The first China Southern Airline Airbus A380 has rolled out of the paint shop in Hamburg Germany. This is one of five A380s that have been ordered by China Southern and the airline should take delivery of their first during the second half of 2011.

Both photos from Airbus. Click either for much larger version.

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PHOTOS: Airbus A380 Wing Hits Building at Paris Air Show

I’m sure there will be disagreement, but that is an ugly livery. Then again, the A380 isn’t too livery friendly.

Being such a large aircraft makes it hard for every livery to look good. I like the combination of the colors and think it looks pretty good on the A380, but better on the 787:


You are right. It looks great on the 787. I like the colors as well. It’s just not a good look on the A380. The problem is the the upper deck of the fuselage, and the sheer size of the aircraft. It throws liveries out of proportion.

Thanks for the link.

A380 china air bus will bring revolutionary change in cheap flights

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