Court Line One-Eleven in awesome pink

Court Line One-Eleven in awesome pink

Court Line as a major playing in the holiday charter business in Britain during the 70’s. With the purchase of One-Eleven 500s, the airline went with a very special

pastel combinations on their airplanes: yellow/gold/orange, pink/rose/magenta, pale violet/mauve/purple and light green/mid-green/forest green.

In 1973 Court Line took a big risk and took delivery of two Lockheed L-1011’s. Then the 1970’s oil crisis hit and in 1974, Court Line filed for bankruptcy.

Thank you AirlinesAngel for finding this!

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first flight from luton to almeria aged 8 and loved every minute of it. can remember the whole experience as vividly as the colours !!

tim preece

these aircraft were named, ie i think theyellow craft was called halcyon sunset or maybe the orange one was .(only about 12 myself when they folded. )and i remember halcyon cloud being another name.

Thats right, Halcyon Sun, Halcyon Days, Halcyon Breeze etc…. wish they were still here flying 777’s !

T Banner

There were 4 colour schemes not 3.
Green. Telly violet and pink.

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