A Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737 as spotted in Istanbul recently.

A Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737 as spotted in Istanbul recently.

Pegasus Airlines is a low cost airlines based in Istanbul Turkey. It was founded in 1990 between a partnership of investors and Aer Lingus. The airline flies to over 100 destinations in 17 countries. The airline is an all economy Boeing 737 fleet with 28 737-800s, 2 737-400s and two 737-500s (that is what I am going with, since their own website contradicts the actual number of aircraft they operate). The airline is owned by ESAS investments, which also has shareholding in Air Berlin and iZar.

I had the chance to see this livery for the first time while at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (a smaller airport in Turkey mostly operating low-cost carriers) and I have to say I was underwhelmed. I love the name and really loved how they announced “Pegasus Flight #XX has now arrived” with a Turkish accent in the airport, but the livery itself is a bit plain. I feel there is a lot of potential with having the name of Pegasus, since the visual of a flying horse is pretty slick.

Although a flying horse is found on the winglets, they decided to go with plain red writing of their name on a yellow tail. I understand the desire to promote their website with large letters on the side showing “flypgs.com,” but it doesn’t have to be done in such a boring fashion. Pegasus Airlines actually used to fly with a horse on the tail, but removed it when placing their website on the side of the fuselage.

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UPDATED: Photos of Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental in Full Lufthansa Livery

A great name for an airline! Yes, i agree that some more marketing and better paint job would better represent the name. Its fun to see different airliner liveries, especially ones that you wouldn’t likely see in person here in the US.

I like the Pegasus livery, but feel it has gone seriously downhill since they added the billboard flypgs.com titles. It looked a lot better when it previously said Pegasus in a sensibly-sized font!

Iona Heneric

I have made bookings from Istanbul to Vienna Pegasus Airlines:4Ya1VA for the
5th of April. My daughter Serena Heneric has got a new passport so we need to give the new Portport No.N4718358 but we are having problems contacting Pegasus. Could you please help us?



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