How many of these landing gears did you get correct?

How many of these landing gears did you get correct?

Wow, you guys are pretty darn good. I was shocked how many different responses I received. I wanted to give a shout out to all those that got it all right, but I got caught way behind this weekend, so I am putting all the answers out.

Here are the answers:

#1: Boeing 747-8I for unknown customer and has been painted in the nice orange “sunrise” livery
#2: Boeing 767-300ER for ANA and the 1001st Boeing 767 built, taken inside the Boeing factory
#3: Boeing 737-800 for Alaska Airlines taken in Bellingham during Alaska’s first BLI flight to Hawaii
#4: Boeing 747-400 for United Airlines taken while hanging out on the ramp at LAX
#5: Bombardier Q400 for Horizon Air taken in Reno, NV during a short flight on Horizon
#6: Boeing 787 Dreamliner ZA002 with ANA livery taken after ZA002 took off from Paine Field after getting some work done

I think #6, the Boeing 787 ended up catching more people off guard. Stay tuned for the next contest — airliners have a lot of parts to use.

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I hope the next one isnt “What aircraft’s pitot tubes are these?” heeh

Drew V

Airline “repoter”?????

Omg. Seriously? I swear photoshop needs spell check and I can’t believe no one else has noticed.


Jonathan Anderson

Nice! I would never of guessed 787 for #6. Also #1. Good challenge…what’s next?

damn. all but #4 right;( thought its was the dreamlifter. right plane model tough;)

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