Air Pacific Boeing 747-400 seen at Los Angeles (LAX).

Air Pacific Boeing 747-400 seen at Los Angeles (LAX).

Air Pacific was founded in 1947 and is the flag carrier of Fiji. Currently the airline is 51% owned by the Fijian government and a little over 46% owned by Qantas Airlines.

The airline operates a fleet of only six aircraft consisting of 2 Boeing 747-400s, and four Boeing 737s. They have orders for three Airbus A330s that they hope to put into service in March 2013 to replace their aging 747s. The A330s will be the airline’s first time purchasing brand new aircraft. Previously, Air Pacific had an order for eight Boeing 787s, but all eight were cancelled in April of 2011.

I know there are many folks who do not like liveries with a white fuselage, but I think the tail more than makes up for the white. Although the livery does look good on the Boeing 737, I think it is really at home on the 747.

Image: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren

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An Inside Look at the Boeing 747 Stretched Upper Deck (SUD)

That must be the only airline to have economy class on the upper deck ?


AFAIK there are a couple of A380s on order that will be delivered in an all economy class configuration. Considering only currently flying planes I think you are right though.

AF has economy upstairs on the 747 and A380. Qantas has economy upstairs on the A380. Air New Zealand has economy upstairs on the 747. I stopped looking after 3/4 had it.

It just jumps out at you. What a beautiful bird!

Maybe they ran our of paint to finish there first plane so that became there livery

If only Air Pacific would revive the reef shark logo….

737-200 in original surfing reef shark livery – early 1980’s

747-200 in the updated reef shark livery – mid-late 1980’s


RIP reef shark….1990’s

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