Things got a little busy in 2011 and we did not have an official Aviation Geek Fest of 2011, but that is not going to stop us from having one soon. It has been decided that the next Aviation Geek Fest will be on Sunday February 19, 2012. Currently I am working with the Future of Flight and Boeing to do some cool things this year.

Nothing is locked down yet, so I can’t share, but you are not going to want to miss out on this one.

What is Aviation Geek Fest you ask? It is an opportunity for those who love aviation and airlines to come together in Seattle and celebrate and experience some pretty cool aviation related things. Check out Aviation Geek Fest from 2009 and 2010.

We aren’t even sure of the time, if it will cost money, how many people we can have come (it has been about 50 in the past) or any other details you will want to know. I can say that we like to make it better each year and that is the goal this year.

For now, mark you calendars and stay tuned.

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My 50th birthday! Nice. And a holiday weekend.

Well, we mostly chose that date based on your b-day. The 3-day weekend was secondary :).


B. Hoyumpa

First time commenter but longtime blurker and total aviation geek from the Philippines. His may be the perfect excuse for a trip to Seattle to log my first medallion qualifying miles for 2012. So excited!

Well, I hope you can make it!


I’ll plan on going again. Comparing 2009 and 2010, you’ve probably been talking about this among the organizers already. It sounds like it worked better with a nominal fee in 2010 than when it was subsidized/free in 2009. I never had a chance to think about it in 2009 – you said the tickets were gone in less than a minute. And it sounds like it was a free-for-all brawl. In 2010, when there was a small fee comparable with the cost of the public tour, it took a day for the tickets to sell out. And from what I heard, you got a more interesting and interested group when they had to pay a little in 2010.

There was an interesting note for me. AGF10 was my first tour of Boeing’s Everett factory. It was an impressive VIP tour, with a required safety briefing and then right across the factory floor. People told me it was a much better tour than in the tunnels. My reaction was “tunnels? Can I see them too?” It may seem silly but I did come back in July 2011 to see the regular public tour. There were different reasons to like both. My opinion is a real aviation geek has to see it both ways.

Well, I am sure you can be hooked up with a “normal” factory tour. It is good in its own right, no question. Just being on the floor vs the tunnels is a bit better 🙂


Not only can, I did. That was what I did on the July 2011 visit to Everett. 🙂

Sounds interesting! Please email more info or provide a link. Thanks!

Hey David,
I’m up for the tour! 2010 was awesome! Ready for 2012.

Count us in. Er, remind me to count us in.

a) I’ll sure attempt to make 2012. It helps whem one of my websites is and I LOVE Boeing! Hopefully Boeing will please provide a cameraperson or let us use our cameras.

b) Just so you know… 1st train gets into Everett from Seattle @ 8:31 and from Mt. Vernon to the north where I live @ 10:02 (SOURCE). Hopefully your event won’t start until 11, otherwise I’d need to book a hotel room since I can’t drive (disabilities).

We aren’t exactly sure how it will play out. A lot will be based on when we can get access to things. My guess is it will work to join in part way if you need to be in at 11am.

That being said. I am not a morning person, so later the better :).


Sounds good. I’ll stay tuned!

Geek? I resemble that remark … Speaking too for
@airplanegeeks of course.

For the 2010 Aviation Geekfest, we were not allowed to bring camera’s with us on our tour of the Boeing Factory. However, there was a designated camera person that went with us that would take pictures of what you requested. Those pictures were then uploaded to the Future of Flight Flickr pool. So in short, you’ll be able to take all the pictures you want inside the Future of Flight with your OWN camera, but you probably WON’T on any special tour we take. I’ll defer to David or Sandy for further clarification on this.

Great seeing you post here Rob! Hope you can make it out from Chicago! Airplane Geeks unite!

Yea, it will depend. Boeing is getting more and more open to cameras. Last time I did a media event (787 delivery) they allowed us to take photos of the 787 line from the factory floor and that was a first. But IF they do (which I still suspect they won’t), it would probably not be from the floor.

In a way, it is sometimes nice to do things with no cameras and really absorb everything that is going on instead of being worried about getting a photo.


Went to AGF10 – really looking forward to AGF12! 😀

I went to AGF 2010; I will come and bring a friend; two of them were jealous. I worked for Boeing and have walked all the production lines, totalling dozens of times – including while RA001, the first 747, was being built in 1968 – and I look forward to walking the floor again.

The fee was no problem.

This seems pretty cool!

I would like to join the Aviation Geekfest this year, (4 days after my birthday). Please keep us posted on how to join up…….

Bob the Airplane Nut
(Bob Connolly)

Will do. I am trying to get a mailing list set up for people that want to stay informed.


Went to 2010. Looking forward to 2012.

Sounds like a blast and we’re planning to be in Seattle that weekend. Please add me to the mailing list! -Doug

I would be very happy to participate! CJT

Shams Shaik

Count me in too, please

Would love to join in the fun but I will have to wait for 2013. I’ll be doing my own aviation geek fest that day flying HND->FRA (crossing fingers that ANA receives the 787s it needs for that flight)!

I’m keeping the date open! Booking travel soon!

Neal Gray


Please keep me posted on the Geek Fest 2012. I am an aviation nut growing up as an air force brat and now flying over 150,000 miles per year on United / Continental + others.

Anyway, i would like to join up if possible.


Neal Gray

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