Cargo Door open on jetBlue A320

Cargo Door open on jetBlue A320

A cargo handler working for JetBlue decided to take a little nap at a bad time. He fell asleep in the planes cargo bin and didn’t realize what was going on until in the air. Lucky for him, the cargo hold was heated which allowed him to live to tell his tale.

He took the short flight from New York to Boston and after be determined it was all an honest mistake, he was allowed to return to New York. No word if he will be one of many people newly unemployed.

Source: KOMO Image: gTarded

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Is it really an Airline Graveyard? But they CAN come back to life…

Haha, I’m sure he is one of the newly unemployed people. Jetblue is going under as it is.

You think so? I dunno. They offer a lot of higher end options (leather seating, TV at every seat, etc) for not that much more. As companies and people cut back on buying first class tickets, they might find JetBlue to be a good in between. They seem to have the idea like Southwest using one type of aircraft, but using the A320 family instead of the B737.


Well there is their problem!!!

I don’t think anyone would WANT to fall asleep in the cargo hold and mostly likely get fired from it — although it would make a great story!

How do you determine that falling asleep in the cargo hold was an honest mistake?

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