Check out this blog for a little mis-information humor.

Check out this blog for a little mis-information humor.

If you don’t care about facts and like a little humor with airlines and the local Seattle area, then you should check out The Airline Blogger blog.

This local anonymous blogger recently started sharing his mis-knowledge recently and lives in the Seattle area. He is blogging anonymously, but I know the guy. I can assure you that he literally knows nothing about aviation and I think he actually believes most of what he is posting.

From talking about the DreamLifter being the new comet rocket (it’s not, obviously) to taking really really bad photos with fences in the way . He tells me getting the fence makes it “real”… but I think more like “real” bad.

The man behind this blog let me ask him a few questions to try and learn where he is coming from:

AirlineReporter (me): Who are you?
TheAirlineBlogger (TAB): Who am I? That is such an open question. Who are you?

Me: Why are you writing this blog?
TAB: I have found myself asking question after question trying to understand planes and the airline industry.  After hanging out around airline nerds listening to them discuss the crazy things they hear when non airline people share their ideas on the industry, I figured I could stop asking questions and start making assumptions and possibly provide a little amusement along the way. I have found that a lot of “real” media people don’t need to check facts and can say whatever they want, so why can’t I?

Me: You live by Paine Field?
TAB: “By” is relative compared to most people in the world who enjoy planes I live near by. As a kid I lived the first 12 years of my life 2 miles from Paine Field. My elementary school mascot was the “Flyers” because we were so close to it. Today I live “by” Paine Field compared to someone in Jersey, but not “by” Paine Field like I did when I was younger.

Me: Are you afraid people might think your information is valid?
TAB: What do you mean? Are you saying you believe the content in my blog is not valid? As far as I am concerned everything I am blogging is valid. If it is on the internet, it has to be true right?

Me: What is your favorite plane?
TAB: My favorite plane is SpaceShipFour, yea outside of myself, Burt Rutan, Paul Allen and Sir Richard Branson not many people know about this fine craft. It is slated to be the first full orbital commercial airliner. While not practical it should be a blast to ride in. I hope to keep my readers up to date on this project as more details are leaked to me from my “inside source”.

I have found a lot of his stuff to be quite entertaining. Let’s see if he can keep it up.

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Laughed out loud, and loved it! Right up my ally. Thanks for sharing!

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