Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-200 (SV7679)

Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-200 (SV7679)

I think this might be the largest airline I have done a livery of the week on. Normally I try to find smaller or unknown liveries (with special legacy liveries here and there). But seeing (online) a photo of a Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747 just motivated me to share, I love it!

The simple tan up top and blue and gold tail. I don’t know why but I just really enjoy the over all look.

The airline was founded in 1945 with one DC-3 and now currently has a fleet of 114 aircraft. The original DC-3 was a gift from American President Franklin D Roosevelt to King Abdul Aziz. The airline flies to over 75 destinations around the world and is based in Saudi Arabia.

Some other aircraft types with the livery:
* Boeing 747SP
* Boeing 747-400
* MD-11
* Don’t think it looks as good on a smaller MD-90
* Check out this amazing E-170 at night with the tail lit

Image: Flyg

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…the MD-90 really doesn’t look very good with any livery, does it?

Tayyba Zia

nice plane innit
my dad is gone in that plane to saudi arabia

Richard D

When ever I see the B747SP I keep thinking it is photoshopped as you normally see the B7474 as a longer fuselage.

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