This ex-Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200 (9V-OTA) is now painted in Scoot Airlines yellow livery. Image from Scoot.

This ex-Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200 (9V-OTA) is now painted in Scoot Airlines yellow livery. Image from Scoot.

This airline really has some Scootitude — that is their statement, not mine.

Scoot Airlines is a new low-cost airline that looks to start operations soon and is owned by parent company Singapore Airlines.

The airline currently has a fleet of two Boeing 777s, which previously flew for Singapore Airlines. The aircraft are configured in a 2-class layout with 32 ScootBiz seats in a 2-4-2 configuration and the rest in economy with a 3-4-3 configuration.

Scoot is initially planning routes from Singapore to Australia, China and Thailand. The first flight is planned for June 6, 2012 to Sydney and the rest in the following months.

This vibrant yellow livery on a Boeing 777-200 really stands out. I keep going back and forth on this one, trying to see if I like it. In some ways, I really enjoy the fact that a bright livery is on a 777, but in others, it just seems so weird, since we normally see “fun” liveries, only on smaller aircraft like the 737. What do you think?

For more images of Scoot’s livery, check out their FaceBook page.

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I’m torn. I like a colorful livery, but knowing it’s yet another SIA effort to disrupt air services down under which is associated with Tiger tarnishes it for me.

I like the colors and the lines, it’s the typography that isn’t well thought out. Remove the type and the lines are quite sophisticated but the rounded, outlined san serif font makes it appear childish.

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