 day extra travel time and 3 days staying with relatives awaiting our luggage, which we have still not received. No apology, in fact no communication at all from Etihad. Will I ever fly Etihad again? No, not even if I won a free flight. Please avoid them.

Sounds like someone is complaining hoping for a free flight. Etihad are amazing and the fact that the flight was delated is not their fault,. Next time try flying Air India or something if you think Etihad is not good

Of course the delay is their responsibility, whether their fault or not! Was thinking about taking an Etihad flight, but now I think rather not. Thanks for the reviews, guys!

Nag Varma

thanks for the hostility comments from whoever representing Ethihad here. Never flight on this! Thanks for all those helped me to avoid such a terrible flight experience when travelling with Kids.

fehim zahirovic

During the flight in Airserbia plane 25.4.from Abu Dhabi to Belgrade me and my wife suffered torture of Serbian people.It was awfull.Captain of cabine wrote what happened,copied our tickets,took our address and promised to send us report.We used to write feedback to Etihad many times,we wrote to Airserbia,but nobody answered.We have return tickets from Sydney to Sarajevo and back and we need to come back on 25.9.But in every replay somebody promised:a team member will contact you..we will write as soon as possible..thank you for patience.And we asked to change the coming back via Istanbul,because we must not travel via Belgrade.But nobody did anything in order to help us,so we must buy new tickets from Sarajevo to Sydney although we have former return.We are really disappointed in manner of some persons who received our feedback and only promised to do and did nothing.Attack and torture and stress and shock in Serbian plane they promised to investigate but have not.No answer,no suggestions.We will go to Australian Court when we reach our Country.And so serious company like Etihad whose tickets we had bought in Sydney,did nothing to help us nor their partner Airserbia from Belgrade.It is sad and unbelived.
Zahirovic Fehim and Dzemila from Australia,now on holiday in Bosnia


We hope that Etihad airways, as a famous and serious company, will as soon as possible correct Serbian Airserbia mistake and change our flight via Istanbul from Sarajevo to Sydney, because we had paid return tickets in Sydney,so we could reach home in Australia.We must not travel via Belgrade owing to attaks of Serbian people,about what we wrote 6.September.Zahirovic


We want inform the passengers who want to travel by Airserbia plane from Abu Dhabi to Belgrade,that often travels a 20 y.boy,Serbian,dark,round face,tall.He possible has free tickets, because his mum works in Airserbia,and has come back to Belgrade last year and earlier she had worked in Abu Dhabi.He is a sexual monster and attacks older women. His mum helps him and hurts the person who react of on attacks of her son.The flight lasts about 7 hours.His mum is brown blue,coloured hair,with glasses and very sharp tongue.We have suffered his and her torture.25.4.2014 and still have consequences and have not recovered. The crew protect him because they are afraid of his mum.

A weird experience with Etihad
I have bought a return ticket from Etihad via Travel Trolley agency for the return trip from the UK to Vietnam. According to the ticket, I will fly from Heathrow Airport, London to Hochiminh City, Vietnam with Etihad over 3 connecting flight as follows: -London Heathrow to Belgrade: Etihad Airways- EY 6025 -Belgrade to Abu Dhabi: Etihad Airways- EY 5994 -Abu Dhabi to Hochiminh City: Etihad Airways- EY 0441.Nevertheless, when I came to Heathrow Airport on August 12, 2004, I was informed that I was transferred to Air Serbia by Etihad without my consent or prior notice.

Second, when I arrived in Hochiminh City, Vietnam, I found that my luggage was not with me in the flight. I was a huge frustrated feeling because I had several important meetings right after that but all documents, sample, formal clothes were all in the lost suitcase.
I had to wait for 3 days to get my luggage back. Then, another huge frustrated feeling had come when I opened my suitcase. The suitcase was treated badly (which can be observed by its appearance),and almost my stuffs inside were badly broken, except clothes. Third, the return trip from Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow on August 22 (EY-017) was also delayed, and it made me late for the train from London King cross to Leeds. I had to stay in London overnight and by another train ticket from London to Leeds on the next day.

I don’t know why Etihad has feedback when nobody reads claims except automatically mashin.If somebody awaits replay in short time as mashine promised,Etihad would need to put some alive man who will read feedback and answer as soon as possible,and its a member of team would soon contact.And not to ask for patience for four monts like me.

Hi, does the 2-hour wifi timer work continuously or you can disconnect and connect during the flight as long as it does not exceed 2-hour time limit? Thank you.

Nasser Mallah

The worst between all Airlines, they are obviously cheaters, My nightmare started when booked a ticket for my family from Abu Dhabi to Frankfurt round trip, and since not sure about the return I booked it refundable with extra charge, when I decided to refund the ticket, they simply said its nonrefundable, why?!! Because you booked only one way refundable!!!
Why are they offering refund option? Why do they ask you to pay more for this option and at the end they just tell you it’s not! Refundable,
Why they don’t allow you to contact any manager to have proper answers, only call center where you get provoked through one answer repeated 10 times “this is the rules”?!

Faiz Noor Elahee

I wonder why Etihad did not respond to any feedback. If they don’t,then who will respond?
If they are ignorent,I wonder only price cut will help them to survive.

Faiz Noor Elahee

I wonder why Etihad did not respond to any feedback. If they don’t,then who will respond?
If they are ignorant,I wonder only price cut will not help them to survive in this competitive aviation business.

Johnson Munoz

my flight was from US to Abu Dhabi to Manila,, just wanna share my worst experience, the gate number of my flight fom New york to Abu Dhabi was change because of the rude staff I was late but thank God I was able to catch the plane, when I arrived in Manila and waited until the last luggages to come out but then my luggages wasn`t there, I approached again the staff and they are not helpful, they are lazy with irritating attitudes, my papers needed to be photocopied to track my luggages but then no one bothers to do it until I go so mad and the only explanation they can give was “it’s possible to happen” so I was like lost of luggages is not possible to happen if the airline is doing theie job well, then they told me that it would take a week to two to find my luggages so I was like whhhooooooo that long to track my luggages and they told me that they’ll just call me when they found it, so i went home a 7 hrs drive from the airport and call then the next morning and took me so many time until somebody answer my call cause nobody is answering so the next time I would never ever books a flight with Etihad Airways again and wouldn’t recommend at all. worst worst worst worst worst experience I ever had!!!!!!

I flew with Etihad from Bangalore to SFO and return back to Bangalore. Entire experience was just terrible. Scheduled time for flight take off was early in the morning close to 3:00 AM but they started late by 6:00 AM coz of flight cleaning/preparation issues. This flight was from BLR to Abhu Dhabi from where I had to catch a connecting flight to LA operated by Etihad airline itself, layover time was approx 3 hours and we reached on time but ground staff was not ready, flight landed on time but they made all passangers wait inside the landed plane for about an hour. Since connecting flight to LA was operated by Etihad itself, we hoped that they will wait for passengers from our flight but they did not wait. After waiting for an hour in the plane they arranged some buses to port passangers from air craft to terminal and made us wait for 30 more mins, after which they declared that flight from Abu Dhabi to LA has left and we could not catch coz we were late. There were 32 passengers who were supposed to board that flight, we all were left stranded there at the terminal. After hours of waiting, they re routed us to New York, which off course added extra travel hours to the over all journey. Inflight experience was also not very pleasant, but i think i will keep this topic for return flight. We reached LA from where they arranged our flight with Vergin America, at check in counter of vergin america, their executives told us that our luggage is still in Abu Dhabi. That time there was no person from Etihad at their counter, hence no one from Etihad to answer our questions. We tried calling Etihad and they said we can go to American Airlines (their allianz partners or what ever) counter at San Franciso and raise a request for our luggage. With feeling of helplessness we just sat in the flight. After reaching SFO, we went to American Airline counter and they confirmed that our luggae is safe and is in Abu dhabi and we need to call up their customer care and open baggage claim ticket with them. They will get the luggage from Abu Dhabi and deliver to our hotel in next 1-2 days. I started calling up customer care and mean while my friend went to the luggage belt and our suitcases were there un attended. During the entire journey they were making arguments that you guys are re routed to other airlines but your luggage is not, it cannot be picked by other airlines on its own. We were frustrated with the entire experience but same time happy that we need not to buy clothes for next 2 days.

Now comes the return journey, they proved that they are consistent in doing the worse. Flight was suppose to take off at 5:00 AM. I reached on time, they boaded all the passengers in the air craft. But guess what, we sat in plane for 2 – 3 hours and it did not take off. They said there are some technical issues with the plane and they are tryign to get it fixed. After 2-3 hours they asked us to move out of the plane and they will get the engine fixed. Waited for another 2 hours at terminal and they came back with some news, they said they are moving all passengers to one hotel. We all should go there and once plane issue is fixed they will bring us back. All of us went to hotel, they were suppose to provide us meals but they asked hotel guys that they can pay only $15 for lunch and $25 for dinner. Hotel guys got one page menu which was having only 2-3 sandwiches with in this range. They were treating like second class citizens. Food quality was terrible and hotel guys told this is only they could do with the amount that Etihad guys has agreed for. There was one lady (so called representative from Etihad) from etihad guys in that hotel, she knew nothing apart from giving wiered smile to every passenger. Every time we ask for update, she got just one answer that her seniors are not picking her phone and she does not have any update. Mean while some passengers got emails from etihad airlines that flight will take off 5:00 PM, which created panic among other passangers because not every one got this email. And the lady from Etihad was not having that information about why are some passangers got that email for 5:00 PM. Mails were just getting circulated and raised the levels of confusion among all passengers. This continued till 5:00 PM when we see an apology letter from etihad airways which informed that flight will take off at 11:00 AM. Some of the passengers had to reach their destination on time, they were not having nay other option to back out and cancel their trip. close to 11:00 PM, we boarded the plane and they made us wait in the flight for another 2 hours, saying they are waiting for some passengers. At last it took off at 1:00 AM which is almost delay of 24 hours for an international flight. This terrible experience did not end here, they continued to prove them selves during inflight experience. Tray table for my seat was very loose and it was getting open when ever the person sitting on the person was moving. Same complaint was from number of other passangers as well. At the time of take off, plane was giving lot of noise and over head compartment keeps on opening on its own, you can imagine if any suitcase or bag of 6-7 Kgs falls on some ones head, what can happen. This opening up of over head compartments was there at take off as we;ll as landing and was not just one incident, but i see it for 3 compartments from my seat. I am sure this will be same case on other seats which were not visible from my seat. Ear phone that they gave to me were not working, picked up another ear phone from one of the vacant seat and it was the same. At one point of time, i went to toilet and there was no water. Asked crew staff and they some how managed to fixed it. Food quality was amazing, bread that they gave was horrible that i could not dare to open that packet but one of my friend opened that packet. That bun was having fungus inside it, i called up crew staff and he said let me investigate. After some time he came back with apology saying yes it was spoiled. Looks like they preserve the bun from the previous day and during delay of 24 hours it got spoled. They thought that we might create a fuss about it and I see crew supervisor on my seat in few minutes. He said sorry tons of times and said he is very sorry. None of us ate that but but what about passangers who ate it. I just felt sorry for my choice of Etihad, i should never have picked this airline that was the only thought coming to my mind at that time. there were number of other small things that they managed to screw but I narrated only important ones. I was just praying to end this jouney of mine.

If you are flying with Etihad, prepare yourself for adventurous trip. If you are lucky enough you might reach your destination on scheduled time following planned trip but i was little unfortunate to reach on my destination on same day.

Huzefah Ujjainwala


A group of passengers travelling from Nairobi to Mumbai and return. The horrific journey started on the 1st of January 2015 from Nairobi.
We reached Nairobi well ahead of the check in time. We were told that the ETIHAD AIRWAYS flight that we were to board was on time. Sometime later they told us that the fligt that was to come from Abudhabi has been delayed by a good number of hours and they are RE ROUTING us. I was transferred to QATAR AIRWAYS. We checked in and were given boarding pass from Nairobi to Doha and not Mumbai. We boarded the flight to Doha and landed at 11 30 at night. There we went to the counter and asked for the boarding pass for the onwards journey, to our horror they said that the booking has a problem, the flight to Mumbai is full and we couldn”t board the flight. Inspite of being issued new ETICKETS from Nairobi we were told this. We were made to wait on the counter for 5 hours then they RE ROUTED us to Muscat in OMAN AIR and from there we were sent to Mumbai. We were supposed to reach Mumbai at 9 a.m. instead of that we reached at 2 p.m. because of which we missed our Milad Un Nabi functions. THANKS TO ETIHAD
Now the return flight horror:

We boarded the return flight from Mumbai. The itinerary was such that we were to be taken from Mumbai to jaipur, Jaipur to abudhabi and abudhabi to Nairobi. We were to board the flight on 7th and reach at 1:30 p.m. on 8th. We reached jaipur and we were told that the flight to abudhabi was on time and will depart at 4 45 in the morning. We went out for dinner and came back around 1200 midnight and to our surprise the security didn”t allow us to enter the airport because THE FLIGHT WAS DELAYED AND RESCHEDULED AT 1445. What the hell we said, so were we supposed to stay outside in the winter night and wait for the counter to open and then enter the airport. WE HAD TO FIGHT to get into the airport to speak to the authorities.

At the airport, luckily we found a person who told us that ETIHAD has sent emails to everyone informing about the delay 3 days earlier, none of us had received any emails, THEY LIED TO US. They said they couldn”t give us a hotel we had to fight it out until morning 5 a.m. to get a hotel. In the meantime and ETIHAD ground staff got so angry on us that he told us it”s your fault you booked cheap tickets and we were shocked at this statement.
We were taken to the airport and brought back to the airport in 3 hours. At the checkin counter we were told we will be getting a hotel in abudhabi. We reached abudhabi at 1700 hrs and went to the transit counter. There the staff said that the shift was changing and new staff would help us out. We had to wait for 1 hour at the counter for shift to change. An Arab officer from ETIHAD came in when we asked him POLITELY about the staff he replied in the MOST RUDE MANNER ever heard, ”IF YOU CANT WAIT PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, WE WILL TAKE ATLEAST 1 HOUR MORE TO CHANGE THE SHIFT, ITS NOT OUR PROBLEM”. We were already tired and shocked.

Anyway the shift changed and another set of RUDE STAFF was on the counter. We asked for a hotel they said apply for a visa and it will take 8 hours to process. Airport hotel is full, lounge is full, and no sleeping pods available. My question is didn”t they know that such and such passengers are arriving who have a layover of 17 hours and are entitled to a HOTEL. Why couldn”t they make arrangements?

We were asked to sleep wherever on the airport.

In any case we spent the night on the airport and boarded the flight to Nairobi. The horror didn”t end yet, in Nairobi we were told our baggage hasn”t come yet.

How could ETIHAD get best airlines for 6 years? They don”t even deserve a 3rd class status.

No compensation apart from just 1 meal voucher in 17 hours.


I need to be compensated.

The reason why they won airline of the year for 6 years is because of their first class, buisness, class and their entertainment system.
When I flew from Melbourne to Dà¼sseldorf via Abu Dhabi I didn’t have a problem at all.

Aamir Khan

It was my first and worst experience with Etihad flying from Canada to Pakistan. Etihad flight was taxying on runway for 3 hrs!!! in Toronto airport and then finaly flew to Abu D. in 13 hr. They missed my connecting Etihad plane and was put to PIA. We loved the connection but no luggage in Islamabad. No one from Etihad took responsibility. They brought my luggage on next flight with no notification. Same thing on my way back, the lady telling me in Abu D. goto Beiging and then will give you flight to point B and then Toronto. I paid for direct flight six months ago… no logic to understand why they were doing like this. Anyway we got on plane direct finally to Toronto and now see surprise, one of my luggage missing for 4 days and no one is picking my phone. What an airline. I will pay to direct flights next time like Pakistan International Airline even a little more. Old saying, a person who pays less cries many times receiving lower quality! and one who pays more get high quality and does not cry. No racism but Etihad airline belongs to Arab and they don’t care about customers…. Hope the world could change.


Pray for me guys… I am travelling by Etihad for the 1st time .

Hi Jacob!
Thanks for all your views and opinions.
I would like to ask you, have you traveled with A380? We are a family of 6 and we will all be travelling on economy class from Cyprus to Sydney via Abu Dhabi. Any tips?

This is the worst airline. They failed to provider the customer service they assured us when my father booked his ticket. The flights are always delayed and they never come through on their word. Do not use this airline


Nobody answer about my lost baggage in August!! I flight from ho chi minh-Abu Dhabi-Moscow on 17th and my bag never appeared. I went to lost and found baggage in Moscow and I have the PIR, I have sent the request for delayed baggage with the essential things tickets as clothes, saving products,… I bought until my arrival at home by mail to ba***********@et****.ae and I sent the claim form in your website too and only domodedovo lost and found baggage contacted me by email confirming my bag was still in tracing but etihad never answered me and they never payed me the first things I had to buy until my arrival. In December my bag continued missing and I reported in the website another time the claim form this time for lost item. Etihad answer me asking my passport copy, the PIR copy,… by email and I sent them on 15th of December and I’m still waiting the answer.
I have lost my luggage, my clothes, all the souvenirs, my video camara, my photograph camera with all the pictures of my travel,… and nobody of Etihad answer me. I have an insurance for delayed bags and they requires the company documents confirming my delay and the amount they have payed me, I have asked to Etihad the documents many times but NOBODY answer me never. AXA assistance suggested me to claim the compensation by the general civil aviation authority and now I’m thinking about this way.
My PIR number is DMEEY13622 and the etihad claim references are RQID:294974 and INTR:20987640
Now I’ll try to contact with etihad using the social networks because I’m desperate and tired

I travelled alone to Morocco where i got married. The flight to was a comlete nightmare.
The airline allowed a passanger whom was over 6 feet tall aboard whom smuggled his own bottle of whisky/scotch. Upon departure, he managed to drink 90% of the bottle before becoming violent and abusive. I was seated 4 rows away but the people within his immediate area felt compelled to evacuate and stand for the duration of the flight from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi. I was compelled to give up my seat to an elderly woman out of respect, and stood for over 12 hours. Granted, the staff attempted to settle the drunk man, but with no success, he was a huge giant acting like an animal and demanded more alcohol which he was denied. He would on occassion stand up and walk the isles, and with his elbow hit the back of the other passangers chairs. Upon landing in Abu Dhabi, the passangers had to wait 15 minutes extra in the craft while 6 police officers/security came in to arrest the violent drunk man.
From Abu Dhabi to Paris, i was seated next to someone whom refused to stop smoking and actually threatened me. I did not want this man to visually see me complaining about him in fear that he would inflict some sort of violent act against me, this was truelly a bad flight. I pressed the button for a staff member to come to my seat and i expected the staff to recognise the smell of a ciggerette and mention it, but this did not occur. The best i could do was ask for apple juice and hope that the next staff member to walk past would realize.
The important part personal to me, was not being allowed to sit next to my wife on the way back. This made me feel . . . ashamed. . . I mean, my newly wed wife was expect to sit without me, between two unknown men.
My wife and i travelled to Melbourne via Abu Dhabi and were seated in differnt locations on the craft. We did book for the flight at the same time and obviously asked to be seated together. I was not at all impressed with the way the staff members handles my matter. The best they could do was ask me, to ask the person sitting next to me after we took off. When i finally was able to ask, the other passanger did not want to because their family was sitting there, or in front.
The flight from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne was the same situation all over again. Except this time, whilst in Abu Dhabi, we had to get another boarding pass, because the people in Paris failed to do so. At the Etihad desk before accepting the boarding pass, we asked if they could make sure we are seated together, and he said that he couldnt do so and we should just ask the other passangers.
Basically, we didnt sit together.
Only then to arrive at the Melbourne airport after a long trip, wife upset at me because we couldnt sit next to each other and find out that the suitcase had gone missing.
The craft from Paris to Abu Dhabi . . . 1+ hour delayed.
The craft from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne . . . 1+ hour delayed
Arrived in Melbourne 1 + hour.
I landed in Melbourne on the 24th and on the 30th of December they had my luggage.
They acknoledged that i had to put up with bad flights, and nothing more


i travelled twice by etihad airline from Nigeria to kuala lumpur. for the payment bad experience i was debited twice from my account and to refund the money it was trouble it took 10 days. a long queue to get flight in Abu Dhabi. however the comfort inside the plane nice food provided is also nice.
I am travelling again to same destination from Lagos and unfortunately i am the victim of the deduction of the money of my air ticket twice and first time it was 512 thousand and 2nd time 531 thousand Naira. after complaint i called almost 10 time before they could here me i spent about 3000 naira calling them. i was returned the money subsequently but 512 thousand it was 19 thousand less than what they deducted 2nd time. i wrote another mail but no reply.
It is disappointing and frustating


Sorry for the loss of ur money.
I’ll be travelling from Lagos to Manila soon. I checked Etihad and they have 8hrs connecting time, am travelling with my 16month old boy, will this be too much trouble?
Did u have any issue with ur bags?
Would u advice I choose Qatar instead?

Elmarie Greenaway

What a day, left home 3am and the journey quickly got cut short in Abu Dhabi as we required an ETA for Australia. Cape Town Airport and Johannesburg let us travel straight through without this visa, if they said you need it we could have applied online and be ok in Abu Dhabi. But what amazing staff at the Transfer desk here in Abu Dhabi. Inez really taking customer service to rgw next level by sharing a free phone card to deal with Australia’s visa company. Free meal vouchers for dinner and keeping us company for ages sharing interesting stories. Then Judy, the Duty Manager here at Abu Dhabi hub. Not only beautiful, tall and blonde (not sure how one gets to stay so glamarous at 2/3am in the morning) but she went out of her way to help us and ensure we are sorted with a new connecting flight. Making various calls across the world to try and get the visa sorted. Thank you Thank You to these wonderful woman in Abu Dhabi. Thank you!!

My journey was on 6th April this year.
I flew from dc to Islamabad via abudhabi.the in flight meal salad was frozen as a rock. When told about it the crew said everyone’s salad is ice cold frozen, that’s just the way they serve it.
At abudhabi airport, I checked my handcart handcarry after clearing the customs and to my horror my dslr canon was missing.
I spent the next two hours trying to file a report for checking of cctv footage or to get directions from the ground crew. I went from one area of the airport to another but the only response I got was please email to etihad feedback.
The ground crew was extremely uncooperative and the business lounge personnel wont even answer a question if you don’t have business class. The experience of Abudhabi airport is the worse I have had compared to at any airport in Uae and even Pakistan.
I wrote to etihad feedback never to hear from them except an acknowledgement email.
My two friends traveling two weeks later from Chicago to Islamabad lost both their luggages. One of them has received only one piece so far.
It may be cheap but the service and ground staff is also cheap.
Not worth it.

Venkata somanata krishna

My experience has been bad I was flying ey21 from Abu Dhabi to Manchester n I am a vegetarian the lentil salad served had small size granulated stone in it, I accidentally managed to bite it, but could not complain on the flight as I did not have any evidence left

Careful travellers!!!! Today was the worst experience I have ever had in my life with an airliner. It’s my first time to do business with this company. I had book a return ticket for my younger brother to visit me in Hong Kong. He lives in Alexandria/Egypt. He was supposed to be travelling today from Cairo to Hong Kong where I have been preparing and getting ready for his arrival. He didn’t sleep all night and took a taxi from Alexandria to Cairo more than three and a half hours. He left Alexandra at 7am and arrived at Cairo airport at around 10:45 am. His flight was scheduled at 1:30 pm. When he got to the etched counter, they denied to check him in and just told him there no way and he should go back home!!! What a shame!! They said he should get a signature or permission from an officer who is on a dayoff and not at the airport. They have been sending us email almost every day begging us to upgrade to a business class. They have NEVER told us anything about such weird regulation. I called them all the way from Hong Kong but they refused to talk to me. I called their UAE hotline and they gave me no details. They put me on hold for 20 minutes and after that told me a manager would be calling me in an hour. After 4 hours nobody has ever called me.

They only contacted me when I posted my story on their Facebook page. After long wait they came back telling me that the check-in was denied due to incomplete document (what a liar). That was NOT true as everything was furnished with care. They said there was an article published in a newspaper in Cairo back in March. My God, they risk the ppl travel depending on an article in a newspaper. I asked them to email me a copy of the newspaper. They never came back to me and never emailed me anything . Finally I asked them what could be done. They said an approval letter is required and it could be obtained at somewhere in Cairo. I sent my poor younger brother to the address they gave me and their was the SURPRISE. The officer told him they have given no such instructions for travellers to Hong Kong. Now they want me to pay for a new ticket. Be careful of those scammers. Don’t risk you travels with those shameless rude swindlers.

SK Tripathi

I traveled by Etihad airlines from Munich to Bangalore on 07 June 15 with a layover of 6 hrs at Abu Dhabi. I was not provided with meal between 8.30 PM to 03.30 AM till my next flight despite my request to Etihad executive at airport. Being a diabetic, I was highly inconvenient. Can anyone explain my entitlement in this case.


we are travelling with etihad. Pray for us


Using Etihad airways was my worst choice ever.
try to contact Etihad’ feedback to see if you get any reply or contact their costumer service to see if you get any answer.
using Etihad airways if you get problem you are on your own
Be warned.

Tony Balsamino

I used to be a regular traveller with Etihad however, of late, I have become disallusioned the service has gone downhill rapidly over the past 3 years culminating in, this year, my baggage being delayed 4 times out of 6 consecutive flights. This is despite assurances on the last trip by ground staff that the luggage was on board.

Last year I arrived late at Abu Dhabi from LHR to be greeted by staff telling me (at 2300) that I had been moved from my connecting fllight (for which I had tickets) onto an alternative flight 5 hours later. This was after having several assurances by the on board staff that my connection would be fine (lie number 1) No viable reason was given as to why I had been moved despite there were still 45 minutes before take-off, I was told that the gate for my scheduled flight was shut but when I got there they were still boarding passengers (lie number 2)
They accepted that I was booked to fly on that flight and they had no power to change things back (this could only be done by some magical / mythical “controller” with whom I could not speak (lie number 3)

and, finally, to rub salt into the wound one of the staff had the audacity to tell me they could not let me board sine they had insufficient food in order to feed me – as if
a) I believe that on a multiple choice menu they are that precise and
b) on a two hour flight from Abu Dhabi to Kuwait I give a dam
(lie number 4)

I have written to etihad customer services on several occasions about the whole sorry state of their service asking for an explaination and receiving assurances that my question / situation was being looked into I have now been waiting 3 months with no reply.. (lie number 5)

The moral of this is – If you want to be treated like a cretin with no feelings and have no guarantees of what is being said to you by the appropriate staff is factual then fly Etihad you will not be disappointed

you have been warned

miserable airways , not recommended
my family suffered cold and hunger most of the flight time , the unfriendly crew members told us there was no blankets enough left !!! and that food run out !!! they kept on feeding us the sweet pop corn till we all became kind of sick
crew is super not friendly , harsh and rude
I would never recommend this shaggy airlines to anyone I care for

Eliza beth

First and last time to fly this airline. I had fly Toronto_AUH and for a over 12 hour flight there was only two meals served. When their menu says they will be serving a snack midfligh. The quantity was so small it wà s the size of a smaĺl soap dish. The bread roll was missing in my try. I had taken emirates on the same route before and did not expect this to happen. I ended up with such a bad migrine affter being hungry for over 8 hours. I could not beliece that they charge so much and end up not providing two decent meals and a muffin or a sandwich between meals. By the way, i am not an obese person who is crazy about food.
I am not sure whether there is any standards about what to be served or how many meals for a flight lasting 12 hours.


The worst airline service i have seen and traveled in 10 years.

firstly their customer services don”t know there own policies.

1. I had a flight from Bangalore –> Abu dhabi –> Dubai, upto abu dhabi was flight and from there it was airlines bus, we were told at the check in that baggage will arrive at final destination Dubai, infact the truth is you have to pick the baggage at abu dhabi and recheckin . I have reconfirmed 2-3 times before checking in, yet none of bangalore airport crew, phone customer service knew the policy of there own baggage.

2. I was about to carry an 55 inch TV while return, i had called and confirmed both at bangalore call center and Dubai call center about the TV policy, they assured they will allow, but when i arrived at the airport they are like the flight is small and doesn’t allow 55 inch TV. I was left with two option because of there incompetency to help, either leave TV or let go my family with infants alone while return and try to figure out what to do… the crew were like we dont know what to do now, and were telling my family can take the flight back while i sit there and try to figure out myself what to do next, they also don”t know what alternative cargo facility i have and how much time it takes for completion of the process.

when they cant train there crew properly why the heck they still run this crap airlines.

I am an regular traveller since 10 years, never had faced this problem with any other airlines. they just tell u sorry probably the person whom u spoke to didnot know the procedure appolige for that, but that doesn’t bring back anything,

Guys be careful before taking this flight, the crew are horrible useless!!

Murali Krishna Pasuladi

Etihad is the worst airlines I have ever traveled in my entire life. They don’t really take care of there customers properly. I had checked in bags which were supposed to be received by Etihad at Abhu dhabi as I had a connecting flight with them. They missed one of my bag and were really irresponsible of it. I had to go through traumatic experience for an entire week before my bag was located and the worst part was I couldn’t focus on my work for an entire week. Also i had to spend money to get a temporary replacement for the accessories that were in my bag. The annoying and most ashamed part on Etihad is they don’t really answer the phone whenever any customer calls to inquire about the bags and the voice mail stays full most of times. They don’t even respond properly to the emails. All they do is to respond to the customer the way they wish to, especially when it comes providing a compensation to a customer which I think they dangerously failed in my case despite the fact that they broke their promise. They caused me agonizing stress for a whole week and not only that, after locating my bag they shipped it via fedex that has direct signature required on it and delivery date estimated on a week day during which i will be at office working and there won’t be anyone at my apartment to receive it. No matter who ever I contact in Etihad to report of my situation, so that I could rightfully claim my compensation for the loss incurred (due to their mistake), I never get to speak to the right person or at least directed to the one and it is even worse with the emails.

Etihad is the most unreliable airlines I have ever experienced and I will never forget the pain they caused to me and the time and money wasted due to their negligence. They are are nothing but ruthless fools and shame on them.


The best and worste punishment for etahad airline is not to fly with them  That hurts them the most 

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Mani Bhooshan

Worst experience of my air travel. I would never go with Etihad again.
I was traveling from SFO to India(DEL) and these ground service fellows made us shuffle our things between bags even for half pound for 2 hours and more. My child was crying and these guys tortured us 3 times/places for half to 1 pound. Ultimately everything goes in their plane. They tortured us in the queue to get boarding pass, then while getting the boarding pass finally while boarding to plane. We had 4 check-in bags but 2 bags has half to 1 pound extra but other two bags was ok or less so they wanted to us to shuffle for every single gram. They asked us to show if your laptop bag has laptop or not.

On plane I was calling for warm water to feed my 1.5 year old kid as he was hungry . Every time I push the button for service it was turned of within seconds and when i did for 3 times a air hosted came shouting at me you are not supposed to press three times and telling me i do not have courtesy. THIS EXPERIENCE WAS HORRIBLE FOR ME as she was fighting me because i pressed the button and even then didn’t provide me water.

While returning they did not provide me food and told me the food is not there even though i had pre ordered.

I would not recommend to anyone.

After seeing these comments, I’m really nervous about an upcoming trip to Nepal. I had previously read great reviews on another reliable site. I have 2 code shares one from BWI to Chicago on American then on to Etihad. Returning we have a code share in Abu Dhabi with Alitalia to Rome. We are only doing carry-on but are taking our free suitcases with supplies for an orphanage. Does anyone know how strict they are about the 1 carry on in economy?


Hi I would really advise you not to use Etihad, Emmart or qatar These are worst air lines I would spend $200 more and get air line that if I get problem somebody will answer.
Respectfully Sean

Vinay Vaidya

I will strongly recommend not to fly Etihad. I have been flying 20 years and my flight from NY to Mumbai this January was the worst experience in such a long time. Etihad are very unprofessional, keep going back on promises, responses to complaints are extremely delayed or non-existent. They have no idea what customer satisfaction means. Their on ground handling is nightmarish.

Moonie Badgepie

This airline is a bloody disaster. I fly business class, they lose my bags, don’t credit miles to me and then offer a shoddy robotic customer service.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Take a bloody Camel as an alternative form of travel but don’t FLY ETIHAD.

Tony Balsamino

you would think with all these adverse comments they would do something but they just don’t care…..


I am due to fly with Etihad Airlines shortly, and was hoping to open an account to log my flying hours. I searched through the whole site, no where could I find it. Can anyone help me please.

I frequently fly in Etihad Airlines from Abu Dhabi to Karachi, and for years they have been serving the same disgusting express Veggie snacks to quickly get rid of passengers. 99% muslims are flying in your flight to Pakistan then whats the point of serving same decayed vegetable all the time. Most of my friends recommended me to take emirates!

I read this post fully concerning the resemblance of newest
and preceding technologies, it’s awesome article.


Hi, pleased to read one good comment.
taking my 86 year old Mum to Ireland from Aus, via Abu Dhabi, to Dublin…
was already worried, I’m now petrified


if you get any problem with them, they just do not care, that is kinda service they provide


I paid $4000 US to return ticket to come back to Canada when they cancelled my return ticket.


Sene, how did that work out? I was just considering the same return flight for later this year….

I travelled from Dallas to Hyderabad. I reached Hyderabad on May 31st. Today is June 3rd and I still did not get my luggage yet. The staff at Hyderabad are hopeless. They did not update me on the status of luggage. I had to call them several times. They admitted that they have my luggage at Hyderabad Airport. But they did not make any attempt to deliver it. I heard similar comments from other passengers that their handling of luggage is worst. I am not going to travel in this Airlines again.

May 2016
Sydney to London via Abu Dhabi and return
Flight delayed and delayed then finally cancelled at 11pm due to curfew. Total chaos and lack of organisation at airport re organising accommodation and taxis.
Still have not been advised when flight will take off!!!
Finally left 1330 next day!
You need to eat at the airport before you get on and at stopovers on the way. The food is inadequate, poor quality and most unappetising. Twice there was no choice and when a number around me refused Chicken and chilli we were given a packet of POPCORN! One clever lady beside me from Pakistan opened her homemade sandwiches!


I learn my lesson with Arabic airlines Service is not part of their business culture


They promised be hotel prior to purchasing my flight ticket. Soon came to find out they didn’t have any hotel reservation for me and gave me a run around.
I feel like I got scammed!

This is my 1st and last time using Etihad.


Hi I fly very year two times, believe me or not, it is not worth it flying with Etihad airways.

the costumer service is not there.

It’s great that you are getting ideas from this article as well
as from our discussion made at this place.

This Airways is worst than any other airways… Seriously The authorities of this airways is soo irresponsible… I ve travelled from KWT/ABU Dhabi / Mumbai on 5.Jul.2016… my luggage was misplaced i got after so many worship.. i got it after 4-5 weeks.. now today again travelled from Mumbai /ABU Dhabi /Kuwait.. again my luggage is misplaced…

P.S:- Never Fly With This Irresponsible Airways… “BAG CHOR”

Hi, constantly i used to check blog posts here in the early hours in the dawn, because i enjoy to find out more and more.

shanice pridgen

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Piyushkumar Shah

No. Of bad experience. 1) can not register under frequent flyer programme, by doing correspondent it took too ugh time.2) At air port wt. of my some of bags were showing more weight.3)boarding pass issuing officer did not talked to me regarding this and wheel chair attendant was asking for money to clear extra wt. I denied and I took the extra wt. which they had shown more4) in flight they initially denied us to give veg. Food stating that we had not requested. When I told that it was requested while booking only, then they told us that you might have changed your seat no. I told that it is the same no. Then any how they had arranged.5) while issuing boarding pass or frequent flyer no. Was not inserted, hence I had to do on line after I arrived at Sfo. I can not do the same on line for my wife. I send several emails to them, then via face book messenger It was updated after more than 50 days.6) while viewing my return booking we found that one of our flight was not confirmed and contact them for option. While contacting their Sfo office on phone and by email they informed to contact the agency. Again while contacting them by facebook messenger and by my my agent they told us that one of flight is prepone by 2 hrs. And every thing is ok. They did not even informed about options.7) till today their site shows for my booking for same flight no. One is un confirmed and one is confirmed. 8) I pray to God that while checking I will not have any problem.8) my return flight were having 9 hrs. Halt at Jfk air port, New York and 11.30 hrs halt at Abu Dhabi , while requesting them for free stay and free food coupon they have denied to give even food coupon. I do not recommend to travel by Etihad air ways. Otherwise be ready for bad experience. And last and most imp. For our same booking dual fare was shown. What I paid was more and other one was less. While contacting they refused me to give diff. It seems to be under invoicing resulting to pay less tax to the concerned government.

Piyushkumar Shah

This is a Etihad airways sit, and if yes they look in to the problems and taking any action to improve it. Then it is worth.


never fly Etihad Airlines again worst airline in the world
flight from Abu Dahbi to Perth in economy is like being in a cattle truck ,if you have no legs
leg room is brilliant but anybody with legs its a waste of time crampted and useless ,seats worst in world
was ill for 3 days after reaching Perth
SINGAPORE AIRLINES is the best worth every penny why i changed from them god only knows
service and facilities fantastic on this airline
i beg anybody reading this please, please ,please do not ever fly ETIHAD AIRWAYS in economy long haul you will regret it ,
i could tell you loads more but would fill a page as long as a bible

I liked Etihad airways because of their entertainment system.
I reacon all you people are just underrating them. I don’t know what all of you are on about.
I flew with Etihad from Melbourne to Dà¼sseldorf via Abu Dhabi and they were great. My family loved Etihad and their good service.

ETIHAD Airways Senior Management are in the Business of Unprofessional conduct & Deliberate deception whom provides Inaccurate online Web flight details; Deceptive flight changes Without notifying already booked passengers; Distorts False aircraft details on their booking Website & Misleads clients & passengers with False advice/expectations…..
ETIHAD gives the airline industry an Untruthful image & brings their own Airline into Disrepute…..
Recent Obvious Cost Cutting (Without prior Notification to already Booked passengers) including removal of Top shelf drinks & Food menu from Inflight catering/Lounges and removal of Emirates Palace tasting menu from the Lounges = has already Resulted in Passengers changing their Loyalties to another airline such as Qatar, Singapore & Emirates….
Recommend Avoid ETIHAD – as this Airline are only interested in Quantity/Turnover where Clients are Only treated as another Number & have absolutely No interest in Quality nor your Repeat business…..
If you want to save yourself from much Heartache — for your future Travels recommend you find an Airline whom actually treat you as a Person; are Quality driven in terms of customer service; and genuinely Care about their Clients return as a Repeat Customer…..
Etihad is nowhere near the HIGH STANDARD of other more COMPETITIVE airlines.

This is the worst flight i have entered in the last 15 years of my flying. It was my first experience with etihad and will be the last forever. If i cant afford other reall airline flight, i’ll stay where i am than fly with etihad.
The staffs including the manager in Chicago international airport are very very unprofessional. They were the last people i pray even my enemies meet on a trip. They couldnt help and were rather compunding the stress tha=ey gave me and my 2 little kids. But not for the saints(2 ladies) God planted that decided to step out of the strings of their heartless boss and render help. God bless those ladies.

I will not advise anyone to travel with them. They kept us at the airport for over 12 hours without providing hotel. This is inhumane. Never again with Etihad

I lived in India and I had to travel a lot to India and other countries and etihad has been the best airlines I have not ever travelled with. I booked a ticket for the business class and it was a fantastic experience and the cabin crew was so helpful and the seats were so clean and spacious it was a lot of fun travelling with etihad airways. The flight was on time and the airport staff was helpful too the flight took off very soon and the food that was provided was of very good quality and I had completely privacy in my cabin and had enough entertainment on my airplane television and I even had a small refrigerator beside my seat which had beverages in it. The best airlines I have ever travelled with. Keep it up Etihad airways

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