Stay healthy, work for United, maybe win a car.

Stay healthy, work for United, maybe win a car.

Do you work for United (or old Continental)? Do you stay healthy? You might win a brand new car!

For the past ten years Continental has been giving away free cars to employees who didn’t miss work due to illness for a period of six months. Employees who make it have their name placed into a drawing and if they win, they get a (pretend I am saying this in my best Price Is Right voice) brand new car! United will be continuing this tradition awarding 11 new cars annually.

United is going all out. Normally when a person wins something like a car, they are responsible for all the taxes and fees. However, United picks up the entire bill. I think there should be an official rule that is someone wins a car that is in your carpool group, they should drive everyday.

If you do not win the car, you still have a chance of winning $50 in cash or 5,000 frequent flyer miles. ’œPerfect attendance helps United provide consistent, reliable service to customers, and it also reduces our costs.’ President and CEO Jeff Smisek told United employees via a bulletin. To date Continental has given out about 180 cars (mostly Ford products) and more than 15,000 other awards.

I find it pretty cool that any company would do something like this and that United will be continuing the Continental tradition. Some might say it could encourage sick employees to go to work when they should stay home, but I doubt many employees would drag themselves to work just the idea of winning a car (at least I hope).

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Thanks, Bob Barker….I could almost here you just saying that!

A very nice gesture to be sure. TO make it even better, UA ought to limit it to non-management folks grossing less than $60-$70K per year. Just a thought…

Hmmm, quality vs. quantity–I’d have no problem with this if the people do their jobs well (and the overwhelming majority of CO and UA workers do!), but just because you show up to work every day doesn’t mean you work hard, go the extra yard, etc. It also discourages parents from staying home with their sick kids, something I’ve had to do numerous times with my sick leave.

I like Michael Jackson songs [*] 🙁

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