I love this video. Sure, the idea of seeing an entire flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Paris (CDG) is one thing, but to see it done like this and with the northern lights? Yes northern lights which there are no words to describe. This is one rad airline video you must watch.

The creator, Nate Bolt, created a very cool set up (which you can see at the end of the video) on the Airbus A340 Boeing 747-400. He took a photo about once every two minutes and set it to a very catchy song. That added up to a whopping 2459 photos over the 5,576 miles. Cheers to Air France for allowing Nate to take the photos and thanks to Nate for creating the video.

UPDATE: Chris K (in the comments) is correct. This is a Boeing 747-400, not an Airbus A340 as I first thought. The engine gives it away. Although Air France does fly the A340 and B747-400 on their SFO-CDG route.

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Nifty! And the music is perfect. I remember many flights where I was able to see the Northern Lights. Amazing!


A fun video, to be sure. Sadly, the embedding style does not allow it to be sent to others without a lot of grief amd compromise. If I have to say it, the sound track is awful and it persists, even after the video os closed. This is not high quality posting and sharing. -C.

Chris K

Great video! That is a 747-400 though – engine nacelle, inboard aileron and tripple-slotted flaps give it away.

You are very correct. Updated! Thanks.

Beat me to it! I actually flew this exact flight (AF 083) a couple months ago on the top deck. Amazing views, great video!

How do you see the Northern lights over the right wing looking south?


If flights were that fast, I’d fly more!

Steve Dyer

Top video… Very impressive

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