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Air Pacific Boeing 747-400 seen at Los Angeles (LAX).

Air Pacific Boeing 747-400 seen at Los Angeles (LAX).

Air Pacific was founded in 1947 and is the flag carrier of Fiji. Currently the airline is 51% owned by the Fijian government and a little over 46% owned by Qantas Airlines.

The airline operates a fleet of only six aircraft consisting of 2 Boeing 747-400s, and four Boeing 737s. They have orders for three Airbus A330s that they hope to put into service in March 2013 to replace their aging 747s. The A330s will be the airline’s first time purchasing brand new aircraft. Previously, Air Pacific had an order for eight Boeing 787s, but all eight were cancelled in April of 2011.

I know there are many folks who do not like liveries with a white fuselage, but I think the tail more than makes up for the white. Although the livery does look good on the Boeing 737, I think it is really at home on the 747.

Image: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren

The second Boeing 747-400 (F-GITB) to be scapped. Photo from Air Salvage International Limited

The second Boeing 747-400 (F-GITB) to be scapped. Photo from Air Salvage International Limited

The Boeing 747 starts her next chapter with the first flight of the 747-8 Intercontinental. As we look to the future of the jumbo jet, we also have started the begining of the end for the Boeing 747-400. In July 2010, the first three 747-400s were taken to Air Salvage International, located in Hampshire, UK and destroyed for salvage.

The first -400 first flew on April 29, 1988 and became the best selling 747 model. The -400 differed from the -300 with an updated cockpit, the addition of winglets, additional fuel and other odds and ends. The first three to be salvaged all served their entire lives with Air France. It is sad to think about the first Boeing 747-400’s being destroyed, never to fly again. Let’s get to know the three -400’s that were the first to go:

This aircraft was delivered to Air France in February 1991. In September 1993, she was operating as flight AF072 from Paris to Los Angeles to Tahiti. The aircraft went off the end of the runway, but no one was killed and the plane was repaired and placed back into service. The aircraft was stored in February 2010 after serving Air France for almost 20 years. She has the official title of being the very first Boeing 747-400 to be scrapped.
* Photo of F-GITA being torn up via
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She was delivered to Air France in May of 1991. During her almost 20 years of service for Air France, she mostly flew out of Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG). She was pulled out of service and stored in March 2010.
* 77 Photos of F-GITB via

This is the newest of the first three to be scrapped. She was delivered to Air France in September 1991 and served just short of 19 years before being stored in April 2009.
* Photo of F-GITC wearing and experimental Air France livery
*72 photos of F-GITC via

While Boeing 747-400s are being destroyed,  there talk of two Boeing 747-200s  to fly US passengers. It might seem odd at first, but when you look at the fact that there were 694 Boeing 747-400s delivered and only 12 have been taken out of service to date, that isn’t too shabby.

“For more than 20 years, the 747-400 has helped foster the proud legacy of the 747 family. It has been the world’s favorite airplane and a proven performer,” Joanna Pickup with Boeing 747 Communications told

When asked what aircraft type that Boeing is hoping customers will replace their Boeing 747-400 with, Pickup explained, “The 747-8 Intercontinental is perfectly suited to serve the 400 to 500-seat market served by the 747-400, with more range, more passengers, more cargo, and with lower operating costs.”

So if you are in the market to buy a Boeing 747-400 in the next few years, you are in luck. It is likely that we will see more -400’s looking for a new home (or maybe to be made into a home) for cheap.

UPDATE: “Note that to date Air France counts in its fleet 10 B747-400. This aicraft is foreseen to be maintained in the fleet until 2016, ” Air France spokesperson explained. “Indeed, B747-400 was one of the most successful devices of an economic point of view up to the arrival of the new generation 777-300ER.”

I love this video. Sure, the idea of seeing an entire flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Paris (CDG) is one thing, but to see it done like this and with the northern lights? Yes northern lights which there are no words to describe. This is one rad airline video you must watch.

The creator, Nate Bolt, created a very cool set up (which you can see at the end of the video) on the Airbus A340 Boeing 747-400. He took a photo about once every two minutes and set it to a very catchy song. That added up to a whopping 2459 photos over the 5,576 miles. Cheers to Air France for allowing Nate to take the photos and thanks to Nate for creating the video.

UPDATE: Chris K (in the comments) is correct. This is a Boeing 747-400, not an Airbus A340 as I first thought. The engine gives it away. Although Air France does fly the A340 and B747-400 on their SFO-CDG route.

This Boeing 747-400 (N127UA) is showing off the new United Airlines livery. Click for larger.

This Boeing 747-400 (N127UA) is showing off the new United Airlines livery. Click for larger.

Back in October I got a hold of what I thought was a photo of the first Boeing 747-400 in new United livery, but it turned out to just be a photoshop.

This one is the real-deal and I actually think it looks better than the photoshop.

Once again, I am finding myself liking this livery more and more. I know there are a lot of you out there that strongly disagree. Is it starting to grow on you guys a bit more? If it is not, I bet it might soon.

Thanks to Jon Ostrower (aka Flight Blogger) for posting this photo.