Air Bucharest Boeing 737-300 (YR-TIB)

Air Bucharest Boeing 737-300 (YR-TIB)

Air Bucharest is an airline based in Bucharest, Romania and operates charter and lease flights to various destinations in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. The airline was founded in July 2010 and currently has only one Boeing 737-300 in an all economy configuration.

I actually really like the basic foundation of this livery. The swooping blue and red lines on the fuselage and the tail are clean, but colorful. The aircraft is currently on lease from TinarAir and it appears it once flew with them in a very similar livery. Air Bucharest added six flowers to the fuselage and two to the engine nacelles which is a bit of an overkill, but I assume they wanted to customize the livery. In many recent photos (including this one), the nose cone was replaced and has not been repainted. The livery looks much more completed with the nose cone painted and hopefully that is on the airline’s to-do list.

Image: Ken Fielding

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I like the livery. I agree, the flowers are overkill. It would be nice to see the nose cone painted. Their only 737, wow. Talk about fledgling.

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