American Airlines Boeing 757-200 in Seattle.

American Airlines Boeing 757-200 in Seattle.

If you will be flying American Airlines after December 1st and your flight leaves from 5:00pm to 5:59pm you get to enjoy their 5@5 Happy Hour. All alcoholic beverages will only cost $5 for the entire flight. Make sure to bring your cards, since the entire American fleet is cashless.

“As we wrap up the year, we want to show our customers that we appreciate their business. Offering an inflight happy hour is our small way of saying thank you,” said Rob Friedman, American’s Vice President ’“ Marketing. “We know travelers have many options for air travel and the 5@5 happy hour enhances the travel experience for our customers while adding an element of fun onboard during the holiday travel season.”

This seems like a good idea to remind folks that beverages are there to be purchased, especially during the snowy winter months coming up where passengers might enjoy a cheap drink or two.

Seeing how people are reacting to this news, some are saying this will just promote drinking while flying which is bad. I disagree. Someone who will abuse alcohol and cause issues is going to do it no matter the cost. Plus the flight attendants are trained how to tell a passenger when enough is enough. Cheers to American for this promotion.

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Interesting set of mixed messages coming from AA. They are saying that if you book your tickets through an online travel agency, they will slap you with a nasty service charge for each segment you fly, but if you time your flights well, they wll discount your booze.

What are they doing for the non-drinkers? Or are they supposed to avoid all the 80-proof flights, and let all the boozers congregate on a handful of flights?

Have to agree with Frank. This is a really insincere offer. How about happy hour for baggage fees instead?

Shouldn’t every hour be happy hour at American Airlines??

American Virtual Airlines

I agree with Frank here, also will British Airways (AA’s partner) be adopting a similar policy.


Concordo assolutamente per mezzo di le idee espresse fino ad oggi. Continuate cosi.

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