American Airlines Boeing 757 (N679AN) with Astrojet livery.

American Airlines Boeing 757 (N679AN) with Astrojet livery.

Last weekend I talked about American Airline’s retro Astrojet livery on a Boeing 737. At the time I did not realize the Astrojet livery was also on a Boeing 757.

Looking around I found a few more photos of the Astrojet livery from back in the day. Check out these photos:  the livery on a Boeing 707, a magazine ad with a Boeing 707, a Boeing 727 (see the BAC1-11 in the background?), a full image of a BAC1-11, and a  Convair 990.

Thanks Chris!


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William Mays

I think the Astrojest livery is superb. It was a beautiful design back when it was new, and looks even better today. It would be great if the
soon to be combined AA & USAIR would adopt the Astrojet scheme as their livery.

Ken Bateman

Please advise David the American Airlines 757 was in Flagship colors: Not Astrojet. If you zoom in on the rear, you can see it labeled as a 757 Flagship.

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