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JAT Airways Boeing 737-300.

Jat Airways Boeing 737-300.

If you like dots and simplicity, boy do I have a livery for you — Jat Airways. The airline was founded in 1927, which makes it one of the world’s older airlines. JAT is the national airline of Serbia and operates out of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG).

JAT currently operates a fleet of Boeing 737-300 and ATR-72 aircraft that fly to mostly international destinations in Europe. The airline has had quite a few different liveries through out the years and some better than others.

The JAT Yugoslav Airlines livery seen on this DC-9 in 1986 has a very classic looking livery with the retro “JAT” circle on the tail.  Then, with the introduction of the Boeing 737-300 to the fleet, JAT went with a similar livery, but with bare metal instead of white paint — not quite as nice looking in my opinion. In 2001, JAT updated their livery with a waving flag design on their tail and a predominate “JAT” on the front of the fuselage — which looked great on a DC-10.

To help celebrate their official name change to “Jat Airways” in 2003, the airline decided to hold a competition for a new livery. A simple livery involving dots ended up winning and is now on their entire fleet.

So… what are your thoughts?

Image by 64N21W

Europe Airpost Boeing 737-300 (F-GIXJ).

Europe Airpost Boeing 737-300 (F-GIXJ).

Europe Airpost is the world’s largest operator of the Boeing 737-300QC (Quick Change) aircraft with 14 in the fleet. That aircraft allows the airline to quickly change (hence the name) from cargo to passenger service quite quickly. Europe Airpost also operates two passenger only Boeing 737-700s, two all cargo Boeing 737-300s and four all cargo Fokker 27s.

The airline was founded in 1991, although its roots can be tracked back to L’Aeropostale in 1927. Europe Airpost is based out of Bâtiment Le Séquoia in France. They operate cargo operations and charter passenger services.

Their livery is unique and just looks cool, but I have always been a fan of yellow. It is hard to have so much solid color on a livery and make it look good and the swooping lines of gray and blue make it work.

Image: EL-RJD

Cayman Airways Boeing 737-400 (VP-CAY)

Cayman Airways Boeing 737-300 (VP-CAY)

Cayman Airways was founded in 1968 and has its headquarters in George Town on the Cayman Islands. The airline’s mascot is a turtle with ascot called Sir Turtle. You can find sir Turtle on the front of the aircraft’s livery.

The airline operates non-stop service between Grand Cayman and Miami, Tampa, Washington DC, New York, and Chicago using four Boeing 737-300s. Cayman Airways also uses two Twin Otters for local regional services.

Thanks to Dave Brown for the suggestion!

Image: Anne S14

Air Bucharest Boeing 737-300 (YR-TIB)

Air Bucharest Boeing 737-300 (YR-TIB)

Air Bucharest is an airline based in Bucharest, Romania and operates charter and lease flights to various destinations in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. The airline was founded in July 2010 and currently has only one Boeing 737-300 in an all economy configuration.

I actually really like the basic foundation of this livery. The swooping blue and red lines on the fuselage and the tail are clean, but colorful. The aircraft is currently on lease from TinarAir and it appears it once flew with them in a very similar livery. Air Bucharest added six flowers to the fuselage and two to the engine nacelles which is a bit of an overkill, but I assume they wanted to customize the livery. In many recent photos (including this one), the nose cone was replaced and has not been repainted. The livery looks much more completed with the nose cone painted and hopefully that is on the airline’s to-do list.

Image: Ken Fielding