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Flying first class is pretty sweet. Having your own private jet is a bit better. But having an entire Boeing 757 airliner all to yourself is pretty baller (yes, I used “baller”). Even if you are not a fan of Donald Trump and all his antics, it is hard not to be a fan of his custom Boeing 757 private jet. This video features Amanda Miller from The Apprentice giving a tour of the aircraft. I am assuming she was chosen not for her acting and narrating skills, but if you put it on mute, the video is still quite entertaining.

The aircraft, registered OY-SHA was first delivered to Sterling Airways in June of 1991. Then it was sold to Mexico based TAESA in 1994 with registration XA-SPG. Still rather new, Paul Allen’s (co-founder of a little Seattle-based software company called Vulcan) purchased the 757 and registered it N115FS for only about a year before re-registering it to N757AF.

Thanks to @jetcitystar for pointing this out.