There are many airline take off videos out there, but not too many that are able to catch a take off head on. Blog reader SpeedbirdHD got this video of a KLM Boeing 747-400 (PH-BFO) taking off from Amsterdam (AMS).

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Rani Coellonia

Great video! Only beaten by my fav B747 head on take off video shot at St. Maarten:

Greatings from CGN, Germany

I love this video. It’s only a pity it got cut at then end where it did. You’ll notice the vortices coming off the wings just as it was going through the clouds right as the clip cuts.

RH Hastings

Nice clear video. In addition to the St Martin (Princess Juliana) shots, there’s a hill just beyond UK’s Farnborough runway 24 where many a head-on take-off shots are video’d during their biennial airshow, but this one at AMS seem much more intimate.

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