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#nomnom says the Qatar Airways 747-8F

What other airline delivery event will bring up Trump and “fake news”? Where the CEO says that the US3 (United, American, and Delta) need to “shut up and mind their own business”? And where no one is surprised by any of these comments? Qatar Airways of course!

These fancy tail things are to for me! Kinda want some for my living room.

Last week, Qatar Airways took delivery of their first Boeing 747-8F, and I was excited to go. Not just to see the airplane, but to once again hear what Akbar Al Baker might say. He is known for speaking his mind and providing some entertaining sound bites.

The Spirit of 12s Boeing 747-8 Freighter taking off at Paine Field. Photo: Bernie Leighton

The Spirit of 12s Boeing 747-8 Freighter taking off at Paine Field – Photo: Bernie Leighton | AirlineReporter

The Spirit of the 12s Boeing 747-8F has been pretty popular, especially by tracing a 12 using their flight path. Tomorrow, Saturday the 1st from 11am to 1pm, it will be on the ground next to the The Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour where you take photos and cheer on the Seahawks.

There will be a special Seahawks rally that starts at noon (arriving by 11:30am is suggested) and then fans will be able to file past the specially-painted 747-8F and take photos. Admission to the rally and taking photos are free. If you like the Seahawks and you like airplanes, this might be your thing.

A special flight path for a special plane. Image:

A special flight path for a special plane – Image: