I'd rather fly!

I'd rather fly than take the Mayflower.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

Although travel during the holidays can be a real pain, just remember what it was like for the first pilgrims to arrive to Plymouth Rock.

The Mayflower left England and took 66 days and had two deaths before reaching Massachusetts. Today, you can make the same journey in a few hours. Maybe that little delay and stale peanuts don’t seem so bad after all. Airline travel truly is amazing.

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Yeah, but what about the Westerdam, or the Zaandam, or the Oasis of the Seas….or the QE II. Happy Thanksgiving.

Still rather fly :). Going on a boat is awesome, not a huge fan of cruises. Rather fly and quickly get to a destination and enjoy that destination more than being on the cruise ship.


Phileas Fogg would agree with your photo caption!

Ok, I had to Google that name, but heh, yea :).


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