One Dreamlifter and two Airbus A380's sharing a hangar.

One Dreamlifter and two Airbus A380's sharing a hangar. (click for larger)

Oh yes! Now this is totally amazing airplane eye candy of the largest scale. One Boeing 747 Dreamlifter (N780BA) parked between not just one, but two Airbus A380’s inside Lufthansa Technik’s Fankfurt hangar. A big tip of the hat to Jon Ostrower on his blog FlightBlogger for sharing this amazing photo (check his blog for more information on the airplanes).

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Oh Wow…What a feast for the eyes.

Maybe it’s just the angle or the fact that the building is so huge, but the Dreamlifter looks so tiny next to the A380s! 🙂

I heard that Qantas had to suspend it’s A380 aircraft flights due to that engine failure and problems that it had in Singapore about 1-2 months ago. Does anyone know if they have resumed using the type yet?

Qantas Virtual

Nicholas h

I agree with Taylor

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