The first Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental caught outside in the natural light after being pulled out of the factory.

The first Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental caught outside in the natural light after being pulled out of the factory.

Hot damn! That was a big shocker. I was wondering what the livery of the first Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental would look like and I wasn’t guessing orange. I thought maybe the standard livery, the light livery, Lufthansa’s colors, Boeing Business Jet or possibly even Air Force One. I think the choice surprised everyone. Boeing is calling it the “Sunrise Livery.” Kudos to Boeing for being able to keep this cat in the bag for so long.

The event today was quite the scene. Great speakers, music and lighting. Although, the smoke and lights made photography a little tricky.

I have to say the color choice is gorgeous. I don’t think the real beauty comes out in the photos. The paint is metallic, so up close it really sparkles. So why orange right? Directly from Boeing: “The airplane unveiled today is painted in a new Sunrise livery of red-orange that only will appear on the first 747-8 Intercontinental and is a significant departure from Boeing’s standard blue. The new color palette honors many key Boeing customers whose cultures recognize these colors as symbols of prosperity and good luck.” Either way, she is one beautiful airplane and I cannot wait to see her fly.

As of now, the first flight is scheduled for Spring 2011. Since the Boeing 747-8 Freighter has been going through so many different flight tests, the additional tests for the 747-8 Intercontinental won’t be as intensive. This aircraft (N6067E) will be painted in the Sunrise Boeing livery during flight tests. It then will be painted to the customer’s livery before delivery. Of course, there is still no word who the owner of the first aircraft will be. There were representatives from Lufthansa and Korean Air present at the ceremony. Currently Lufthansa has 20 orders for the 747-8I and Korean Air has five.

UPDATE 5:00pm:
Just got to watch as the first 747-8I was pulled out of the factory and parked at the fuel dock. It was very nice seeing it in the natural light and I think these photos better represent what the aircraft looks like in person. During the event people were talking about the livering having red and that was difficult to see. Outside, you could clearly see the red and orange on the body and near-neon orange of the tail. It is one long plane and beautiful plane. Boeing just tweeted one from the ground that looks great and  I added seven more photos…


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Video of Boeing’s 747-8 Intercontinental Being Revealed

I must agree, the Orange is not a great choice and it sure does not say much about the ultimate owner/operator. I am for more interested in seeing the -8I flying, than who owns what. By any measure, she is a VIA, a Very Impressive Airplane and we wish her well, no matter who holds the title.

Joe Dolan

An image search of the 707 prototype, the dash 80 (367-80)shows it with a similar red-orange color.

That is amazing. So big! I’m still thrilled when they lift off the ground.

I was stunned.
The first thing I thought of was India, Africa and to a lesser degree Asia.
Then I remembered the first 707 scheme as has been noted, so Boeing has their cover.
It’s provocative looking, precisely what Boeing was looking for.
The -8 will be a big success for Boeing, it’s got great bones and is a beauty to look at. Whereas an A-380 looks like a freight elevator, the -8 is a lovely escalator.
The violinist opening was astounding and the speeches were terrific.
(How odd was it that GE had the worst headset of all?)

Delta and United need this plane!
Best of luck Boeing.

Great photos David! What was the atmosphere like inside at the unveiling? Looks like it was very exciting.

10,000 people who have an invested interested in this new plane created an amazing atmosphere for sure. The best part was when everyone could go up to the plane and get a closer look.



Absolutely beautiful airplane. Still recall my first image of B471 with Pan AM scheme at San Francisco Airport 1970. I would like to see more airline place order this fascinating flying machine. I wonder how many airlines are considering to switch from B787 to B478 as air traveler increased in 2010 per IATA.

I expect to see more commercial orders come up for the plane, but hopefully not at the expense of the 787

craig simpson

If there is red then I wonder if Boeing is trying to send a message to Qantas.

The plane does look good but the a380 has a capacity advantage for long haul flights from Sydney to Heathrow or the west coast of the USA.

If Boeing wanted that business back then they needed something better then a stretched 747-400. A high capacity supersonic or sub orbital vehicle might persuade Qantas.

so when will we see the new 747-8 as Air Forces One. I wonder

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