The time is getting near. On Sunday February 19, 2012, the Future of Flight, Boeing and will host the third Aviation Geek Fest (#AGF12) at Paine Field. What is Aviation Geek Fest? It is a chance for aviation lovers to come together in Seattle and share their passion and get to do a few cool things. Aviation Geek Fest in 2009 and 2010 were great successes and this one will be better than ever!

Tickets are on sale NOW get yours before they are gone!  Check out the full schedule below. Anyone from around the world is welcome to join us. This experience and the memories from it will be well worth a plane ticket and a hotel.

The Aviation Geek Fest 2010 peeps pose in front of a GE90 engine on a Boeing 777. Photo from Boeing.

The Aviation Geek Fest 2010 peeps pose in front of a GE90 engine on a Boeing 777. Photo from Boeing.

Tentative (as in 99% chance everything will happen as below) Schedule for Aviation Geek Fest 2012:

8:00am: Free Aviation Photography Class @ the Future of Flight
The Pacific Northwest Aviation Photographers abbreviated Basic Aviation Photography Class will cover the essential basics of judging images, selecting equipment, understanding what settings to use and why, and other specialized topics such as RAW versus JPEG and placing yourself for optimal light. The class is designed to bring everyone up to a basic level of understanding about aviation photography.


12:30pm: ELITE Meet and Greet
Check in at the Future of Flight and meet the other aviation geeks participating at #AGF12. Share stories, meet people that write on airlines, work for airlines and those who are just fans.

2:00pm: ELITE Adventure Ticket
Guests will pre-register for one of a several aviation adventures:
* Boeing factory floor tour [SOLD OUT]: The Boeing factory is open to the public, but #AGF12 participants will get VIP treatment with a tour on the actual floor. Note: no cameras will be allowed on this event.
* Dreamliner Gallery Tour [SOLD OUT]: Every airline that buys a 787 Dreamliner goes through this gallery to pick and choose what they want inside their aircraft. This facility is not generally open to the public.
* Paine Field Fire Department Tour [TICKETS AVAILABLE]: Getting there will be half the fun. Take a van from the Future of Flight, along the Paine Field flight line (with all the new Boeing aircraft), take photos as you go and then take a tour of the airport’s fire station with Chief Jeff Bohnet.
* Learn How to be an Airline Pilot [TICKETS AVAILABLE]: Just like the Fire Department tour, you will take a ride across the airport and be transported by all the new Boeing planes and after you arrive, you will learn what it would take to become an airline pilot by the professionals at Regal Air.

GENERAL TICKETS ($10.00 – these events are included if you purchase ELITE tickets):

3:30pm: Boeing Moonshine Presentation and Demonstration @ the Future of Flight
Who is the Moonshine Lab? They are a part of Boeing’s Lean Supplier Management Operations. Aviation Geek Fest participants will learn how the Moonshine Lab experts work inside the factory and around the world to streamline processes to save time and money. They are both innovative and scrappy often times making their own tools to get a job done. #AGF12 attendees will have an opportunity to experience a supply chain exercise themselves and even come away with a souvenir.

5:00pm: Aviation Geek Fest Social @ the Future of Flight
Food and drink will be served while you can tour the Future of Flight, get to know folks, take photos in the cockpit of a Boeing 727 and more. Awesome prizes will also be awarded to participants.

There will be a few other surprises added in as well. Stay tuned and make sure to sign up for the Aviation Geek Fest 2012 mailing list for all the latest details.

This was originally posted 2/12/2012 2pm and was last updated 2/15/2012 3:30pm

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & FOUNDER - SEATTLE, WA. David has written, consulted, and presented on multiple topics relating to airlines and travel since 2008. He has been quoted and written for a number of news organizations, including BBC, CNN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and others. He is passionate about sharing the complexities, the benefits, and the fun stuff of the airline business. Email me:
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Isaac Alexander

Will there be a designated photographer for all of the Elite quests? Basically, a photographer for the factory tour, Dreamliner gallery, Fire Dept., airline pilot, etc…

I’d also make sure in the above description to point out to people doing the elite stuff that you will NOT be able to take any type of camera with you.

We are not fully sure yet. Probably good chance no photo with the factory floor tour, but still waiting on the others.


What is the Dreamliner Gallery?

Hey Tom,

It is where the airlines go to customize their 787s.


I would like to get to free aviation photography class badly.

it should be good 🙂


Isaac Alexander

Thanks for the updates David! Quick follow up question. When will the mystery speaker be announced? Will we have to wait until it starts to find out?

Hoping soon. We are 98% sure but do not have the official green light. It will be awesome!!


Isaac Alexander

Got my pair of tickets. Thanks David. Will you be announcing a cap when they’re sold out for any of the tours?

A cap? The tickets should all be set for a max — all totaling 200 max!


Hi everyone

I got a factory floor ticket. I went back afterward to check on whether anything was sold out – both the Boeing factory tour and Dreamliner Gallery were sold out in 5 minutes or less. Dave, it seems you’ve organized a successful event. Now all you have to do is make the event happen. 🙂

Making it happen seems easy after the organization. But I was just one small part in the Future of Flight and Boeing helping with this.


Good for you to point the credit where it’s due. Still, it looks like you did a good job of getting the word out, among other tasks. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious we also need to thank Future of Flight Museum and Boeing since the event wouldn’t happen without them hosting it on their premises.

Isaac Alexander

Wow, Dreamliner Tour and Floor Factor Tour already sold out in under 10 minutes.

Some how, looks like a few more Gallery tickets opened up, so tell your friends 🙂


Marietta Landon

Hi, can babies come and would they need a ticket??
My son is 6 mths old and we are coming from out of town.

Hey Marietta,

Let me find out. There might be some safety concerns. Stay tuned.


Marietta Landon

Looks like kids have to be 4ft tall so I think we will just be touring the museum tomorrow! I hope everyone has an amazing time!

Agh, too bad I’m on East Coast…

Well, they do have planes that fly from the east coast to Seattle 🙂


Michelle Bernath

My boy child and I are so excited! He’s 12, and has already decided he wants to be a test pilot. We were lucky enough to get the “How to be an Airline Pilot” event, and he’s just beside himself with excitement! We’ve never been, and are really looking forward to the first of many years of this to come! 🙂

Thanks David for putting it all together!
Michelle and Jacob

I am looking forward to meeting both of you!


Brad (SEABrad)

Can one still get tickets to the 5PM social fest? Found out too late (plus have family in town and soccer game in the afternoon) – but would love to hang out…

Hey Brad,

Oops. We did close the ticket sales a bit early. You can go and get one of the General tickets now — sorry about that.


Is the meet and greet 1230-2, meaning checkin closes at 2pm?

Yes sir. Just a long check in period to make sure everyone gets there and has the chance to check out the Future of Flight and talk. But really you want to make sure you are there before 2pm.


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