This classic 1958 video sells Pan Am’s new jet service. Does this make you think about the “good old days?” Well think how much those tickets cost and I bet a new Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 is more comfortable. Plus there was no Wi-Fi back then!

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Punching Holes Through Clouds ā€” Airlines Can Make it Rain!

I look at those lounge areas and think about all of the revenue they lost not having seats in those areas. šŸ™‚

Ha! I was thinking the exact same thing!


You can still get that service, just not on an American airline. Also, am I the only one that noticed the lack of ethnic diversity on that flight?

You can find it kind of in first class on some domestics. Whenever anyone says, “I wish flying was like it used to,” I tell them to fly first class. Then they tell me it is too costly…heh.

Oh yea, that video is seriously missing some diversity!


Dave H

Anyone notice the steel knifes and forks ? “am I the only one that noticed the lack of ethnic diversity on that flight?” (pre terrorist flight) Thank Islam for that.

I think you might be confusing a whole religion (with many really good people following it) with a few crazy people that want to cause harm in this world.

And of course remember good ‘ol DB Cooper.


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