Airline: Porter Airlines
Aircraft: Bombardier Q400
Route: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ) to Montreal’“Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
Class: Economy
Seats: 13B (aisle) and 15D (window)
Length: About 70 minutes (each way)

Cheers: Everyone gets treated like they are flying first class — including free wine and beer.
Jeers: Some people might not like riding on a turbo-prop.
Overall: This is the way flying should be — and a rarity to find it on a regional carrier.

Porter Airlines Bombardier Q400 sits at Toronto.

Porter Airlines Bombardier Q400 sits at Toronto.


During a recent trip to Toronto, I had the opportunity to fly to Montreal and back using Porter airlines (disclosure: the trip was paid for by Bombardier to check out their Cseries in Montreal). Being based in Seattle and flying Horizon/Alaska quite a bit, I am no stranger to the Q400 aircraft. There have been quite a few times that when I talk to people about the Q400, I am asked if I have tried Porter Airlines. Luckily, I can now say that I have — and that is a good thing.

When flying Porter Airlines,  getting to the airport was half the fun. I walked about a mile (could have easily taken a cab, bus or subway, but it was a nice morning), hopped on a shuttle bus, then took the world’s shortest ferry ride. For those that love anything that involves transportation, the experience is pretty cool. So why a ferry? Well, that is kind of a long story.

After arriving at Billy Bishop airport, be sure to turn around and catch the view of the ferry with Toronto in the background.

After arriving at Billy Bishop airport, be sure to turn around and catch the view of the ferry with Toronto in the background.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is located on an island in Toronto and is restricted to  prop aircraft and helicopters. When Porter first began looking at starting operations there, they were under the assumption that a bridge would be built to allow easy access. There was some fun political stuff that went down and no bridge has been built. Instead, the airport runs a small ferry that can hold cars and passengers from the “mainland” over to the island. Don’t blink, because you might miss the ride — it is the shortest ferry ride in the world.

The Toronto Port Authority is in the process of creating a pedestrian tunnel that will allow easier access and reduce the onslaught of passengers that come with each arriving ferry. The ferry will still operate once the tunnel is completed (which they are expecting to be done in 2014), to handle car traffic and presumably passengers who want to get the full experience.

I was staying in downtown Toronto and decided to make the one mile walk to the Royal York Hotel, where Porter Airlines operates a free shuttle to the ferry . Even with the walk, shuttle and ferry, it was less than an hour from my hotel room to my gate, which was quite impressive.

Porter Airlines waiting area is nicer than some airline first class lounges I have been in -- and everyone gets access.

Porter Airlines waiting area is nicer than some airline first class lounges I have been in -- and everyone gets access.

Since all I had was a camera, it was quick and easy for me to get through security. Every time I go through airport security any place that is not in the US, I am reminded how much better it can be. I was greeted with a big smile and asked how I was doing (what… is this a trick?). I asked if I needed to take off my shoes and I was told no. He looked at my belt and said, “that might make the alarm go off,” and I explained it never had before and he let me through (very different from the barking orders that the TSA gives).

This is when things really get different. Instead of having a bunch of uncomfortable seats with bad lighting, the Porter Airlines waiting area is like a first class lounge — and a good one at that. I have been in a few first class lounges of other airlines that have been worse than Porter’s waiting area. There are free drinks and snacks, nothing major, but still impressive. There is free wifi and plenty of comfortable seating.This all comes at no extra charge and is just part of the Porter experience.

Before my flight I had an opportunity to sit down with Brad Cicero and Amanda Ashford, with Porter communications, to learn a bit more about the airline. They explained to me that Porter is looking to add some paid options in their lounge, including ready-to-go food and alcohol.

Porter Airlines offers a comfortable cabin that feels high-end, especially for a regional prop airliner.

Porter Airlines offers a comfortable cabin that feels high-end, especially for a regional prop airliner.

Each flight is clearly announced and people line up at one of three doors before heading to one of ten gates. With most regional prop aircraft, you have to (well “get to” for airline fans) go on the tarmac to board. This can be okay some times of the year, but winter in Toronto has a way of getting a bit cold. So, the airline helped to design a customized boot to allow an inside hallway to connect to the aircraft, keeping passengers out of the elements.

The Q400 is not known for having spacious overhead bins (although the Q400nextgen does do a pretty good job) If you have a larger carry-on, you can give it to the Porter employee at the gate and they will return it to you once you land. This is a similar service that Alaska and Frontier Airlines also offer on their Q400s.

Porter has arranged their Q400s with a 34″ seat pitch with 70 seats vs the typical 78 seat set up. All the seats are leather and the interior uses lighter color tones. It felt more like someone’s personal aircraft than an airliner. On both my flights I had a seat mate, which didn’t give me too much room side-to-side — although I am a bit bigger of a guy. I was sitting in the aisle going to Montreal and I would really have to bring my shoulder in from being hit by people passing in the aisle.

Yea, this might have been a 11:30am flight (8:30am Seattle time), but I had to test out the free wine for my story.

Yea, this might have been a 11:30am flight (8:30am Seattle time), but I had to test out the free wine for my story.

Just because the flight was only an hour doesn’t mean that passengers don’t get full service. A bit after take off the flight attendants started down the aisle giving out meal boxes and drinks. On the way to Montreal I had a chicken sandwich with pasta and on the way back was a chicken wrap with veggies. Now, these are not full meal portions, but way more than you would expect in economy on almost any other domestic airline. Not to mention you also get free beer or wine — in a real glass.

The flight attendants have classic uniforms that look professional and the four I was able to interact with seemed to actually enjoy their job and positively interacted with passengers, even though they had a short time line to complete their service.

The weather in Montreal was foggy and a bit snowy, so we did not see the ground until we almost touched down. Even sitting near the rear of the plane, it is always a quick de-boarding process on the Q400.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ) seen from the Porter Airlines Q400.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ) seen from the Porter Airlines Q400.

After a few hours in Montreal, I was back at the airport ready to take another ride on Porter. The ride back was equally enjoyable. This is an airline that seems to be in at the right place at the right time, offering the right service.

They are working towards getting US Customers Pre-Clearance in Toronto, so that they can expand routes into the US that do not have customs. Porter is also planning to bring lounges to additional airports that they serve like Montreal and Newark, sometime in the future.

Previously the airline has not turned a profit and has been around 50% passenger load. Once completing the numbers for 2011, they are hoping to show a profit and occupancy loads to be around 60%, helping to fuel future growth for this unique airline.


EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & FOUNDER - SEATTLE, WA. David has written, consulted, and presented on multiple topics relating to airlines and travel since 2008. He has been quoted and written for a number of news organizations, including BBC, CNN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and others. He is passionate about sharing the complexities, the benefits, and the fun stuff of the airline business. Email me: david@airlinereporter.com

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Frank Doyle

You might want to fix the first airport code reference. You refer to it as YYZ.

Oops! Updated to YTZ. Thanks.


Wow the food looks amazing. Did all of that come in the little box behind it?

Well, the glass of wine did not :). But the box made it very easy for the flight attendants to serve and pick up afterwards.


Thanks for this! I’ve always wanted to fly Porter. Low load factors or not, they put the fear of God into Air Canada, who upgraded their service on the YYZ-YUL-YOW circuit, and re-started flights to YTZ. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

David – glad you could make the to the Nearly North and experience what you now confirm as one heckuva’ “regional” airline. As a Canuck, I also hope you enjoyed your short stays in both T.O. and Montreal – two great international cities.
Next time, try to plan a longer stay, and I’ll drive down from our place, give you the tour, and show you a couple of nice spots for a pint. Or two.
Cheers from here!

P.S. – Recent familial experience says that Porter crews also treat small kids with respect as well. The two-plus year-old grand-dude was taken to Quebec City by his parents recently via Porter, and with his own seat, and treated like a prince, he thought that it was a great airline too!

Porter is an awesome option for commuters. I leave school in Montreal at 5pm on Sundays, jump a flight and get home, in Toronto, in time for dinner at 7:30pm. It really does make travel so much more enjoyable!

“Every time I go through airport security any place that is not in the US, I am reminded how much better it can be.”


On a recent visit to New Zealand, there wasn’t visible security at Rotorua before boarding a flight to Wellington. Refreshing. And while I knew exactly what was going on, the guards outside the international terminal at Auckland couldn’t have been more personable as they asked about my trip and where I had been.

Well done, Kiwis. Uncle Sam should take a lesson.

I noticed the same thing in New Zealand a couple of years ago. Apparently they don’t do security for domestic non-jet services. I flew AKL-ROT-WLG-CHC and the only security check was for the 737 service between Wellington and Christchurch.

I just had my first experience with Porter and YTZ last week after Air Canada stranded me (again). Between Porter’s great service, friendly flight attendants, and nice airport it looks like I’ve seen the last of Air Canada Jazz/Express!

The only “caveat” with Porter relates to weather conditions. The moment the weather gets a bit iffy (fog, bad storms, etc), the chances are that your Porter flight will face a long delay or complete cancellation.

True. But at least you have a nice waiting area to hang out at YTZ 🙂


Jacqui miller

Lounge is nice and it is nice to have complimentary water , cookies and coffee but if you need to purchase food it is worse than Pearson. I could not imagine being delayed and having to buy food for a family!

Robert Deluce need to take another walk-thru.

When that happens, I usually just take a VIA Rail train. By the time you factor in the flight delays plus the probably bad driving conditions at the destination, I get there faster by train.

Jacqui miller

My last flight with Porter would have been faster by car!

I looked everywhere on Porter site and the Royal York Hotel
Trying to find the ‘SHUTTLE’ times from hotel to airport
Looking for a time table……….


Here is the best information I found: http://www.torontoport.com/Airport/Getting-To.aspx

The shuttle runs whenever there are flights and it was about 15-20 for me to go from getting on the shuttle to being at the gate.


Mike Kenney

Well I just completed a trip from Windsor to Montreal, a few things for the ride out it was nice service was good, but the landing onto the island was quite adventurus, I would caution anyone who has fear of flying from using the service, other than that the service was excellent,

Now for the flip side arrived at PET for 9 for a 10:30 departure, due to fog it turned into a day of hell with an arrival in Windsor at about 23:30.

As for that nice lounge, as prior poster had mentioned, it was nice if consider having to sit on the floor as nice, I would be nice if they could expand there selection of compimentary snack on days like this.

Since the airport is on the water I would like to now how often they experience the delays.

P-O-R-T-E-R is A-D-D-I-N-G another row of seats to the Q400? I guess you can’t boast about the most leg-room anymore 🙁

Its bad company in the world. They canceled flight today from Halifax to Toronto and a reason is : because somebody in the crew not feel good. Just unbelievable

Jacqui miller

I have not had much luck with Porter……..so many cancelled or delayed flights. I was booked on a noon flight to Ottawa from Toronto last month. Flight cancelled – mechanical problems. Changed to 1:00 pm , we boarded and then un boarded, because of mechanical problems…changed again. Boarded our third plane, left the gate, headed for the runway – mechanical problems! Fixed and headed out but THE DOOR WAS LEFT OPEN AND WE ARE LEAVING! Pilot slammed on the breaks, door is closed but now we have to wait for the engines to be re-started! We then left but I missed the wedding I was going to in Ottawa! Rude ground staff….at 12:50 and there had not been a further announcement and I could see no plane, I asked one of the ladies at the desk about our chances of leaving at 1:00. Her answer ” How on earth would I know”. I did not ask again. Flight crew are always amazing.

Gentleman I sat beside on the flight to Ottawa said he flies every two weeks to Ottawa and can count on one hand the number of times the flights leave on time!

Arrived at the Ottawa airport the next day for my flight home 4 hours ahead of time. Check-in said they had lots of empty seats on earlier flights. Considering what I went thru on the Friday I asked if they would consider putting me on an earlier flight (gratis). That got a laugh out of them. Instead I went to the bar for dinner, a glass of wine and decided to tweet about my experience.

Last summer our flight was cancelled ( raining) from New York to Toronto. We did get an email late in the day but six women trying to find a hotel room at the last minute in August was a nightmare. ruined our last day in New York plus instead of getting a choice of time when we flew out of New York they put us on the first flight out which meant we had to get up at 5:00 a.m. The cost of paying for another night in New York would not have stung so much if we had been put on an evening flight ( originally booked) and had another day to enjoy N.Y.

The taxi and drop off area in Toronto is a nightmare. I have been in third world countries that are more organized!

I will never fly this airline again, first and last time. Took a quick weekend trip to Montreal from Chicago to see a concert for a belated birthday present. The outbound trip Saturday was fine, the return trip on Sunday was a total disaster.

Saturday’s flights were nearly empty, but the flights Sunday were packed so it seems that if there is a rush this airline has no idea how to handle it. There were no weather issues or anything to cause multiple delays on Sunday and I really was never given a clear answer as to why all of my flights, among others, were delayed. It was a mix of “technical issues” and “delays at other airports”. I have flown often enough to never have experienced anything like this before on what should have been a normal flying day.

Sunday started out at the Montreal airport where three outbound flights near my gate were all being delayed by about twenty minutes. Ok no big deal, except in the end they turned out to be 45-60 minute delays. I was leaving Montreal for Toronto, then had a connecting flight to Chicago. When booking my tickets all I was offered was a 30 minute change over between flights, for the flight home. Porter airlines in Toronto has a small terminal, so on a normal day this should be no problem.

In the end I missed my connection in Toronto to Chicago because of the original delay of 45 minutes in Montreal and my new second flight (an hour and half after my original flight) was also delayed by an hour and a half. I was suppose to arrive home around 3:30pm and didn’t until 7:30pm that night and I also missed a work opportunity, which the airline personnel seemed to not give a hoot about (I freelance so anytime I can pick up some work I need to).

In the end I was offered nothing in terms of a refund/credit or even a clear reason as to why all of these delays were happening. After complaining about the second flight being delayed I was given a $15 food court credit?! Gee thanks, doesn’t make up for a horrible customer service experience and the work and potential new client I lost.

Simply, never, ever again. The worst.

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