How well did you do in this airline livery challenge?

How well did you do in this airline livery challenge?

YES! I did it. I made a very challenging Ultimate Livery Challenge that few people could get. However, maybe that is not the best way to do it, since I want more people to be able to enjoy. Anyhow, I knew this one was going to be difficult, but holy cow some people got them all right.

Click on the photographer’s name to see the full version photo.
#1 China Soutwest Airlines Boeing 737-300. Photo by AlainDurand.
#2: AeroPeru DC-8-62. Photo by Savas Garozis.
#3: Air Mauritius Airbus A340-300. Photo by Thomas Becker.
#4: Ecuatoriana Airbus A310-300. Photo by Axel J.
#5: Kar Air Airbus A300-200. Photo by Jordi757.
#6: Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737-200. Photo by AlainDurand.
#7: Bulgarian Airlines Ilyushin IL-18V. Photo by RAScholefield.
#8: Nigeria Airways DC-10-30. Photo by Savvas Garozis.
#9: Buzz Boeing 737-300. Photo by Helmut Bierbaum.
#10: L’Avion Boeing 757-200. Photo by Kurt Greul.

So who were the livery-nerds who got them right?
* Gordon W (@GordonWerner):  he is the only person to get all three livery challenges with aircraft types correct.
* Liz M (@ImperfectSense): not only did she get all the liveries, but she also got all the aircraft types.

Those semi livery-nerds with 5 or more correct:
* Patrick O: 9
* Ben W: 9
* Rory M: 8
* Raul G: 6
* Michael K: 6
* Robin J: 5

The winners will be mailed prizes and heck, since this one was so difficult, I am going to send stickers to everyone who got five or more correct!

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I’m a failure.

Well, if you had fun, that is all that matters 🙂


Gordon Tri-peat!…..I am not worthy….I am not worthy…..
Buzz was my undoing!! AAAAARGH!!!

And awesome work to Liz too!

Loved it….

Thank you again David.

Keep ’em coming please!

Sydney, Australia

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