This video, by SpeedbirdHD, highlights multiple Airbus A380s landing at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The video shows Qantas, Air France, Singapore Airlines, Korean Air and China Southern all touching down. So which one landed the best?

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My vote is for Singapore Airlines!!

John G

Pet peeve:

Apostrophes do NOT indicate plural!!!! If someone wants to be a writer, use proper grammar.

A380’s indicates possession, not plural. The A380’s passenger capacity is the largest for a commercial airline.

The correct caption should be A380s landing at LAX. No apostrophe.


Singapore wins!! The desired touchdown point is supposed to be the first 1500 ft of runway. Singapore wins touching down at about 1100ft. Air France loses. They landed more than 2000 ft down after doing a great job of floating. Obviously hot on final. I should know. Retired captain


Right!, What MrBill757 said!
Ditto on retired.
DC9, B727,747,757,767

Paulo M

Aesthetically? Air France.

Any pilot who manages to place over 600 tons of aircraft onto the runway is fine by me!
Notice how the wings are dead straight on approach and as the weight is transferred to the under carriage the wings bend down like a vulture,best seen from the rear.

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