Hurricane Issac is currently hitting the US, but a bit earlier, it hit Saint Maarten, which is a well known airline spotting site. This video, taken yesterday, shows an Air France Airbus A340 trying to land, but deciding to go around.

No worries, the plane ended up landing safely, with a round of applause.

Tip of the hat to @JustinTPA for this one.Ā 

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Bugger me!!! that was almost on the deck!

Still havent been in a go around yet šŸ™

This is the same airport where the Pilot Uni PPL episodes are taking place


I don’t know how many times I have played this video. I wonder if the people watching it, was aware of what they were going to witness, just imagine for a sec. if the pilot didn’t abort the landing!

Amazing video, very close to the ground to pop that TO/GA switch on the auto-throttle. Air Chance!

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