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Spirit Airlines Airbus A319 (N504NK)

Spirit Airlines Airbus A319 (N504NK)

Do you have a business? Do you have some extra cash you want to spend on awesome advertising? Have you wanted the challenge to create an ad on a barf bag? Well Spirit Airlines has a deal for you!

Spirit Airlines has announced their Mile High Media plan with the tagline “marketing with altitude” (I am guessing they couldn’t decide which saying to go with, so they went with both). With this new plan, you are able to advertise on almost anything over their entire fleet. Check out some of these deals:

Location Total Cost
Overhead Bins $248,045
Tray tables $300,000
Window Panels $241,868
Bulkhead Panels $97,095
Seatback Inserts $127,500
Beverage Napkins $92,426
Ticket Jackets $69,500
Boarding Passes $55,500
Clear Cups $64,518
Styrofoam Cups $20,673
Beverage Carts $46,650
Aprons $44,000
Lavatory Door Panels $54,885
Lavatory Mirror Clings $18,950
Barf Bags $20,049

Man, If I had an extra $20,049 I would LOVE to put ads on the barf bags. Their report has a lot of other interesting facts about Spirit Airline’s passengers (according to them):

Those who fly Spirit:
* 5.2% are aged 18-24, 15.6% from 25-34, 26.1% from 35-44, 34.9% from 45-60, and 18.2% are over 60.
* 47% are men and 53% are women.
* 42% have children and 58% do not.
* 82% own their homes
* 99% that fly, plan to fly Spirit again (hmmm).

I am not sure about that last one, but we can pretend I guess. At least from the people I have spoken with, they don’t plan to fly Spirit Airlines again, yet do when they compare fares.

Although advertising on weird locations causes most people to groan, I don’t think it is a bad idea. You have a captive audience and having anything to look at can be somewhat entertining. I really think a creative marketing person could have a lot of fun coming up with an ad on a lavatory door or on a barf bag.

AirTran installed ads on the backs of all their seats a while ago and I have flown them a few times since and wasn’t annoyed.I think if you found ads on your first class seat for Virgina Atlantic, you might have a big issue. But finding ads all over on an “ultra low-cost” airline, it shouldn’t really surprise you too much.

For more information, check out Spirit’s nine page advertising booklet.

Source: ABC News via @FutureofFlight Image: 64N21W

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A place to take a picture at Southwest Airline's chili feed!

A place to take a picture at Southwest Airline's chili feed!

YES! I have been hoping that Southwest responds to AirTran’s cattle video. In case you missed out, let me catch you up:

Move #1 Southwest had a TV spot that poked fun at AirTran charging for bags.

Move #2 AirTran responded by doing a fun web video saying that Southwest passengers were just a bunch of cattle.

Move #3 Southwest has a fun little spot to take a photo at their Chili Cook-off they had this weekend that says, “The Only Cattle Here is in our Chili.”

Touche Southwest. I think this puts the ball back in AirTran’s court. To me this sort of friendly banter is fun and can cause some brand loyalty.

Photo in post found via @FlyingPhoto‘s Twitter and here is a second one from @Packedandready.

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Air New Zealand Boeing 747-400 with love

Air New Zealand Boeing 747-400 with love

Talking to someone on a long flight can provide entertainment, but can it find love? Air New Zealand is hoping so. This October they are having a “matchmaking flight” from LAX to New Zealand. The experience will start with a pre-gate party at LAX, a luxurious flight with drinks, food, and games, followed by a Matchmaking Ball at Auckland’s SkyTower.

Feel that might not be enough time to meet the perfect person? Air New Zealand has created their own website where you can start finding that perfect someone now.

Prices range from $780 to $1100+ depending on when you return and your options. Probably some cheaper ways to find love, but not as cool.

Source: Straits Times via Airline World Image:
US Airways A319 with Arizona Cardinals livery

US Airways A319 with Arizona Cardinals livery

PETA is well known for previous controversial advertisements showing the abuse to animals around the world. Their latest attempt is a proposal to put an ad on a US Airways aircraft that showed a seal next to  blood-looking text stating, “Canada’s Olympic Shame – End the Seal Slaughter.”

No matter what you think about this topic, putting anything with “blood” on the side of a plane is not going to go over well. PETA wanted to put the ads on flights between the US and Canada in time for the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC.

In February, US Airways also turned down an ad for PETA where they wanted to go after KFC for the way their treat their chickens.

Although in these hard economic times, it is hard for any airline to turn away extra money, I think US Airways probably made a smart decision.

Source: Business First Image: ~C~U~B~B~I~E~