US Airways A319 with Arizona Cardinals livery

US Airways A319 with Arizona Cardinals livery

PETA is well known for previous controversial advertisements showing the abuse to animals around the world. Their latest attempt is a proposal to put an ad on a US Airways aircraft that showed a seal next to  blood-looking text stating, “Canada’s Olympic Shame – End the Seal Slaughter.”

No matter what you think about this topic, putting anything with “blood” on the side of a plane is not going to go over well. PETA wanted to put the ads on flights between the US and Canada in time for the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC.

In February, US Airways also turned down an ad for PETA where they wanted to go after KFC for the way their treat their chickens.

Although in these hard economic times, it is hard for any airline to turn away extra money, I think US Airways probably made a smart decision.

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No fees = more money for Southwest

Why would any airline want to support PETA. I mean I understand the need to support animal rights, but they have so much negative press.

This was probably just a publicity stunt for PETA.


I have to say that PETA is a bit too much. I agree Hank, we need to support the animal rights movement, but PETA wants to shove the Vegan lifestyle down peoples throats. The negative publicity doesn’t make me like PETA at all. It makes me want to chew on a steak and dance around in my leather gucci shoes!

searched everywhere to grappost regarding to this field. Thank you very much

my brother and i are members of PETA, we really want to support animal rights. .::

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