A computer mock up for what the Air China Boeing 747-8I will look like. From Boeing.

A computer mock up for what the Air China Boeing 747-8I will look like. Want bigger? Click for a 3500 x 2800 version. Photo from Boeing.

Boeing announced today that they have signed a contract with Air China for the purchase of five Boeing 747-8 Intercontinentals. This is the third passenger airline, after Lufthansa and Korean Air to purchase the passenger version of the new Boeing 747-8I.

“Air China has been operating 747s since the 1980s,” said He Li, vice president of Air China. “The new, high capacity Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental will deliver exceptional economics and a great flying experience to our customers.”

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Lennie Briscoe

Why order only 5?

Jonfo Lee

5 is pretty large considering they’re jet airliners, not snowshoes. Sure some airliners end up with a fleet of 20 of the same plane, but it takes time to build that up, and to gain the money to do so. Plus Air China is probably in business for the competing A380 as well…

Robert Lopez

Given the carrier size and the class of aircraft, this order is substantial.


Quote: “Why order only 5?”

Because Airbus have them hooked on the line for A380s also.

It is a fantastic order for an amazing aircraft, well done to those involved.

If you’ve ever wondered how Boeing got the 747 to now over 1,500 units ordered, it’s mainly the ones & twos, here & there; that huge success was built over time tortoise-style, very cautiously by its customers. Pan Am’s then $525 million order for 25 747’s was the largest in terms of units for the programme in all the years its been on offer. Be patient fellow geeks…:


Looks like my link is being uncooperative. Click it still, check on the side for User Defined Reports, select date range from April 1966 to present, select the 747 (and Select Model Information/All Models), select date (and Select Sort Order/Date)

I can’t wait to fly on one of these… So its Korea, Germany or China?? Hmmm.. where to go…

The 747, even after all these years is still one beautiful aircraft. This latest version looks stunning. I hope they get plenty more orders.

Air China has orders 5 Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental which is a replacement for there for 24 Boeing 787s that where cancel



Yeah … awesome news … well played Air China. The Queen of the Skies lives on!

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