Europe Airpost Boeing 737-300 (F-GIXJ).

Europe Airpost Boeing 737-300 (F-GIXJ).

Europe Airpost is the world’s largest operator of the Boeing 737-300QC (Quick Change) aircraft with 14 in the fleet. That aircraft allows the airline to quickly change (hence the name) from cargo to passenger service quite quickly. Europe Airpost also operates two passenger only Boeing 737-700s, two all cargo Boeing 737-300s and four all cargo Fokker 27s.

The airline was founded in 1991, although its roots can be tracked back to L’Aeropostale in 1927. Europe Airpost is based out of Bà¢timent Le Squoia in France. They operate cargo operations and charter passenger services.

Their livery is unique and just looks cool, but I have always been a fan of yellow. It is hard to have so much solid color on a livery and make it look good and the swooping lines of gray and blue make it work.

Image: EL-RJD

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I’ve spotted them at PMI, almost everyday throughout summer season. Great post!

Cool looking bird. I like the swooping lines.

Looks like a modern version of Hughes Air-West.

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