Private berth in the Aeroloft, located above the 747-8I's main cabin. Image from Boeing.

Private berth in the Aeroloft, located above the 747-8I’s main cabin. Image from Boeing.

If you were a fare-paying passenger and had access to sleeping berths like this, you would be elite. But in a Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Boeing Business Jet, this is where the “help” sleeps.

Today, Boeing celebrated the first Aeroloft to be installed on an aircraft. The additional space, located above the main cabin, behind the upper deck, provides an extra 383 square feet of additional space. That brings the total cabin space to 5,179 square feet. Yea… that is almost 5200 square feet… in a plane.

The Aerolof has eight private beds and a changing area for crew.

If the crew get resting areas this awesome, can't wait to see where the VIPs get to sleep. Image from Boeing.

If the crew get resting areas this awesome, can’t wait to see where the VIPs get to sleep. Image from Boeing.

Installation took place in Wichita, Kansas and now the 747-8I is heading to Hamburg, Germany to have the rest of its interior installed by Lufthansa Technik.

Boeing is still sticking to this aircraft is going to an, “undisclosed customer,” but it has been well established that this plane will go to the government of Qatar.Currently, Boeing has nine orders for the 747-8I BBJ for heads of states. Time to get into politics.

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I looked at the title quickly and thought Aeroflot was ordering a 747-8!!! To be a Qatari politician…

Yes, me too! Unfortunate name I thought, but it’ll probably only happen with the aviation geeks among us but won’t be noticed by mainstream readers.


Be a Saudi-Arabian Prince instead, then you could have an A380 all to yourself (well, and your extended family probably).

Now that is just going crazy :). I have to have some limits.


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