ZA001, taken during Aviation Geekfest.

ZA001, taken during Aviation Geekfest.

That’s right folks. According to Jon Ostrower with Flight Blogger, Boeing OFFICIALLY announced the first flight of the long anticipated Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be taking to the air on December 15th at 10am (as long as the weather participates).

I feel very lucky and privileged that I will be there during the first flight and I will, of course, be covering it via Twitter, pictures and video. Don’t worry, if you have a few extra bucks laying around you get be there too.

UPDATE: 8:09PST: Boeing is officially announcing it on their main page and their site.

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Watch out BA stock soar to 65$ by Dec18th. At last a good feeling for being a BA shareholder.
Also awaiting for dividend announcement next week. They might increase it to 47 or 50 cents

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