Taken in February 2011 inside the Boeing Factory, this 777-300ER is the 24th 777 for Qatar.

Taken in February 2011 inside the Boeing Factory, this 777-300ER is the 24th 777 for Qatar.

So how long does it take Boeing to build a 777? That was a question emailed to me by reader Ron Thomas and I realized I did not know. I posed the question to Boeing on how long it takes for a 777 to be built and out of the factory, how long it takes to be painted and then how much longer before actually being delivered to a customer. I decided to share the answers.

Of course depending on the paint job and possible issues, these numbers can change, but this is based on the average build for a 777:

From first part to out of the Boeing factory in Everett: 49 days
Time in the paint booth: 4 additional days
Flights and testing: About 30 additional days
Total from first part to delivery: About 83 days — less than three months.

That truly is beyond impressive and if you have ever taken a tour of the Boeing factory, you know that they make it look so easy.

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80 odd days is fast, amazing and probably best demonstrated (and over-exaggerated) by this British Airways video: http://youtu.be/mLGqrsjILo4

I was fortunate enough to see the Boeing 787 assembly line on a recent visit to Seattle and was amazed at the clinical precision with which the task is undertaken. I was there to collect a 737-800 and the 737 line is a VERY efficient and speedy process.



very impressive; and cool video, Paulo!
I’m only wondering how many planes at the same time can be built in Everett factory?

I work in the Everett factory which is the largest building in the world. We build 747/767/777/787 models and currently assmble 3-747, 5-777, 2-767, 8-787 plus at least 6 fuselage sections and wings of each model. It takes about 80 days to complete a 777 though each assembly position but we send a plane out of the factory every 3 days.

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Really? 83 days ?

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How many man hours toes it take to build a 777 from start to finish?

leonard luoma

I would like to know how many deaf workers built any airplanes?

Leonard Louma. There are Def workers in my area but I could not tell you how many on the 777 program.

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of course is safe have you been on board once ??

leo mpaka


How many employees does it take to build a 777?

Hussein Labib

How many man days ?

Sure. How many man days.

Ahmed Rashid

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