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United Express ERJ-145 flying

United Express ERJ-145 flying

Remember the man who was left on an Air Canada Jazz flight? How about the blind woman left on a United flight? Well the fun keeps on coming! Now United Express leaves a woman asleep in a plane three hours after it lands, and now she is suing.

The United Express flight was flown by Trans States, but I feel both have some fault here (I am working on a blog talking about my feelings of regional carriers and the legacy airlines that put their names on them). In the most recent incident, Ginger McGuire was taking a United Express redeye  from Philadelphia to Dulles, when she fell asleep mid-flight. A cleaning crew woke her up at 3:50am, over three hours after the flight landed.

That flight is flown by an Embraer ERJ-145. This is the same type of plane I just flew and blogged about. It is small, only 50 passengers, and I am not quite sure how someone could miss a passenger left on that plane.

Now, McGuire is suing United Airlines for false imprisonment, infliction of emotional distress and negligence. Is that going to far? I say yes.

First off, this is bad. Really bad. It shouldn’t happened and the airline needs to apologize, show they are taking steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again and probably give her some free tickets. The problem is, McGuire isn’t giving United and Trans States the opportunity to do so. This incident McGuire happened on Tuesday and today is Thursday. Can we give them at least over the weekend?

Either way, hopefully this trend of leaving passengers on flights will be over.

Image: Capwatts86