Flying first class is pretty sweet. Having your own private jet is a bit better. But having an entire Boeing 757 airliner all to yourself is pretty baller (yes, I used “baller”). Even if you are not a fan of Donald Trump and all his antics, it is hard not to be a fan of his custom Boeing 757 private jet. This video features Amanda Miller from The Apprentice giving a tour of the aircraft. I am assuming she was chosen not for her acting and narrating skills, but if you put it on mute, the video is still quite entertaining.

The aircraft, registered OY-SHA was first delivered to Sterling Airways in June of 1991. Then it was sold to Mexico based TAESA in 1994 with registration XA-SPG. Still rather new, Paul Allen’s (co-founder of a little Seattle-based software company called Vulcan) purchased the 757 and registered it N115FS for only about a year before re-registering it to N757AF.

Thanks to @jetcitystar for pointing this out.

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Cool link above, Drew V.! And perhaps Amanda could go into business with Palin and Bachman.

Pago Flyer

Pretty nifty. Wish he was in the White House.

Nice ride, but 24k gold plated faucets and seat belt buckles? Not the best way to show he’s in touch with the common people.

I think his bid for prez was a nice publicity stunt for him. I doubt he has any desire to be one with the people. If I had my own B757 I probably wouldn’t want to be one with the people either 🙂


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